Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Weezer, R.I.P.

Casey Dorrell

Band Frontman, Rivers Cuomo, along with members, Partick Wilson, Brian Bell, and Scott Shriner have joined in a suicide pact. The plan is a bizzare one, as they have requested a common casket to be shared by all four. Accordingly, their tombstone will also be a group affair where they will "make believe" that they are still alive, relevant, and making good music. I wish them good luck.

Weezer - Make Believe

Ok, maybe I made that up. Above is not, I suppose, their tombstone but the album cover for their new release set for a May 10th street date. I hasten to note that even still has an "image not available" picture up, proving, again, that we at mockingmusic are better than you, and everyone else (and yes, that is supposed to say "spake"). The first single set for radio release is "Beverly Hills". Instead of me telling you whether its good or not, I'm going to let you determine for yourself what you'll think with a short quiz:
  1. Wasn't Stacy's Mom pretty much the best power-pop song ever?
  2. Offspring was ok I guess on Smash, Ignition, and those other early albums but they really rocked out with Americana! Am I right?
  3. The Green Album was a hell of a lot better than that Pinkerton and the Blue Album, but the lyrics could have used some more dumbing down, you know?
Now to tally up your score. Each affirmative answer is worth 10 points, each negative answer is worth 3 points.
  • 0-8 - You didn't answer all the questions. You're kinda simple and probably like Beverly Hills.
  • 9 - I'm sorry, your good taste may prevent you from enjoying the song.
  • 10 - Hard to say for sure, you'll have to just listen to it.
  • 20 - Odds are you like this song, but I forgive you. Your siblings probably listened to shit.
  • 30 - You totally love this song! Wow, is it ever great! Air Guitar! Rock! (Now please leave)
  • 30+ - Hey little fella! Check out this neat site.
Hope that cleared things up for you. The song was available on but only stayed up for about a week and I missed it by a day. Now it's really hard to find without use of a peer-to-peer program and those are flooded with fakes right now. But, never fear, I found a podcast that features the song on it. It's toward the end, but seriously, the song is vapid and disapointing beyond belief so listen to the rest of this girl's podcast. It's (unintentionally) hilarious. It really is. I listened to it twice.

UPDATE: I put the song alone, in better quality up as a limited download. You can get it here (file expires on March 31st, 2005).

Mr. Matt Sharp

If you're looking for something of a less depressing nature check up on Matt Sharp, the second in charge from the Blue Album and Pinkerton days. He also put out an awesome CD with the Rentals. (also check this post for your weezer fix)

Comments on "Weezer, R.I.P."


Blogger mOe said ... (23/3/05 9:20 pm) : 

if i were drinking milk right now it would be coming out my nose.

on the other hand, i am saddened to hear this.
i still cling to my blue album for dear life. mostly because it's the only one i have by them.
0-8 and 30+ clever...


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (23/3/05 10:32 pm) : 

I have them all and, sadly, I will be buying this one - old habits die hard.

I'm still hoping that this is just their crappy radio song (I put up the song alone, but you should really check out that podcast)


Blogger mel said ... (23/3/05 11:14 pm) : 

I laughed very hard when I read this post, and I believed you about the song, but I was still surprised by how disappointed I was when I listened to it. It's eerie how Stacey's Momish it is. And the guy at the beginning of the track was definately way too excited about it. I haven't listened to the commentary you're referring to yet though.

I was the grundgy kid listening to the blue album in grade six, but then kind of drifted from listening to them for a long time, then rediscovered how great they were just recently, so I still had a very high regard for their stuff in my head. This song made me sad, but not the kind of sad they're whining about. Sad cause it sucks and they can do better.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (24/3/05 2:26 am) : 

admit it, you're sad cause the Beverly Hills kids are totally out of your league!

Oh yeah, we're Weezer and we're being completely vapic, but oh.. we're being ironic about it so it's cool. Or are we even being ironic - maybe we're so ironic we've moved past irony into senerity. Rock! Post Irony Ironic!

But yeah, I agree. And I know you loved the commentary.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (24/3/05 2:28 am) : 

I can't type
Serenity - sincerity
vapic - vapid
commentary - meaning the girl

(I'm my own comment whore)


Blogger mOe said ... (24/3/05 6:23 pm) : 

writing an ironic song about how much you're pretending to suck rarely ever works.
i don't even think i can think of a song when it DID work.

have yet to listen to the song OR the podcast. on my to-do list. i swear.

you can't whore yourself to yourself. there's another word for that.


Blogger mfd said ... (24/3/05 9:21 pm) : 

The podcast is arriving rather slowly, but man, Beverly Hills is truly awful.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (25/3/05 1:22 pm) : 

cleaver.. cleaver. well i tried to check out the podcast and wel.. no such luck, i think my computer is partial to what it likes to paly.. she is a cranky bitch.
well casy,i have to admit that it is a pretty good read. tried to add you to msn and once again.. cranky here would not let me, so you will just have to.


Blogger mfd said ... (25/3/05 6:28 pm) : 

Couldn't make it through much of the podcast, didn't make it to any actual music before I had to turn the girl, who is a 13-year-old grad student??, off.


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