Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Never Watch American Idol. I Promise.

Casey Dorrell

Tonight, on American Idol*, there was a Ford advertisement. No, not shocking in itself, but the song the large puppets (one for each idol) sang as they danced around their hot ride was . . . Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat), a Digable Planets song.

Digable Planets was a group which I was going to describe as Skip-hop, only a search on google (in order to insure my perceived definition of skip-hop was correct**) caused some confusion. It did confirm that skip-hop was "hip" and "innovative." However, I also found that it has made Michael and Ellen's life much easier. This seemed reasonable enough - I can see good music making one's life a little bit easier, but when I discovered that the ease was due to skip-hop's increased diaper capacity and stroller attachment handles I thought, perhaps, something was amiss. Apparently the entire genre of skip-hop has sold out to a "Parent Products Company". Fitting, given the subject matter of this post.

 Lochlan Martin Dorrell, Internet Star
Mr. Lochlan Dorrell, Skip-Hop Enthusiast

Anyhow, Digable Planets were pretty big briefly in the early 90's with the '93 album, Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space). A song of theirs was even on the timeless classic, Coneheads. They mixed hip-hop with laid back jazz, creating a dreamy rap sound completely unlike most mainstream rap of the time. Reachin' was a critical/commercial success and Rebirth of Slick made the top 20. Their follow up CD, Blowout Comb, had far less samples and more outwardly political content. It bombed. They split up for "creative differences". Fast forward*** a decade and the group that once worried about it's street credibility, ultimately breaking up over it, has their song sung by the singers of American Idol. As puppets. In a Ford advertisement.

Update: Apparently Digable Planets are poised to return. No information as far as release date or stage of production so far.

* Neither Casey nor Lochlan advocate watching American Idol
** Casey's effort to fact-check is not a reflection of Mocking Music official policy. We apologize for the shift away from wild speculation, and will do our best to insure future posts are at least 50% more inaccurate and/or ambiguous.
*** Mocking Music does, however, encourage the use of cliches in writing, whenever and wherever possible. We have a knack for it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Jonesin' For Some Country

Geoff Trainor

Once there was a boy from Beaumont, Texas who dreamed of making it big.

"One day, I will play in front of thousands...well, let's not be greedy, hundreds...maybe, of people in the big city of Charottetown".

And so little Georgy, who was known then as Enrique, set off into the world to make music. Little did he know that his sound would reach more than just the small island province, but make a huge impact in the country scene of North America.

Well, it took over 50 years, but Enrique's dream has been realized. Tagged as a hardcore county artist, George Jones (stage name of course) will be making a Canadian tour this year, starting in September. He makes an appearance at the Charlottetown Civic Center November 3rd.

Jones isn't exactly my cup of tea. If I'm in the mood for some old school country, I listen to Cash, but I wanted to make this known. I'm sure a lof of people will be excited about the show. I for one will be picking up tickets for said concert for my mommy. I might even get here to make a couple comments I can post for all you folks.

Foo Fighters Update: The name of Foo Fighters fifth double disc album has been released. "In Your Honor" will hit stores in June, on RCA. The name of the first single is still unknown, but Liam Lynch, who has worked with the Foos before, is slated as director for the accompanying video. Grohl has this to say about the new project.

"It is by far the most ambitious project I have ever had anything to do with in my entire life"

*This is completely on topic, since I never mentioned George Jones in the title, just Jonesin', and Foo Fighters have two Jones slated to appear on the new album. We here at Mocking Music know all the loopholes, so we can exploit every post to the fullest.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Fat Wreck Chords - Even Less Cred Than Epitaph?

Casey Dorrell

Fat Wreck Chords - Often maligned by pop punk purists but has had punk bands like Propagandhi (Download Song), Good Riddance (Download Song), Lagwagon(Download Song), Face to Face, Bracket (Download Song), NOFX (Download Song), Snuff (Download Song), 88 Fingers Louie, No Use for a Name(Download Song), Me First and the Gimme Gimmes(Download Song), Sick Of It All (Download Song), and Screeching Weasel (Another Song).

Of the above bands, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes are probably the most entertaining and the least liked by those who dislike Fat Wreck Chords. Probably with good reason. MFGG only do cover songs and don't do much with them other than add some swearing, simplify the chords, and speed up the tempo. The supergroup boasts a member of Foo Fighters, NOFX, Swinging Utters and Lagwagon. Their cover of Science Fiction Double Feature (Rocky Horror Picture Show) is awesome (Download).

Against Me is a really great band. They have an almost Billy-Braggish folk sound. I'm guessing there's a sub-genre called folk-punk and that's where they'd fit. Their songs are generally somewhere between folk, pop-punk, and hardcore. By far, their best song has been Disco Before the Breakdown.. which sounds too much like Make Up the Breakdown (Hot Hot Heat) making me never remember the damn name.. anyhow, there's a ep out there with the song on it. There's also Limewire and the like. Either way, get the song ( a song that's less great, sorry).

Get more Fat Wreck Chord songs here.

50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 50-46

Casey Dorrell

As promised, this is the first of ten posts in a series about CBC's Canadian 50 Tracks (The idea being that these 50 tracks represent the best, most influential 50 songs to come out of Canada). Why divide it up into 10 posts? Because Casey has a lot of work left in the semester and not much time in which to do it. Now, the site can appear to be active while Mocking Music simply divides up one large post for extended consumption.

Pretty darn clever, we think.

Our redundant countdown starts impressively with disco, early rap, Yodeling, old school punk, and Grand band goodness. Enjoy.

50. "My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby" by Wilf Carter (1933)

pitched by Jian Ghomeshi (runs :52)

Casey: I missed this song, and to be honest, I don't care enough to go find it.

Geoff: Two words for Islanders: Bill's Jamboree. I wish I had this guy's range

You know this one has got to be good when you search for it on google - the only thing that can explain so few hits is conspiracy. Don't let the man keep you from good music. If you find this song as an mp3, let us know at and we'll spread the gospel. Yodeling this good is something to be shared.

49. "Disco Sucks " by D.O.A. (1978)
pitched by Lee Aaron (runs :53)

Casey: Hah hah. "Marijuana motherfucker. Up against the wall, motherfucker.." - that's a different song but I remember listening to that when I was much younger and thinking it was pretty damn cool. Mostly cause they swore a lot. 'Disco Sucks' is good, but it's no 'Ska Sucks'.

Geoff: When you don't have Wilf's range, you are doomed to a life of hardcore. Great Vancouver band.

Strangely, the acronym D.O.A. is apparently pretty popular for bands. There's the Band, Dawn of Ages, whose mp3s are available here. There's also the Disciples of Annihilation. We're gonna assume those bands picked the acronym in an attempt to be clever, and not out of complete unaware idiocy. We're nice like that. Oh well, here's what should be a DOA mp3 for you, but it's not about disco sucking or Ska sucking. You can, however, download an entire CD on mp3 by Brad Sucks

48. "Fly By Night" by Rush (1975)
pitched by Emm Gryner (runs :53)

Casey: I forgive you Emm.. but don't do it again.

Geoff: For some reason, this reminds me of The Music...weird

This song is bad, but it was chosen by a good artist. Go here to hear some of her stuff (unreleased downloadable mp3s) other than that one song you used to hear on the radio.

47. "I'll Never Smile Again" by Ruth Lowe, performed by the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (1940)
pitched by Martin Mehluish (runs :50)

Casey: Right, you won't. Cause you're dead. Sucker. (Note: Mocking Music neither shares nor condones the convictions of its member parts.* We hold all dead people in the highest esteem, regardless of race, sex, religion, or nationality.)

Geoff: Lies, all Lies! I heard from the friend of a cousin, of a neighbor, of my sister that he was seen smiling as soon as a couple days after the initial release. Almost as disappointing as when I learned that Maida lied about Superman's death.

This was nominated for an oscar in 1940. We couldn't find the song for download but here's the pretty awesome lyrics.

46. "Let Your Backbone Slide" Maestro Fresh-Wes (1990)
pitched by Leah McLaren (runs :49)

Casey: "so many suckers on my sac-ro-illeac" - damn right, they be gettin' all up in my facet joints, you know those small joints in the region of the lower back and buttocks where the pelvis joins with the spine! Rock that!

Geoff: The CRTC demanded that we have a Canadian version of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. This was our response.

Let Your Backbone slide is the 11th track in on this set of mostly old school rap songs here for download. Streaming is also available.

Thus concludes the first five tracks - Next time: Leonard Cohen in Russia!

*It's ok, member parts made us giggle too.

More 50 Tracks:
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 40-36
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 45-41
CBC's 50 Tracks - Canadian Version

Monday, March 28, 2005

P.E.I. Woman Ages One Year In Single Day

Casey Dorrell

Local Prince Edward Island Resident, Michelle McDonald, is one year older today than yesterday. The cause of such rapid aging has yet to be discovered, but sources close to the woman revealed that she often refers to herself as a 90 year old woman, sparking accusations that the whole thing is a hoax.

"If she's already 90 she can just claim to age a year every day for months!" One concerned citizen said. Another defended Michelle saying, "I saw her yesterday and I Know she was 21, she just had that look, you know? But then today, she was different, older." A nearby Island resident, overhearing the controversial debate had this to say, "It just ain't natural. Men should not marry men - it just ain't right."

Michelle declined comment on the matter having never been asked her opinion.* Her alleged bofriend, Casey Dorrell, an insider here at Mocking Music was skeptical about the affair, "I doubt anyone can age a year in one day," adding, "though I guess if someone could, it'd be Michelle. Local Expert, Dr. Logic agreed saying, "Our society, like most others, celebrates the process of aging itself by designating one day in which to promote a given individual as they hurtle toward certain inevitable death. While it's true that the aging doesn't simply take place on that particular day, attempts at celebrating every day of aging have proven impossibly impractical."

Despite his shared skeptisism with the experts, Dorrell has decided to withhold any Cadbury Eggs he would have otherwise bestowed upon Mcdonald on this "birth day"elaborating, "If she keeps this up, I'll have to give her an egg every day, and I just can't afford that!"As to whether other gifting would take place, he would not say.

*We here at Mocking Music prefer wild speculation over verified facts.

Happy Birthday, Michelle.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

CBC's 50 Tracks - Canadian Version

Casey Dorrell

The Oft Ridiculed Moxy Fruvous FrontmanThis is the culmination of the three month radio program in which a different guest panel was on every week working on a different decade of song. Based on 50 second pitches, which go to panel votes at the end of the week. Purpose: to create an all-time top 50 track list of Canadian songs. Hosted by Jian Gomeshi, pretty boy and Moxy Fruvous frontman.

Listen to it now on CBC Radio 2 via, um, the radio or stream it from here. Remember, it's Radio 2, scroll down - don't click Radio One. (too late, it's over)

A much longer post to come on this, but I just wanted anyone who happens by to hear it cause you won't get another chance. (Chance has passed)

Sidenote: Since our recent inception we've had a few posts that have referred to the Prince Edward Island bar/creepy breeding ground Myron's. It's now closed, or at least dry, after having all its liquor seized by the Revenue Canada dudes. he he. Suckers.

More 50 Tracks:
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50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 45-41
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 50-46

Friday, March 25, 2005

Jack and Jonny Tell All

Geoff Trainor

There are a couple new albums to keep an eye out on in the future. In just under two weeks, Jack and Meg of the White Stripes have finished recording on their new album. No track listed or titles have been released, but it may be released in time for Glastonbury.

Jack and Meg in studio recording new album
Jack and Meg in studio recording new album
In news that will make Casey happy, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, has confirmed work being started on a follow-up to Hail to the Thief. New material will be performed for the first time at the London Ether Festival.
Jonny Greenword of Radiohead
Jonny Greenwood trying to play a song I wrote for him
Looks like two great albums are on the way, let's hope it's not as disappointing as that album below.
Update: A release date of June 14th has been announced for the White Stripes fifth album.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weezer, R.I.P.

Casey Dorrell

Band Frontman, Rivers Cuomo, along with members, Partick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner have joined in a suicide pact. The plan is a bizzare one, as they have requested a common casket to be shared by all four. Accordingly, their tombstone will also be a group affair where they will "make believe" that they are still alive, relevant, and making good music. I wish them good luck.

Weezer - Make Believe

Ok, maybe I made that up. Above is not, I suppose, their tombstone but the album cover for their new release set for a May 10th street date. I hasten to note that even still has an "image not available" picture up, proving, again, that we at mockingmusic are better than you, and everyone else (and yes, that is supposed to say "spake"). The first single set for radio release is "Beverly Hills". Instead of me telling you whether its good or not, I'm going to let you determine for yourself what you'll think with a short quiz:
  1. Wasn't Stacy's Mom pretty much the best power-pop song ever?
  2. Offspring was ok I guess on Smash, Ignition, and those other early albums but they really rocked out with Americana! Am I right?
  3. The Green Album was a hell of a lot better than that Pinkerton and the Blue Album, but the lyrics could have used some more dumbing down, you know?
Now to tally up your score. Each affirmative answer is worth 10 points, each negative answer is worth 3 points.
  • 0-8 - You didn't answer all the questions. You're kinda simple and probably like Beverly Hills.
  • 9 - I'm sorry, your good taste may prevent you from enjoying the song.
  • 10 - Hard to say for sure, you'll have to just listen to it.
  • 20 - Odds are you like this song, but I forgive you. Your siblings probably listened to shit.
  • 30 - You totally love this song! Wow, is it ever great! Air Guitar! Rock! (Now please leave)
  • 30+ - Hey little fella! Check out this neat site.
Hope that cleared things up for you. The song was available on but only stayed up for about a week and I missed it by a day. Now it's really hard to find without use of a peer-to-peer program and those are flooded with fakes right now. But, never fear, I found a podcast that features the song on it. It's toward the end, but seriously, the song is vapid and disapointing beyond belief so listen to the rest of this girl's podcast. It's (unintentionally) hilarious. It really is. I listened to it twice.

UPDATE: I put the song alone, in better quality up as a limited download. You can get it here (file expires on March 31st, 2005).

Mr. Matt Sharp

If you're looking for something of a less depressing nature check up on Matt Sharp, the second in charge from the Blue Album and Pinkerton days. He also put out an awesome CD with the Rentals. (also check this post for your weezer fix)


Monday, March 21, 2005

Potter Out, Skywalker In

Geoff Trainor

May 19th marks the release of the much anticipated, final chapter of the Star Wars saga. One thing is certain about this film. No matter how good or bad Lucas ends up making it, Williams never lets us down.

General Grevious says "Buy the soundtrack, or bow down to my droid army".

The soundtrack for what is supposed to be the darkest, most emotional of the 6 films should be the best yet. While movie fans must wait until the 19th to see the fall of Anakin Skywalker (err, is that a spoiler?), music fans will get to hear it two weeks early, on the 3rd.

This soundtrack will differ from that of it's predecessors, in that it will come with a 70-minute bonus DVD. It will feature 16 music videos which will take fans chronologically through the entire saga. Each movement will be introduced by the dark lord himself, Ian McDiarmid.

More details can be found here.


Dear Firefox User (PT. II),

Casey Dorrell

We are sorry. Again. Yesterday we posted a set of pictures with which we hoped to properly convey, in the innocent simplicity of a heartbroken stickman, the depths of our sorrow which, we felt, could not be adequately expressed within the constraints of the English language. Or at least those artificial constraints created by our ineptitude with the language. Our incompetence, though, was not limited to our grasp of English.

We are sorry, like the board game.

It seemed we also couldn't properly align two pictures with text below them. Internet Explorer users know of what we speak. You may not. Look back at those images. Focus. Now close your eyes. See the images in your mind. See the text above the image (no, not the title, the "this image is funny" text). Relax, release your tension. Let your body fall - let eveything fall. Let the text fall. Let it fall until it is below the images - now you see what the Internet Explorer users saw. Again. We are sorry. It won't happen again, no really. This time we mean it . . .
-Mocking Music

P.S. Don't leave us. We still love you. We can change.
(Update: We changed. For you. The text should show up properly in previous post now.)

Also, is it just me or does The Music sound like Rush?
Rush is not good. The Music is like Rush. Therefore The Music is like not good (don't blame the language, blame the mathematics).

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dear Firefox User,

Casey Dorrell

We are sorry. We didn't know. We gave you pictures. Great pictures even, and you saw them, enjoyed them. You even read our attempts at humour below said pictures - sometimes this made you smile, most times, it did not. Still, you were satisfied because we were all in it together.

Sadly, this contentment was bought at the price of ignorance, providing yet more fodder for that tired phrase. Yes, you know the one. What ignorance do you speak of, Mocking Music? Well, behind the innocent facade of picturesque humour lay a darker truth. The Internet Explorers knew, even the Netscape user knew, you did not. we are speaking of the imbedded alt text - that brilliant bit of html coding which translates an other wise boring picture of dogs into an insipid message about "cute widdle puppies".

An Illustration of the Importance of the properly employed Alt text as Recognition of our Blameworthiness

Love is Complicated . . . Like a Crossword Puzzle....
    This image is funny                                           This image is not

Firefox, you see, was developed by Nerds. Nerds are smart - they say, "the alt code is meant a text version of an unloading image, not for your banal captions. Use the title="text" code, 10s8rs." They mix letters with numbers. They are smart. We are not. And for that, dear Firefox user, we are sorry. Very Sorry.
-Mocking Music

P.S. Last week we had our first ever joint-post. It was about the Alexisonfire show. Here's some more on that show.

P.P.S. The images are from the Exploding Dog. Basic idea: Visitors submit text. Sam draws the pictures. You should already know about this. If you somehow don't. Go. Pretend.

P.P.P.S. If you were thinking, heeey, this post isn't about music, it is - it's about the site, which is about music. There you go.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Introducing Beck

Casey Dorrell

Just a quick post to remind you all to buy the Beck CD (should be out one week from Tuesday)

A lot of the songs off the new album, Guero, premiered on the O.C. a few weeks ago and there sounded to me a lot like another Sea Change, meaning stripped down sound, vocals, and lyrics with disturbingly little irony or humour. I loved Sea Change, but it was no Mutations, and what really makes Beck great is his ability to sound completely different on each successive album, so the O.C. preview was a bit disappointing.

As per usual, though, I was completely off on this one - the entire album is available for streaming on and it sounds like Sea Change set to Midnite Vultures (meaning big beats and lots of fuzz, yet Beck sounds like he's falling asleep). Excited? Probably.

Midnite Vultures + Sea Change = Guero ?

Album will come out in regular format with 13 tracks and, as is the trend of late, in a special DVD limited edition. Breaking with the trend, this special edition is actually special - a real attempt to get people away from limewire and into the stores, instead of another money-grab. The special edition CD will have a full seven extra tracks (3 bonus, 4 remixes), while the DVD portion has all 13 tracks in 5.1 surround and all 13 tracks again, remixed with video. The limited edition will also include a 52 book and the requisite spiffy packaging.

Check it out here:

Update: The entire CD is also available here at the blog, Take Your Medecine. (note: I don't know whether this is the mixed version or the earlier leaked version because I'm on dial up right now and can't verify)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Backstreet's Back!

Casey Dorrell

That's right, the Backstreet Boys are back and better than ever!

Burger King, yo.This the third album they've released which was marketed on its maturing merits. First they touted millennium as a mature return, then Black & Blue showed more maturity, with the Boys flexing their Swedish pop influences. The graying elder statesmen of pop even have their own mature fan club. Authorities are tight-lipped, but rumour has it the new single will hit the radio ... Tomorrow!

Arthur chilling with his peepsEloquent member Howie Dorough says, "We wanted to make sure this album would give us a shot again to be around for the long haul so people will realize that we're not, hopefully, a flash in the pan in their eyes." After thoroughly confusing the word "realize" with "convince" he went on to add that their new sound is "more organic" and, moreover, has "matured". When asked about the rumoured collaboration with Arthur, of Arthur fame,
Howie declined comment.

Also be on the look out for Littrel's new solo CD where he mixes mature themes with good old born-again-Christian fun. Yeehaw - It's gonna be a good year, after all.

Ok, ok, I know what you really wanted to know, and yes, Kevin does have a new hair cut.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Plot Thickens . . .

Casey Dorrell

Sometimes it's better not to ask

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Foo

Geoff Trainor

Information has surfaced recently that Foo Fighters are putting finishing touches of their latest release with a tentative release of summer 2005.

Grohl and Co. have been spending time in the studio working on a double disc album. The idea is that one disc will be a more hard rocking disc, while the second disc will be on the mellow side.

There are a few guest appearances on this album. Confirmed are Norah Jones, 70's rocker John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). and QotSA's Josh Hommes (Still doesn't make up for the lack of Grohl on his album).

Grohl showing his excitement over the   upcoming double disc album

Grohl is excited about the new release

Not much else is known, but the new album sounds great. It's been a long wait since 2002's One by One. If you can't wait for some Grohl action, he will be making guest appearances on upcoming Nine Inch Nails (April 3rd) and Garbage (April 12th) albums.


Monday, March 14, 2005

Predictions More Accurate Than Your Horoscope

Geoff Trainor

The Alexisonfire show was tonight (Hey look Casey, spelled it right this time) and it was damn good.

Casey and I met here at my house so that we could venture to un-explored territory (Myron's) together. Casey, being excited as he was to go to Myron's, forget his ID, which he needed to use his paypal receipt (don't ask). So together we ventured back to Millcove in adverse weather to seek Casey's much needed identity. Which meant we arrived at Myron's at approximately 8, just as the Fullblast finished their set. Neither of us were disappointed as neither of us really know the Fullblast.

Unrequited Love
The one that got away - Fullblast

We entered Myron's to receive a quick frisking for illegal goods (Ed note: they only frisked Casey cause he was so damn good looking - Casey). While I was getting my patting, Casey was receiving skepticism for his paypal receipt/ticket. But finally, we were let through and found, as I exptected, many a prostitot (that's for you Michelle).

Rise Against were the next to play, they had 2 pretty good songs, but the rest were nothing special. Not bad, but not that great. Alexisonfire on the other hand was quite good, at least for I. Casey felt somewhat let down as they played his favourite song by the group third in the ste, leaving room for disappointment. But you could tell by the crowd that Casey's disappointment did not spread.

Loud, underage, sweaty, obnoxious, semi-drunk teens = well worth 15 dollars for the ticket.

I'm cutting in to make this our first ever (whoo) joint posting. I don't really have much to add, except that the amount of underage drunks was surprisingly low - c'mon kids! So, Geoff pointed out while there that Rise Against sounded somewhat like Antiflag in their first song which was neat (See Geoff's profile, favorite bands), but most of their songs came from the land of generica. They also weren't very good at math, as their "last song" was actually four songs, without any proding or requests for an encore... Alexisonfire was pretty great, except that, like Geoff said, they played my favorite song early in, so it was a bit anticlimatic - guess they could have not played it at all. Overall, it was worth my 16 bucks, tho my biggest revelation of the night was that I prefer mellow music live.

Aww... look at the widdle puppies!

Apparently, one of the most popular pictures titled Myron's on the net- figured it was better than looking at the real thing...

Only notable ommision from Geoff's tale: During show, Geoff, as he watches lead singer (the non-singing, screaming one I think) shake sweat over the children, "Gee, I wish could get some guy's sweat all over me..." Later at the show: A sweaty youth walks by Geoff and delibrately wipes arm on him. Wish Granted - hoorah.


Thursday, March 10, 2005

Someday Fred Might Get a Democracy, but...

Geoff Trainor

...until that happens he will have to live with the monarchy. That's right, the Queens of the Stone Age are releasing a new album on March 22 called Lullabies to Paralyze. I've only heard one song off Lullabies, but it's quite good. Not too much of a departue from the previous release, Songs for the Deaf. Nick Oliveri has left the band, leaving only Josh Hommes as the sole remaining core member of the band, so it remains to be seen what sort of impact this will have. More importantly, there is a huge lacking of Dave Grohl this time 'round. On the bright side of things though Distiller's punk rocker Brody Dalle and Garbage's Shirley Manson both make an appearance one the album, as well as ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.

With a line-up like that, I know I'll be picking up Lullabies....even without Grohl, and if I can make that step, so should you!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Green Wheeze

Casey Dorrell

Here's a group, or at least a song worth knowing about. They're called Gamits. The song is Last of the Mullets.

The Album this song comes from, Endorsed by You, is nothing too special. Most of it would fit in with any of the Fat Wreck Chords comps along side bands like Lagwagon or No Use For a Name. The main difference being the production value, which is a little less polished than the super-sheen put out by the Fat label. The song, though, is near brilliant. Sure, it's completely deriviative, but if other bands could mimick like this, I'd stop bitching about generic music.

One part Greenday, One part Weezer
(Right Click, Save As)

Casey is bored of school . . .

Casey Dorrell

This site is, and will remain devoted to music (in fact, once I get some mp3 hosting, I'll actually start talking about music.. working on it), but we here at mocking music feel that it is our responsibility as an educational service to not artificially limit the breadth of that education. It is with that in mind that we introduce to you Dr. Logic.

Dr. Logic is here today to explain a fundamental misconception about the rights enshrined for all Canadians in the Canadian Charter. This misreading of our fundamental rights is of utmost importance to the music community whose fictional stereotypes are often heard declaring, "It's freedom of expression, man!" Sorry kids, that freedom is subject to limitations! Confused? Maybe this will help:

The Queen v. Oakes for Kids
Grant E. Smith Allegory

Grant E. Smith is witnessed eating an apple walking through an apple orchard. While the basic fact of Smith's activities would "rationally tend to prove the presumed fact" of Smith's apple's origin, namely that the apple in question came from the orchard, it would not prove that fact beyond a reasonable doubt (apples being plentiful and available elsewhere).

The Enticing Frobidden FruitSection one of the Charter, though, states that the Charter guarantees are "subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."

This means that, in such a case where the origin of Smith's apple is in question, but the orchard contains only poisonous and contagious apples, we may impair Smith's right to a possible non-orchard apple in order to achieve the "pressing and substantial" objective of removing the awful apple from the food chain, thus ensuring the safety of Smith as well as the community at large. This objective of ensuring the community’s safety outweighs the detrimental cost of Smith's impaired right and unfulfilled hunger for apple consumption.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Alexisonfire details

Casey Dorrell

From the band's website:

3/13/2005 @ Myron's in Charlottetown, PEI
Alexisonfire, Rise Against, The Fullblast
Doors @ 7PM $15 Advanced / $20 Door All Ages So we are so excited to playing with Rise Against across North America. This tour is going to slay life, lets not forget our great friends in The Fullblast.

So.. they can't write and they sound kinda dumb. Oh well.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Casey Dorrell

You know, I'm here at work (Futureshop) bored out of my mind, and there's this nagging question I can't shake: what the hell is wrong with you people? We've had the same Grandaddy CD in stock forever, only one copy. Buy it, damnit! It's a good CD.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) Says:

Casey Dorrell

Only sick music makes money today.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WGAR - War by Generalissimo, Antimusic Revolution!

Casey Dorrell

It was a mild day in the beginning of a new year - January, 23 2003.

It was the day Shania Twain declared war on music everywhere.

In front of a select group of Shania Twain devotees and staff, Twain taped her declaration of war for broadcast later that day. Her Speech was short: "Up, Up, Up, We Will Rise Up From Here. Antimusic Revolution!" she cackled, brandishing a knife. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words and Generalissimo* Twain carried on to prove this cliche true. After finishing her brief chant, Twain removed her sweater . . . to reveal a Ramones t-shirt! She then proceeded to deftly cut up the American Outfitter's commercialization of the Ramones with her knife. Finally, she removed the shirt and defecated on it.

Shania Twain getting ready to defecate

It seems that better judgment prevailed, and the declaration was never televised. It would be better, her handler's decided, to simply continue destroying music by releasing pop and country bazardizations. Some pictures were still leaked, but the clean-up process was thorough, and the above picture is the only one still out there.

*A supreme commander of combined armed forces.

Scoring Harry Potter

Geoff Trainor

Well, it took a while for me to break down and finally watch Harr Potter, but I eventually did and look forward to the fourth installment. Up until now John Williams (Star Wars, ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Jaws, etc) has scored the film. I re-watched Prisoner of Azkaban last night, and noticed just how much I enjoy his score of that film.

Well it seems that Williams may be taking leave for Goblet of Fire. Rumors have it that Franz Ferdinand will be making some sort of appearance. Whether this means that a traditional orchestral score will be entirely abandoned for a more contemporary score is yet to be seen. All I know is, a movie is not the same without Johnny.

(As long as he is doing the last of the Star Wars prequels, I'm good)

The Littlest Birds Make The Shittiest Ads

Casey Dorrell

Ok, this is just cruel and unusual punishment. The song's now invading television. What's the commercial for? I really don't know - I'm always preoccupied with my bleeding ears when it comes on. The Be Good Tanyas must be stopped.

The Be Good Tanyas - note the absense of ears.

Trivia Question: What Punk-meets-ghetto-rap allstar group transplanted their sound to a piano ditty for a Fruitis Shampoo commercial?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alexisonfire Plays Charlottetown Dive

Geoff Trainor

Well Myron's isn't technically a dive...just the cool, hip, teenie bopper, I just turned 19 and want to listen to bad dance music bar in PEI. But on Sunday, March 13th, normally the chem free high school dance, Alexisonfire will be there joined by Rise Against and the Full Blast. Could be quite a show, except the place is gonna be packed with a bunch of underage emo kids, all talking about the new N Sync..., oh wait that band is Good Charlotte, single.

Still, it calls for getting drunk and heading to Myron's on the 13th. Maybe I can finally drink the liquor I bought in Halifax two weeks ago.