Sunday, July 24, 2005

NME C86: A Profile

Casey Dorrell

C-86, the latest controversial Canadian legislation bill? No, that's C-38.

C86 is a genre of music. That and a famous NME (New Musical Express) cassette. The genre is indie. More precisely, it refers to mid to late 80s and early 90s British indie pop that was generally"twee" (think Scottish group Belle & Sebastian for definitive twee). Although most tweepop groups grow from c86, the c86 genre is arguably identified as jangle pop. This was a British movement, but there were many American and Canadian bands that were also c86 in all but location in the following years, like Velocity Girl (Which takes its name from an original C86 track) or Jale. The original movement is now almost as old as a lot of the people reading this, yet it still holds a place of importance in contemporary music beyond being mere reference fodder for indie elitists. Its pop-culture relevance has only become more apparent in the last year. Look for the influences of all those bands you or your little brother is rocking out to on the OC, and you'll invariably find yourself back at C86.

But wait, didn't I say something about a tape? You got me. C86 is literal abbreviation for Cassette 86, which refers to a tape given away with then 34 year old NME magazine in, unsurprisingly, 1986. NME was perhaps beginning to feel old and listless but, rather than focusing only on the biggest possible bands and celebrity gossip as with its (then 24 year old) cousin, Rolling Stone, NME decided to try something new.

"We [tried] to invent an alternative scene - our own version of punk you could say - by forcing a coterie of new bands onto a cassette called C86. It's not entirely convincing and you should get out more if you remember The Shop Assistants - but it nails our colours to the mast. We, it said, for better or worse, are indie."

The Forgotten Shop Assistant
A Former Shop Assistant, Forgotten and Discarded Returns To His Shop

The Cassette featured exclusively independent artists, most of whom were not hugely popular at the time. While C86 came to be a genre rather than a literal tape, some of the bands on the original compilation were neither janglepop nor twee (ie. not all the bands on C86 were C86). Examples being Primal Scream's Velocity Girl or Stump's "Buffalo". Regardless, C86 was the cassette that launched a genre (rather than just recognizing one).

Says the freakishly well-informed uau of Freeway Jam, "C-86 was an extraordinary release; most of the bands had been unknown prior to its issuance, but taken together they resembled a scene. Almost every one of the groups that appeared on C-86 were short-lived, but in their wake, newer indie bands on both sides of the Atlantic began experimenting with this airy, tuneful style."

Tom of Indie-mp3 whose tag-line is "Keeping the c86 alive" points out another distinction between the current twee pop and indie music scene and the c86 scene: politics. Unlike many of the C86 groups, indie music right now is rarely political. Personally, I prefer my music sans politik. Politics and music make for sloganeering, good protest chants, and propaganda, but not intelligent debate. That said, music remains the perfect visceral outlet for frustration, anger, or apathy born of perceived political disenfranchisement. "At this time, the NME was a socialist music paper in all but name," Tom explains in his C86 overview. He goes on to further link the politicization to Thatcherism, but I'd argue that there are as many, if not more, reasons for a band to be political today. Though that's likely every generation's claim.

In writing this, I've relied on more than a few quoted references. Hopefully this makes me look credible and journalistic, and not confused and lazy. I've also avoided actually describing the music. This was not unintentional (i.e. this was intentional). I'm no good at it. This sometimes makes having a blog with a primary purpose of music description a bit tricky. I've never claimed it was a useful blog. Essentially, c86 is poppy but underproduced. Doesn't that describe all indie pop? Well, yes, but.. um . . . this stuff is, uh, jangly too. And old.

The Famous C-86
Why Don't People Lament the Loss of Cassette Art, the Way They Do With Vinyl?

This is the complete Track listing as it appeared on the original C86 release:

Side A
1. Primal Scream - Velocity Girl
2. The Mighty Lemon Drops - Happy Head
3. The Soup Dragons - Pleasantly Surprised
4. The Wolfhounds - Feeling So Strange Again
5. The Bodines - Therese
6. Mighty Mighty - Law
7. Stump - Buffalo
8. Bogshed - Run to the Temple
9. A Witness - Sharps And Sticks
10. The Pastels - Breaking Lines
11. The Age of Chance - From Now On This Will Be Your God

Side B
1. Shop Assistants - It's Up To You
2. Close Lobsters - Firestation Towers
3. Miaow - Sport Most Royal
4. Half Man Half Buiscuit - I Hate Nerys Hughes
5. The Servants - Transparent
6. The MacKenzies - Big Jim (There's No Pubs In Heaven)
7. Big Flame - New Way (Quick Wash And Brush Upon Liberation Theology)
8. We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use it - Console Me
9. McCarthy - Celestial City
10. The Shrubs - Bullfighter Blues
11. The Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait

I'm glad I've helped fuel the nostalgia for so many of you - Since most of you are linking to the post, feel free to wander the rest of the site. Click here to visit the site itself, and here to navigate past features or perhaps discover The Like Young. Cheers. (Also, TB below is trackback)


Thursday, July 21, 2005

A Voyage Into The Past of Mocking Music

Geoff Trainor

Mocking Music's 100th Post This WayLoyal Mocking Music vistors, we are proud to present to you our 100th post. In the past 99 posts we have brought you conspiracy theories, tragic events, and predictions of the future. We've even conducted a Star Wars marathon, that had almost nothing to do with music. Why? Because fans demand it...or because we have little else to do with our time. I am still going with the fans theory though. And throughout it all, we've been there to mock, as what would Mocking Music be without the Mocking? Well..."Music", and that is not a very clever title at all.

We here at Mocking Music are going to take this time to reflect upon and celebrate past events. And we are not the only only ones. Take a look...

Cute little 100 hats constructed in our honor
Mrs Organa's Grade 1 Class Celebrates Mocking Music's 100th Post

I leave you with some music to enjoy. Check back for great history on the people behind the mocking (Casey and I).

Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain
Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek
Our Lady Peace - Life
Beastie Boys - Sabotage
Le Tigre - TKO
Matchbox 20 - 3Am (Acoustic)
Beck - E-Pro
Foo Fighters - Walking After You
Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body
Killing Joke - Eighties
Prodigy - Breathe
The Shins - New Slang
Emm Gryner - Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Year of Reform, Not the Manning Type

Geoff Trainor

These days all I ever seem to report about is either me being drunk, or bands reforming. Today is no exception. Well, okay, maybe that isn't 100% accurate.

The Pixies influenced a whole generation of early 90s rockers, including the late Kurt Cobain. Last year, the group reformed for some live shows and recorded a couple new songs, 'Bam Thwok' and 'Ain't That Pretty At All', a cover released on a tribute album for the late Warren Zevon.

Rocking Out in Tobey's Hometown
The Pixies Just Before Playing a Show in Pleasantville

Now, for the first time since 1991's, (14 years for those arts students out there) Trompe Le Monde, the Pixies are planning to record a new studio album. Pixies frontman, Black Francis, told the Sun,

"It's all hugs and kisses, I'm pleased to report. We have been discussing recording a new album lately. As happy as we are with the success of the reunion tour, we really want to make a record for the right reasons, whether it is successful commercially or not".

Tomorrow (July 19th) Black Francis is releasing a solo album entitled Honeycomb (under the name Frank Black), his first since 1996's The Cult of Ray.

Pixies - Where Is My Mind (Live December 2004)
Pixies - Debaser (Doolittle 1989)
Pixies - U-Mass (Trompe le Monde 1991)

Friday, July 15, 2005

Hoolahoops, Booze & Music: A Review (Part I)

Geoff Trainor

This weekend, Casey, Tosha and I drove out to Rollo Bay for the Shoreline Festival. The festival, which ran Friday through Sunday featured an array of musical talents.

Casey and Tosha kicked it off Friday night to see Metric's set. I was absent this night, and know not what went on. But based on other nights I can make a guess.

From what I hear (and I heard it said many times over the course of Saturday and Sunday), Metric took a long time setting up, and Haines was annoying in her banter, but they were otherwise spectacular.

I joined the party Saturday night. We had planned on meeting Johnny, and as we were walking up with our stuff, low and behold I see an old friend, Dave Lipton. He tells us he know where Johnny is and will take us to him, and then disappears (apparently quite high).

After Casey and I took it upon ourselves to set up the tent, since everyone else seemed to be having trouble with it, we started to drink and made our way down to the stage. Kid Koala was on stage.

One Of The Many Gatherings After Aquiring Beer
Friend's Gather Away From The Stage When Jam Bands Play

"Oh good, we made it for him", I thought to myself. Well, I must say he has quite a short set, or we arrived late, one of the two, since he played for about 3 minutes and left. In enters Jimmy Swift Band, a crappy Jam band that plays Charlottetown dives all the time, which makes them none too excting. Perfect time for a beer refill.

We return to the tent for my beer. I grab one for my hand and two for my pockets and Casey fills up his water bottle with more beer. This time of the evening is well spent wandering. We bump into more people we know, and Casey decided to find Nick. He must repay a milliion ba-jillion dollar debt to Marc Creed. This is where things start to get fuzzy in terms of timelines. I know during this time we ate some overcooked clams, and the Ninja Turtle's theme song was sung. And Spot (Peter), gave us all our new names. As Jimmy Swift's set was ended, Finnigan, Burlesque, and I (Rudolph) made our way down to the stage to hear Buck 65.

Buck 65, Straight Out Of Hell
Buck 65 on what appears to be a stage representation of Get Behind Me Satan

Buck 65 took the stage, Casey left...and was lost. I went to look for him after a couple of songs, with no luck. Athis point, Tosha joined me in my search...and she found Moe. We started walking back and there Casey was, filming Buck 65. From this point we watched this rest of Buck 65. Buck 65's set was pretty awesome, wish he could have gone on longer, as the follow-up was yet another jam band, the The Benevento Russo Duo.

Soon after we found Lipton again, who had just left Johnny. Seems we kept just missing him, but Casey and I both got granola bars out of it, mmm. So we left to go back to the tent. On the way back we stopped in a field and decided we should get the (30 dollar Ultimate) frisbee. Well, I waited in the field...and everyone left. Eventually Moe returned and the two of us watched whule some people were playing with some passed out guy. Looked as if they were trying to burn his hair or something...

Taking a Picture From The Field Where I Waited For Some Frisbee ActionWhile Casey was gone, Radiohead took the stage. Okay, maybe not, but The Benevento Russo Duo started doing to Radiohead covers, and despite Pitchfork Packman's negative response, I enjoyed it. When the Radiohead stopped, I gave up on waiting for Casey and went to look for him. I found him at the tent, and we headed back to the field for some great frisbee action. Casey and I were drunk enough that it made it difficult, so we gave up and decided to play soccer with the frisbee...except it seems that you cannot do that with an "Ultimate Frisbee".

Enter Rain. As the rain started to fall everyone ran for their tents...but not Casey, Tosh and I. We moved the large hill overseeing the stage and hid under some trees. After some time spent here, we moved down the hill and back to the tents...where we stayed the rest of the night, much to Casey's disapproval.

To Be Continued...

Scratch Bastid - 11 Minute Set (Montreal 2004)
Scratch Bastid - The Dirty Dirty
Jimmy Swift Band - Two Hands On The Wheel
Jimmy Swift Band - The 80's Runway Model
Jimmy Swift Band - Now They Will Know We Were Here
The Benevento Russo Duo - Everybody Wants to Rule the World


Monday, July 11, 2005

Ex-Unicorns Cut Their Hair, Form a New Band

Casey Dorrell

Heeere's Johnny:

All the Pitchfork kiddies have been here, downloaded this, and posted a whiney entry to their blog about it. For the rest of us, we can enjoy the comforts of new Unicorn-esque material away from the pretensions of Pitchfork and instead amid the pretensions of the domain, nay, institution that is Mocking Music.
It's Probably a Unicorn
After months of speculation and disbelief, the world finally started mourning the passing of The Unicorns earlier this year. Back in the fall of 2003, the duo of Nicholas "Neil" Diamonds and Alden Ginger released "Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?" - a delightful indie pop album that largely eschewed traditional song structures (verses, choruses, bridges) in favour of tiny hook filled sections that seamlessly connected together to form extremely catchy, A.D.D. poster child pop songs. J'aime Tambour officially joined the duo during the recording to help fill out their sound. But after a gruelling tour that lasted most of 2004, the Unicorns announced they were breaking up just after Christmas. Even the then Pope John Paul II was stunned by the news, as he addressed the Vatican congregation with the words, "Domine, dirige nos exempli gratia eo nomine The Unicorns." Scholars were consequentially stunned by the Pope's deliberate and calculated use of really awful Latin.

Doubting Thomases denounced the break-up as nothing more than a publicity stunt from a band notorious for their onstage antics (that included bloody fights between the members) and lying their way through interviews. They pointed towards the outrageous rap side project, Th' Corn Gangg, that the boys announced long before their break-up announcement that had never materialized. But by February, the world gave up hope and resigned themselves to the fact that the Unicorns were no more. Perhaps surprisingly, a Th' Corn Gangg show in Los Angeles was held in March featuring well known local LA emcees rapping over Unicorns songs. Any hopes of a Unicorns reunion were squashed by the notable absence of Alden from the group.

It's Always so Obvious in Retrospect
Even C.S. Lewis's Unicorn Died Before the End

However, it seems the life of bling bling and skanky hoes in LA could not satisfy the thirst of Neil and J'aime. Forming a new group called Islands, two tracks are now available from the pair for download. Featuring all the angular guitar lines, cheap synths, pretty melodies, and structureless song structures that define a classic Unicorns' song, some will wonder why they even bothered to change the name. But if the Unicorns can't offer a proper follow-up, Islands seems to be offering the next best thing. As the poet laureate Meatloaf once said, "Two out of three ain't bad."

Islands - Abominable Snow
Islands - Flesh
The Unicorns - Jellybones Video
The Unicorns - (I Was Born) A Unicorn Video
(Credit to The Simple Mission for the Islands downloads.)

When Johnny's not attending poetry-reading-cum-mullet-fests, he can be found maintaining the former residence of the internet itself, Money City Maniac.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Shoreline Festival on P.E.I.

Casey Dorrell

shoreline festivalFriday
4:30 - 5:20 pm Ermine
5:30 - 6:35 pm Two Hours Traffic
6:45 - 7:50 pm In-Flight Safety
8:00 - 10:00 pm Grand Theft Bus
10:30 - 12:00 am Metric
12:15 - 2:50 am Burt Neilson Band
3:00 - 4:20 am All of Green
4:30 - 6:00 am Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew
6:10 - 8:00 am DJ Putty

10:00 - 10:50 am BA Johnston
11:00 - 12:05 am Caledonia
12:15 - 1:25 pm Melonworks
1:35 - 2:20 pm Iron Giant
2:40 - 3:45 pm DJ IV / Universal Soul
3:45 - 5:45 pm Slowcoaster
6:00 - 7:15 pm Andrew & Brad Barr feat. Marco Benevento
7:25 - 8: 25 pm Kid Koala
8:35 - 10:00 pm The Jimmy Swift Band
10:10 - 11:20pm Buck 65
11:30 - 1:00 am The Benevento Russo Duo
1:15 - 2:45 am Skratch Bastid
2:55 - 4:25 am Sonny D w. Jessica Knight
4:35 - 6:05 am Mars Hill
6:15 - 7:15 am The Mystery System

11:30 - 12:10 pm Jenn Grant
12:20 - 12:50 pm Paul Christian & Friends
1:00 - 1:50 pm Carmen Townsend
2:00 - 3:15 pm Brooke Miller
3:25 - 4:40 pm Jill Barber
4:55 - 6:25 pm Brinsley Forde w. Jason Wilson Tabarruk
6:35 - 7:45 pm Catherine MacLellan & Al Tuck
8:00 - 9:15 pm Joel Plaskett

Shoreline is in Rollo Bay, Souris on Prince Edward Island. If you're here and not a big fan of jazz (jazz festival is on this weekend too), go out to the grounds any time before saturday night. There will be reviews of some sort by myself, Geoff, and possibly Johnny sometime soon. For more information click on the picture.

Ermine - And Still Waiting
Grand Theft Bus - Low
Metric - Dead Disco Video
Burt Neilson Band - In the Belly (Live)
Chris Colepaugh & The Cosmic Crew - Things that Could
BA Johnson - Horror Movies Girls
Melonworks - Imagination
Universal Soul - Laughing @ Ya
Slowcoaster - Breaks Don't Work
Kid Koala - Fender Bender Video Stream
Jimmy Swift Band - Creepin' Live
Buck 65 - Wicked & Weird
Skratch Bastid - I Ain't Lazy Video
Jenn Grant - Jazzy One With The Band
Brooke Miller - Country From Dome Car
Joel Plaskett - I Love This Town
(where Bold Signifies Recommended)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Something Touched Me Deep Inside, The Day Poverty Died

Casey Dorrell

"Girl I find you so amazing
With everyday I learn more about you
The way you work day out and day in
And still find time for us too, yeah"

*click* *click*

Cameron Diaz is snapping her fingers as she absentmindedly listens to one of her boyfriend's songs. Elsewhere, on another continent, children are dying. Every innocent contact of her fingers marks another death. It's not her fault, she doesn't know. She hasn't seen the live8 commercials.

Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake in a Kidnapping
Another Hapless Victim Pictured Here Just Hours Before the Finger Snapping

By now, pretty much everyone knows that every 3 seconds, someone in Africa in dying due to poverty. Most people are also probably aware that Africa is a continent, something which most of those covering live8 were pretty insistent on telling us. You don't often hear the words "North American continent" thrown around. African continent, on the other hand . . . Regardless, these are both good things to know. They are important. The former, really important - your house is on fire and your favorite child is inside important. The latter, important in the same way that eating fiber is important - it's good for you, but you'll survive without it. Good job informing us, live8. A little excessive as far as teaching methods go, but hey, whatever works. Next year, I say we teach everyone how to use turn signals.

"With millions of lives at stake take part in what will be a historic event! The biggest acts come together to make poverty history for the continent of Africa!"

Thus spake the advertisement on CTV (a "Canadian" television station). I can't rememember if the visuals accompanying this thrilling call to arms(strike) viewers(strike) advertising revenue were starving children or various celebrity muscians. Maybe it was both. Regardless, it was cheap, silly, and probably offensive. I think what bothers me the most about the whole live8 spectacle is how it was approached, rather than the idea itself. There was an in-your-face sort of immediacy to the whole thing. Yes, people starve every time a celebrity snaps their fingers. This is happening right now. It therefore deserves immediate action. Not like this though.

The key problem with live8 is a general misunderstanding of politics and, apparently, human behaviour. The Geldolf attitude seems to be that since something bad is happening, it should stop, and now. The problem is that it won't and since all the emphasis has been put on right now, on the current G8 summit, it means when nothing much happens, there's no real hope that live8 will have any sort of continued or later impact (I'd love to be proven wrong). Yes, politicians are concerned about voters, but a lot of voters have been protesting G8, FTAA, IMF, and all those other nasty acronyms for a long time now. Just as many as went to the concerts. The difference being that the former went solely to protest, and the latter went to enjoy a free concert, basking in mob-mentality optimism before returning home to jaded cynicism.

Gee Casey, you're sure full of vague criticism, what would you do differently? Good question, me.

1. The acts in most countries were pretty good. Canada, not so much. I'm not complaining about the lack of African groups. I do think there is a point here, to a degree. To exclude African groups makes the whole thing seem like an excercise in neo-colonial paternalism. Still, I think the focus should'nt have been merely on this G8 summit, but western attitude toward third world countries in general. People are starving, but they have been for a long time and they will continue to starve. Quick solutions might be possible (ignoring corrupt governments, the involvement of certain pro-aids religions, internal strife, and regional conflict), but they aren't going to happen. The best way to change attitudes isn't to solely go after current politicians but to target the youth (60s idealism worked out really well, right?). Youth don't like Bryan Adams, they won't get excited over Deep Purple either. Bands like K-Os, Metric, or Arcade Fire were notably absent from live8. Most 40 year olds aren't going to change their political ideology based on one free concert. Some 20 year olds will. So, more bands, and younger bands would make sense. Maybe it'll convince the bands themselves too. A whole sleu of Next-gen Bonos would be great . . . right?

Devastatin' Dave
Dave, Just One of Many Devasted Artists That Were Not Invited to Perform at Live8

2. The way to have more bands is to scrap the whole live8 big worldwide concert idea altogether. Yes, it looks cool, but it'd be more effective to simply get as many bands as possible, big ones, small indie bands, whatever, to play a live8 show. Regardless of where the band is touring, have their next show be a live8 show. This could go on for at least a week or two and would generate just as much media attention if not more, as the amount of bands that could play would, obviously, vastly increase.

3. Charge for the concerts. Even if the bands charged 1/10 of their normal cost, this could bring in a ton of money. Many venues would be willing to do free shows provided they still got to sell liquor and had the possibility of a bit of free publicity. I think mine and other's pessimism about the whole sense of immediacy that has informed live8 probably hasn't been helped by the fact that almost all the bands that played have seen boosts to their sales since live8. Ending poverty can't be done over night (in fact, "ending" poverty is a ridiculous notion in any timeframe) but CD sales can go up that quickly:

* 1. Pink Floyd 'Echoes - Best Of' - 1343%
* 2. The Who 'Then & Now' - 863%
* 3. Annie Lennox 'Eurythmics Greatest Hits' - 500%
* 4. Dido 'Life for Rent' - 412%
* 5. Razorlight 'Up all Night' - 335%
* 6. Robbie Williams 'Greatest Hits' - 320%
* 7. Joss Stone 'Mind, Body & Soul' - 309%
* 8. Sting 'Greatest Hits' - 300%
* 9. Travis 'Singles' - 268%
* 10. Madonna 'Immaculate Collection' - 200%
* 11. Scissor Sisters 'Scissor Sisters' - 174%
* 12. Mariah Carey 'Greatest Hits' - 170%
* 13. Snoop Dogg 'Rhythm & Gangsta' - 166%
* 14. The Killers 'Hot Fuss' - 131%
* 15. U2 'Best Of: 1990 - 2000' - 116%
* 16. Elton John 'Greatest Hits 1970 – 2002' - 111%
* 17. Keane 'Hopes & Fears' - 101%
* 18. The Beatles 'Number 1s' - 71%
* 19. Snow Patrol 'Final Straw' - 69%
* 20. REM 'Reveal' - 50%
* 21. Stereophonics 'Language, Sex, Violence, Other' - 36%
* 22. Coldplay 'X&Y' - 3%
(where % indicates percent of increase over previous day)

Pink Floyd guitarist, Dave Gilmour, at least has said that he will be donating the extra money. "I will not profit from the concert," the guitarist said. "This is money that should be used to save lives."

Africa is a Continent
What We Learned About Africa This Week

I was saying how lame the whole thing was to mfd when he pointed out that at least it was getting news coverage. I've since refined my argument a bit, but the point remains a good one. How many articles have been written, Blog posts have been created, etc, concerning African poverty that never would have otherwise. Take this post as example. Don't you feel like you know a lot more about Africa and the problems there after reading my post? What, you don't?

Sign the Live8 Petition

(All These Links Will Be Dead Very Soon)
Pink Floyd - Breathe (Live 8, London)
Pink Floyd - Money (Live 8, London)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Live 8, London)
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here Video (Live 8, London)
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb [Alternate Location] (Live 8, London)
Killers - All These Things I've Done (Live 8, London)
Killers - All The Pretty Faces (Live 8, London)
Paul McCartney - Get back (Live 8, London)
Paul McCartney - Drive my car (Live 8, London)
Paul McCartney - Helter skelter (Live 8, London)
Paul McCartney - The long and winding road - hey jude (Live 8, London)
Dido & Youssou n Dour - 7 seconds (Live 8, London)
Ms Dynamite - Redemption song (Live 8, London)
Brian Wilson - Good vibrations (Live 8, Berlin)
Robbie Williams - We Will Rock You (Live 8, London)
Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You (Live 8, London)
Robbie Williams - Feel (Live 8, London)
Robbie Williams - Angels (Live 8, London)
Snoop Dogg - Ups and Downs (Live 8, London)
Snoop Dogg - Drop it (Live 8, London)
Snoop Dogg - Its a G (Live 8, London)
Snoop Dogg - Whats my name? (Live 8, London)
U2 & Paul McCartney - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Live 8, London)
U2 - Beautiful day (Live 8, London)
U2 - Vertigo (Live 8, London)
U2 - One [alternate] [alternate] (live 8, London)
Coldplay - In my place (Live 8, London)
Coldplay & Richard Ashcroft - Bittersweet symphony (Live 8, London)
Coldplay - Fix you (Live 8, London)
Cure - Open (Live 8, Paris)
Cure - 100 Years (Live 8, Paris)
Cure - End (Live 8, Paris)
Cure - Just Like Heaven (Live 8, Paris)
Cure - Boys Don't Cry (Live 8, Paris)
R.E.M. - Imitation of Life (Live 8, London)
R.E.M. - Everybody Hurts (Live 8, London)
R.E.M. - Man on the Moon (Live 8, London)
Madonna - Like a Prayer (Live 8, London)
Madonna - Ray of Light (Live 8, London)
Madonna - Music (Live 8, London)
Sting - Message in a Bottle (Live 8, London)
Sting - Driven to Tears (Live 8, London)
Sting - Every breath you take (Live 8, London)
Annie Lennox - Why (Live 8, London)
Annie Lennox - Little bird (Live 8, London)
Annie Lennox - Sweet dreams (Live 8)
Elton John - Saturday night's alright for fighting (Live 8, London)
Elton John - The bitch is back (Live 8, London)
Elton John & Pete Doherty - Children of the revolution (Live 8, London)
Kaiser Chiefs - I predict a riot (Live 8, Philadelphia)
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love you less & less (Live 8, Philadelphia)
The Who - Who are you (Live 8, London)
The Who - Wont get fooled again (Live 8, London)
Razorlight - Somewhere else (Live 8, London)
Razorlight - Golden touch (Live 8, London)
Razorlight - Vice (Live 8, London)
Stereophonics - Bartender and the thief (Live 8, London)
Stereophonics - Dakota (Live 8, London)
Stereophonics - Superman (Live 8, London)
Stereophonics - Local boy in the photograph (Live 8, London)
Maroon 5 - Rocking the Free World Low Quality Video (Live 8, Philadelphia)
[via 700level]
Dido - Full Live 8 Set (Rar Compressed)
Elton John - Full Live 8 Set (Rar Compressed)
Travis - Full Live 8 Set (Rar Compressed)
U2 - Full Live 8 Set
Coldplay - Full Live 8 Set
Pink Floyd - Full Live 8 Set, Webcast Video (Live 8)
Pink Floyd - Full Live 8 Set (Alpione Podcast)
BBC - Live 8 Report

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mocking Music!

Casey Dorrell

Perhaps you've heard. Today is one of Canada's biggest holidays, Mocking Music Day (sometimes referred to as Canada Day).

One of Many Mocking Music Trucks
In a confusing Historical Anomoly, M&M's Truck of Booze Arrives for the Charlottetown Conference in September of 1864

In celebration of over 100 years of us, cities all throughout Mocking Music's home country, Canada, are holding huge concerts, fireworks shows, and basically consuming massive quantities of alcohol. The annual sacrificial ritual of lowering the national iq through alcohol consumption replaced the crop burning and livestock sacrifices offered to Mocking Music that were the norm until the early 1920s. Depleting brain cells is performed in recognition of the country's collective intellectual inadequacy when compared with the sheer brilliance of national folk-heroes, Casey and Geoff.

Mocking Music, of course, has only been a website for a short time, but our cultural influence began long ago. On June 20, 1868, a proclamation was signed by then Governor General, Lord Mock (sometimes mistakeningly remembered as Monck). The proclamation demanded all Her Majesty's subjects throughout the country to celebrate the anniversary of the union of British North America (dubbed Canada) on July 1st. Something made possible by the duo then known simply as M&M who provided liquor both in Quebec and Charlottetown meetings.

Mocking Music Candy in the 1940s
Casey (left) and Geoff (right) in Their Early Candy Representations

As the fame of M&M grew, the original intent of celebrating both Canada and Geoff & Casey was soon dilluted as our cultural significance ballooned beyond that of the state. Though Mocking Music continued providing alcohol until the end of the prohibition years, we also branched out creating countless corporations (The candy being the most famous) and mocking innumberable bands. The celebrations, naturally, have changed throughout the years and were officially changed from "Canada Day" to "Mocking Music Day" on October 27, 1982, July 1st.

Here's to several hundred more years of basking in our brilliance (and accidential alliteration).

Download (All Canadian & Mocking Music Certified):
Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (Live 2000)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The Buildings, They Are Sleeping Now
The Hidden Cameras - Boys of Melody
Sloan - Same Old Flame
Buck 65 - 50 Gallon Drum
Metric - Combat Baby
The Unicorns - Les Os
The Super Friendz - Rescue Us From Boredom
Arcade Fire - Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)
Pony Up! - Marlon Brando's Laundromat
The Russian Futurists - Goodbye Razors, Hello Lazers
The Summerlads - Spent the Weak