Sunday, March 06, 2005

Alexisonfire details

Casey Dorrell

From the band's website:

3/13/2005 @ Myron's in Charlottetown, PEI
Alexisonfire, Rise Against, The Fullblast
Doors @ 7PM $15 Advanced / $20 Door All Ages So we are so excited to playing with Rise Against across North America. This tour is going to slay life, lets not forget our great friends in The Fullblast.

So.. they can't write and they sound kinda dumb. Oh well.

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Blogger mOe said ... (7/3/05 10:27 pm) : 

Even the people at Myron's couldn't tell me when the fricken concert started.

I went to an all ages 'punk' show at the Guild at some point last year I think. Moneen, The Full Blast, and Dreams Among Stars played. Maybe a fourth. can't rememeber.
Anyway, they lost power to all the amps and shit during The Full Blasts set. I must say, they did a fair good job of keeping the crown entertained. It was a lengthy outage too. But they took it all in stride.
Even though it was an "all ages" show, the people there were by far the most civil crowd I've been a part of in a long time. I'm desperately hoping for the same at Myrons.

My comments are entirely too long.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/3/05 12:46 am) : 

I didn't know the guild still did all-age punk shows. I also didn't know moneen was here.. boo. That would have been fun to see - though their music ranges from obnoxious to good, I like the "Are we Really Happy With Ourselves?" Album.

He he... if you keep making comments that long you should become a site contributor. :P


Blogger mOe said ... (8/3/05 6:49 am) : 

Moneen did a pretty good show. Overall I was impressed. I agree, that is a good album.
I'm trying to remember when they were there... I was in your dept... and Erin was there too... she was going on about her brother in Dreams Among Stars..? Or he used to be... I don't remember. I probably wasn't listening. It was awhile ago anyhow.

mwahahaha yes, fill it with my incoherent rambles!!
/evil plan


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