Saturday, March 19, 2005

Dear Firefox User,

Casey Dorrell

We are sorry. We didn't know. We gave you pictures. Great pictures even, and you saw them, enjoyed them. You even read our attempts at humour below said pictures - sometimes this made you smile, most times, it did not. Still, you were satisfied because we were all in it together.

Sadly, this contentment was bought at the price of ignorance, providing yet more fodder for that tired phrase. Yes, you know the one. What ignorance do you speak of, Mocking Music? Well, behind the innocent facade of picturesque humour lay a darker truth. The Internet Explorers knew, even the Netscape user knew, you did not. we are speaking of the imbedded alt text - that brilliant bit of html coding which translates an other wise boring picture of dogs into an insipid message about "cute widdle puppies".

An Illustration of the Importance of the properly employed Alt text as Recognition of our Blameworthiness

Love is Complicated . . . Like a Crossword Puzzle....
    This image is funny                                           This image is not

Firefox, you see, was developed by Nerds. Nerds are smart - they say, "the alt code is meant a text version of an unloading image, not for your banal captions. Use the title="text" code, 10s8rs." They mix letters with numbers. They are smart. We are not. And for that, dear Firefox user, we are sorry. Very Sorry.
-Mocking Music

P.S. Last week we had our first ever joint-post. It was about the Alexisonfire show. Here's some more on that show.

P.P.S. The images are from the Exploding Dog. Basic idea: Visitors submit text. Sam draws the pictures. You should already know about this. If you somehow don't. Go. Pretend.

P.P.P.S. If you were thinking, heeey, this post isn't about music, it is - it's about the site, which is about music. There you go.

Comments on "Dear Firefox User,"


Blogger mOe said ... (20/3/05 7:12 am) : 

i bow in humbleness.

and i already knew of which you speak of.

ok it's 7:10 a.m. been up for, yet again, 24 hours, and of course, much beer was involved.

but no incoherent posts. just incoherent comments.

god i hope this makes sense in the evening when my sorry ass crawls out of bed!

but first.. more with the humbleness and stuff.


Blogger julia said ... (20/3/05 3:35 pm) : 

jesus loves you!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (20/3/05 9:51 pm) : 

ah, must be narcissisim cause I'm him.

What's all the bowing about?


Anonymous Michelle said ... (21/3/05 12:15 am) : 

First, excited about the God complex showing up again (always an unexpected surprise) and secondly, brilliant logic on the P.P.P.S


Anonymous Casey said ... (21/3/05 3:26 am) : 

Jesus was all about clever P.P.P.S.'s


Blogger mOe said ... (21/3/05 10:21 am) : 

re: bowing
you linked to me. :)


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