Saturday, March 26, 2005

CBC's 50 Tracks - Canadian Version

Casey Dorrell

The Oft Ridiculed Moxy Fruvous FrontmanThis is the culmination of the three month radio program in which a different guest panel was on every week working on a different decade of song. Based on 50 second pitches, which go to panel votes at the end of the week. Purpose: to create an all-time top 50 track list of Canadian songs. Hosted by Jian Gomeshi, pretty boy and Moxy Fruvous frontman.

Listen to it now on CBC Radio 2 via, um, the radio or stream it from here. Remember, it's Radio 2, scroll down - don't click Radio One. (too late, it's over)

A much longer post to come on this, but I just wanted anyone who happens by to hear it cause you won't get another chance. (Chance has passed)

Sidenote: Since our recent inception we've had a few posts that have referred to the Prince Edward Island bar/creepy breeding ground Myron's. It's now closed, or at least dry, after having all its liquor seized by the Revenue Canada dudes. he he. Suckers.

More 50 Tracks:
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 40-36
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 45-41
50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 50-46

Comments on "CBC's 50 Tracks - Canadian Version"


Blogger mel said ... (27/3/05 3:55 am) : 

fuck! I totally forgot about the 50 tracks countdown! oh, now I'm bitter.


Blogger mOe said ... (27/3/05 4:40 am) : 

ya i was driving somewhere with my mother not all that long ago and caught a bit of a segment about that.
it was intersting (the very little that i was able to pay attention to)
i'm sad that i missed it.

as per myrons: from a professional point of view.. i sort of feel ... not sad... but.. screwed?
but, there are other venues. so a long overdue hardy har har is in order perhaps?


Blogger mfd said ... (28/3/05 4:50 pm) : 

Jian Gomeshi is the kiss of death! Your blog is doooooomed!


Anonymous Wants to be pretty too said ... (28/3/05 5:12 pm) : 

but he's soo pretty.. awww..


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