Friday, April 08, 2005

50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 40-36

Casey Dorrell

This is the 3rd installment of what was originally one large post. Basically, it's a run-down of the 50 tracks chosen by CBC panelists and Canadian voters as the top 50 Essential Canadian Tracks.

The Criteria were that the song be Canadian according to our CRTC Canadian content rules, and that the song would be seen in positive light via these questions:

- Does it woo you with words?
- Does it move you with melody?
- Does it have you from the hook?
- Does it define a generation?
- Did it create a musical revolution?

All Commentary was made when the broadcast of the completed list ran, so as we get further down the list, you might notice I'm getting a bit tired . . .

40. "Diana" by Paul Anka (1957)
pitched by Martin Mehluish (runs :59)

Casey: Positive: Bothers me less than #41.
Negative: 20 seconds have passed, and I have to retract my positive comment.

Geoff: It's people like my mother that get Paul Anka on the list. I formally apologize.

Proving that bad taste is the only universal, this was the 9th Best selling UK Single ever.. Here, you can find out some trivia about this song - as an added bonus it also contains a link to "other songs written for a girl". Which is really good, cause those are just too damn hard to find. Purchase the sheet music to Diana? Yes Please!

39. "Brother Down" Sam Roberts (2001)
pitched by Jian Ghomeshi (runs :50)

Casey: Well, it's pretty cool that a newer artist made it on to the list this high up. I've gotta say, I get bored of Roberts pretty quickly. Catchy derivative fun - but it's early enough in his career that it'll likely get better.

Geoff: I never understood why Sam Roberts caught on. He's good, but not terribly exciting. Proven by the fact that he's been to PEI.

Hmm.. there aren't really any interesting webpages about Sam Roberts. I guess that's fitting.

38. "High School Confidential" by Rough Trade (1980)
pitched by John Sakamoto (runs :52)

Casey: Carole Pope reminds me of the dude from Rocky Horror Picture Show. This song must have been lost from the master tapes, I mean, c'mon: "I cream my pants when she cums/comes my way". Listen to this song and disagree with me. I dare ya.

Geoff: I need to elaborate a little more on Casey's comment. I think Carole is more what the love child of Dr. Frank-N-Furter and Michael Jackson would look like.*

+ =

Eerie, no? Visit the impressive Rocky Horror site for more info. Oh yeah, Carole Pope... right. Well, if you want more about her, here's some other people who've been deluded into misplaced non-Rocky appreciation.

37. "Crabbuckit" K-OS (2004) - [Download Song]
pitched by Jennifer Hollett (runs :53)

Casey: Only one year old, but this song is amazing. I really have to buy the CD this comes from, Joyful Rebellion. You should too (Because you want to be like me).

Geoff: Like I said in my Juno's post, I'm not a big K-OS fan, but this song is pretty good, as was the one at the Juno's. Maybe I'll look past Heaven Only Knows and listen to some more of his music.

K-os has since won an award for best single for this song at the Junos, among other awards. Although B-Boy stance won for best video, it isn't so great. This is a much better video.

36. "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats (1982) - [Download Song]

Casey: Not a huge new wave fan, but this song really hits home. I used to wear a hat all the time in Junior High and then High School, but then one day I heard this song. It spoke to me. I cast off the shackles of hatdom and doned the dance of safety.

Geoff: I got really excited when I heard this song was on the list. Brings back memories of high school. Which is odd, since I was born the year after the song was released. Still, one of the best music videos ever!

You know Safety Dance, but do you know the "best thing to come out of Canada since?" Of course you don't. But that's ok. we'll let you listen anyhow - just this once.

*Note, Casey's original comment referred to the sound of the song and not the physical appearance of Carole Pope - that was just a frightening coincidence.

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Comments on "50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 40-36"


Blogger mel said ... (8/4/05 2:17 am) : 

why no sound bite for men without hats? Are the other soundbites in hat form or something?


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (8/4/05 12:15 pm) : 

It wasn't pitched by anyone, it was chosen by CBC listeners.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/4/05 1:10 pm) : 

Yeah, 10 of the songs were voted in by CBC listeners after all the pitches were done. That and CBC has an obvious hat agenda.


Blogger mel said ... (9/4/05 1:26 am) : 

ahhhhh. Thanks guys.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (9/4/05 2:12 am) : 

Aaannnd, just for you, there's now a link to the song itself to make up for the lack of pitch. :P


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