Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Alexisonfire Plays Charlottetown Dive

Geoff Trainor

Well Myron's isn't technically a dive...just the cool, hip, teenie bopper, I just turned 19 and want to listen to bad dance music bar in PEI. But on Sunday, March 13th, normally the chem free high school dance, Alexisonfire will be there joined by Rise Against and the Full Blast. Could be quite a show, except the place is gonna be packed with a bunch of underage emo kids, all talking about the new N Sync..., oh wait that band is Good Charlotte, single.

Still, it calls for getting drunk and heading to Myron's on the 13th. Maybe I can finally drink the liquor I bought in Halifax two weeks ago.

Comments on "Alexisonfire Plays Charlottetown Dive"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/2/05 11:07 pm) : 

mmm.. the only thing better than a bunch of drunk, scary, and horny Myron's people is a bunch of drunk, scary, and horny underaged kids at Myron's.

Oh, wait, it's chem-free, they won't be drunk will they? :P


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (28/2/05 11:09 pm) : 

Might be chem free but that's not gonna stop me from drinking prior!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/2/05 11:12 pm) : 

he he.. yeah, didn't occur to me until after that I was making fun of us too.


Blogger Steve said ... (28/2/05 11:18 pm) : 

Hey guys, the website is looking good!

Sounds like quite the little show. I will definitely be outside wearing nothing but a trench coat and navy coloured socks.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (28/2/05 11:21 pm) : 

You should come, haven't seen you for months


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/3/05 12:22 am) : 

I must admit that I'm disappointed in the lack of the word "prostitots" in the otherwise flawless description of Myron's. The word needs to be known.



Blogger Steve said ... (1/3/05 12:28 am) : 

Months as in about 4 or 5 weeks? That hardly constitutes as "months". Sure, it was for 30 seconds, but still, it is valid as a "seen" moment.

I agree...lack of prostitots, however, that word may be passé according to recent, unidentifiable reports. I will look into that further.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1/3/05 12:45 am) : 

But is there a word to replace it? Otherwise, prostitot has a valuable reason for being used.



Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/3/05 12:46 am) : 

5 weeks? yeah... I guess it was. I hate to pay ten buscks in late charges for those damn books.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (1/3/05 12:49 am) : 

Well I can say I have not seen you since out "final" soccer game.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/3/05 1:28 am) : 

um.. I had to pay 10 bucks in late charges.. was having trouble typing I guess.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3/6/05 3:17 pm) : 

does anyone have pics of the myrons show?
if so could you please e-mail them to me at tylerwalsh14@hotmail.com


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