Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Franz Ferdinand Colours Outside The Lines

Geoff Trainor

Franz Ferdinand have revealed the shocking new title to their upcoming September release. Are you ready?

"Franz Ferdinand"

Okay, breathe, I know it is a lot to take it. Franz singer, Alex Kapranos explained that the band plans on releasing self titled albums, changing only the colour scheme. For the next album, expect a black, red, pale green scheme to replace the now brown, orange, cream that graced the band's debut.

With my photoshop skills I present to you...
Franz Ferdinand's next album cover?

"The whole point is that the album doesn't have a title. We decided quite a while ago that we didn't want to give any of the albums titles, they were just going to be called 'Franz Ferdinand'."

"The albums are going to be identified by their colour schemes rather than a title. The contrast of different colours creates a different mood. We experimented with different combinations of colours and this one stuck. At one level they looked good together, and they capture the mood of this record quite well"

So how will us fans distinguish between albums?

Geoff: "So Casey, which Franz Ferdinand album is your favourite?"

Casey: "I'd definately have to go with the purple, maroon, beige album! Groundbreaking stuff for sure"

Geoff: "Yeah, I can see that I guess, but I really prefer the grey, navy, aquamarine album"

Franz Ferdinand - Shopping For Blood
Franz Ferdinand - The Dark Of The Matinee

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back By Internet Demand!

Casey Dorrell

Although I find it perplexing that the entire internet appears to reside at Johnny's Money City Maniac blog, I won't question it lest I risk turning the internet's empty depair into directed anger (Google holds far more disturbing thoughts on this). And so this is reunited Mocking Music's triumphant return. Instead of the regular old Mocking Music, though, the revitalized blog now boasts up to 65% Less Fat than Other Major Music Blogs. That's right, the sickeningly obsese and slothlike 6-7 posts a week are over for good. Expect 3-6 posts a week, saving you countless music calories. Same packaging, less content. Enjoy.

Mocking Music Light

Topics which may or may not grace Mocking Music in the near future:
Velocity Girl - It's All Right By Me
Ben Kweller - On My Way
Looper - The Spider Man
S - Falling
Matmos - Lipostudio . . . and so on
Mark Mallman - Hardcore Romantics

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Corgan Has More Pumpkins To Be Smashed

Geoff Trainor

I know it pains you that Casey and I have been absent this past week. Well, we were fighting tyranny and oppression in a far off land, and have made a return with news from the enemy. Well, maybe not, but still...

Today Billy Corgan, formerly of Smashing Pumpkins and Zwan, released his solo album, TheFutureEmbrace. While I have not heard anything from it, and was not a fan of Zwan so much, it is likely worth checking out. I mean, any man that can pull off the Lex Luthor look deserves a little respect.

Lex Luthor (L) and Billy Corgan (R)

Lex Luthor Billy Corgan

You must be thinking, "Why the hell would be come out of hiding with such little to give", and my answer is this:

The band that broke our hearts in 2000 with the announcement of its split will soon be back to bring us more, or so Corgan hopes. Billy Corgan has announced that he wants to reform the band that brought him into our homes. That's right, a Smashing Pumpkins reunion is just around the corner. Corgan, or Billy C as I like to call him, took out a whole page in the Chicago Tribune and had this to say,

"When I played the final Smashing Pumpkins show on the night of December 2, 2000, I walked off the stage believing that I was forever leaving a piece of my life behind. I naively tried to start a new band, but found that my heart wasn?t in it. I moved away to pursue a love that I once had but got lost. SO I moved back home to heal what was broken in me, and to my surprise I found what I was looking or. I found that my heart is in Chicago, and that my heart is in the Smashing Pumpkins."

"For a year now I have walked around with a secret, a secret I chose to keep. But now I want you to be among the first to know that I have made plans to renew and revive the Smashing Pumpkins. I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams. In this desire I feel I have come home again.?"

This news, for me, is more exciting than that of Pink Floyd's reunion. Now, I must flee, I think the enemy is onto me.

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
Smashing Pumpkins - Today
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Obscure UK Band To Reform?

Geoff Trainor

Dark Side of Live 8This year marks the 30th anniversary of little-known Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here. It turns out that it also marks the year Pink Floyd put their differences aside. The UK-based quartet, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Dave Glimour and Rick Wright will take the stage at Live 8 in Hyde Park for the first time in 20 years.

At Glastonbury in 2002, Waters mentioned a reunion in the works,

"He (Nick Mason) and I have rekindled our friendship to some extent, so it's (a reunion) possible. It might be a laugh."

The band plays July 2nd at Hyde Park for UK leg of Live 8.

Good news for sure, too bad Casey stole the dictionaraoke download already.

In Other News Foo Fighters' In Your Honor is released today, go out and buy it....I mean now, stop reading (unless you have not read my last post, then you have permission to continue, otherwise...) and go to your local music store.

Pink Floyd - Summer '68
Pink Floyd - Mother

Monday, June 13, 2005

Grohl Suits Up To Fight Some Pop-Stars

Geoff Trainor

Well, tomorrow is going to be a real battle. It marks the release of two albums. One, half rock, half acoustic double album by the Foo Fighters. The other, half love ballad, half shit (okay, maybe more than half) album from the Backstreet Boys.

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters (L) and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys (R)

Foo Fighters' Frontman, Dave Grohl VS Backstreet Boys' Heartthrob, Nick Carter

This is a battle as eternal as bottoning the top botton on that dress shirt your grandma bought you 6 years ago, and are still forced to wear every Christmas when she comes over to visit. It's In Your Honor vs Never Gone, Nick vs Dave, Rock vs Pop, Boy Band vs Real Band, but who will come out the victor?

It'll be a tough call. Have the Boys' fanbase of teeny bopper girls grown up? How many of them will still hear "The Call" and buy the cd, now that "Backstreet's Back"?

Caught With Pants Down
The Backstreet Boys not ready for the Tuesday release battle

We all know which side I will be taking, well, anyone that's read any of my posts for the past couple months at least. I will be there, supporting Grohl, who supports John Kerry. Using the transitive property of equality (a=b b=c, therefor a=c), does that mean I support Kerry?

Regardless of who I support politically in a country where I cannot vote, I urge you all to make the right decision and buy Foo Fighter's In Your Honor.

The Battle
Foo Fighters' In Your Honor VS Backstreet Boys' Never Gone
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor & Backstreet Boys - Never Gone

Foo Fighters - Best Of You (from Disc I of 'In Your Honor' Streaming)
Foo Fighters - Virginia Moon (from Disc II of 'In Your Honor')
Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (24.2 MB Video Single from 'Never Gone')


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

No Use For a Blogger

Casey Dorrell

I had a big post full of pithy criticisms of the new releases out this tuesday (Coldplay, White Stripes, Black Eyed Peas). Blogger ate it. Instead, here's a very unmocking music-like post. Just a collection of good songs that I like, and therefore figure you should too.

Expect regular posts again very soon, in the meantime enjoy the music.
Blogger gets trashed
Buzzcocks - Nostalgia
My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday
Generation X - English Dream
Beck - High 5
Rubber City Rebels - She Takes Good Care of Me
Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling
Undertones - Teenage Kicks
Eels - Cheater's Guide
No Use For a Name - Dumb Reminders
!!! - Intensify
Secret Machines - It's a Bad Wind . . .
Unicorns - Tuff Ghost
Frog Eyes - One in Six
Youth Group - Skeleton Jar
Lost Patrol - Lost and Leaving Blues
Cloud Cult - Breakfast with my Shadow

Monday, June 06, 2005

Darwin Languishes in Obscurity

Casey Dorrell

Casey - Entertainment Associate Tag
The following is a paraphrased account of one woman's quest for obscure uk music.
Customer; middle-aged woman, apparent fan of obscure music and perpetual rock-dweller.
J; Music department head, coworker of Casey.

Customer: I was wondering if you could help me.

J: Sure.

Customer: I'm looking for a British band. I've been looking everywhere, really. But, you see, they're really obscure. No one seems to carry them.

J: Try me.

Customer: They're called Pink Floyd.

J: . . .

Customer: Do you know them?

J: Yeah, we have them over here. Were you looking for a particular CD by them?

Customer: No, I don't think so. Was this a movie too?

*customer holds up the Wall*

Upon realization of her apparently long search for the little-known group led by some unknown man named Waters, the woman leaves. Without buying anything.

Roger Waters - The Bravery of Being Out of Range (Live 2002)
Roger Waters - Shine On You Crazy Diamonds Pt. 1-5 (Live 2002)
Pink Floyd - Breathe (Live 1974)
Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall (Dictionaraoke Remix)
Mega Epixness - The Wall Video (A horribly embarrasing butchery by men old enough to know better. Streaming.)

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Mocking Myron's (Lest We Forget)

Geoff Trainor

Myron's, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainyWell . . . you knew it was coming right? I had been trying to decide what venue to do first. I thought to myself, "I shouldn't do Myron's first, that wouldn't be fair". Then I was reading an one of Casey's posts and looked up at the banner,"Mocking Music," and realized . . . Mocking Myron's? I think so.

Okay, so I suppose you can get from that intro (and other comments made previously) that I really didn't like Myron's that much. Cover was expensive, food was expensive, and drinks were REALLY expensive. Cover, like most places depended on the night, and what bands might be playing. I've heard cover being upwards of 45 dollars, although I've never personally seen it that high.

Myron's consists of three floors. I have no clue what is down stairs short of a coat check. The main floor consists of a more loungey-like atmosphere, with two stages for bands. Upstairs consists of a dance floor (black lights and all), pool tables, and if my count is right, 4 places from which to purchase alcohol from (three in the main dance room, and larger one outside with the pool tables). Downstairs is where, generally, I could be found when I went but sometimes when I got drunk enough . . . I will admit that I found my way to the dance floor.

Mmm...wet and foamy girl...
Creepy Guy: "Ahh, sorry, didn't mean to touch you there, couldn't see through the foam"

As a venue for music, it seemed to be the most popular on PEI (especially since the demise of The Barn). True, it did host a variety of good music, Matt Good, 54-40, Bif Naked & Alexisonfire all graced the stage there. The problem is what happen on the other nights, mainly Thursday-Saturday. I've had the unfortunate opportunity to go to Myron's with people from work several times during 2002-2003. Walking in, you are instantly transported to a world of creepy old men trying to pick up 19 year old girls, and creepy little boys trying to pick up 19 year old girls.

I think the best experience I've ever had at Myron's was when I was there to see 54-40. The band did a pretty good set, but that has nothing to do with it. You see, there was this woman, probably late 40s, and the this incredibly geeky-looking guy, probably early 20s. They were "dancing". Now, it's not the age difference that really matters, it's just a factor to add to the amusement. The woman was kind of watching the band, drink in hand, and the guy was holding open his leather trench coat (ala Matrix, obviously trying to look cool) with one hand kinda shaking it around in a sort of faux-grind. Casey was there, perhaps his memory of the moment is better. What matters is, I demonstrated this to everyone at work the next day . . . which I suppose made me look a little creepy to anyone who wasn't in on the story.

The last time I was at Myron's was for the Alexisonfire show a couple months back. Sadly, I decided to stay on the main floor where Alexisonfire was. Considering it was a Myron's Chem-Free show, I'm sure there were tons of prostitots upstairs on the dance floor. Which would explain where a few of the people that didn't seem to fit in came from . . . although that didn't occur to me at the time.
Myron's War
I searched google and found this, Myron's War. Fitting? Well...not really

Sadly, Myron's is no more. After the Sheriff seized their liquor, it was only a matter of time. They stayed open dry for a little while but a bar with no liquor is like Geoff with no Star Wars. There have been rumors flying around about new ownership, but so far no one seems to really know what's going on. Worry not though. It seems most of the bands that generally go to Myron's are now going to either The Wave, or Brennan's. As for the prostitots, there's always JR's and Breakers . . . err . . . uh, Velvet Underground (how dare they steal such a great band's name for such a dirty bar).

I do not miss Myron's, nor do I miss the skanky atmosphere that surrounded it. As a venue for bands it could never quite make it as, no matter who you booked, you always get the same crowd. Although they apparently have some great fish n' chips.

Obi-Wan said it best, "Myron's Cabaret...You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy...we must be cautious".

Rating: D- (Avoided an F because of a great Alexisonfire show)

Alexisonfire - No Transitory
Bif Naked - We're Not Gonna Take It (Streaming Video)
Matthew Good (Band) - The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production
Matthew Good (Band) - Everything is Automatic
Matthew Good (Band) - The Future Is X-Rated
Matthew Good - Pledge of Allegiance
Matthew Good - Alert Status Red
Rise Against - Give It All Streaming Video (56k) (300k)
54-40 - Goodbye Flatland (Entire Album Stream)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Killers Reveal Thrilling Movie News

Geoff Trainor

Thriller is the best selling Michael Jackson album ever released, and was probably Michael Jackson's best album . . . which I suppose is not saying much. It is, though, the only album of his I actually enjoy. Beat It, Billy Jean, and of course the title track Thriller, all great songs.

Well, for the release of that album, Jackson made a 13 minute movie for the song Thriller, spawning the "Thriller Dance". Anyhow, I'm starting to ramble. Another band is working on a similar idea.

The Thriller Dance!
Are the Killers out to create a dance craze like this one?

The Killers plan to produce a 25-minute movie which the band compared to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

"We want to make a movie-- not so much a music video-- based on three songs to be played on MTV."

The three songs including in the movie are Midnight Show and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine, off their debut Hot Fuss, as well as an unreleased song Leave the Bourbon on the Shelf. The story, the murder commited by a jealous boyfriend, and its aftermath.

The band have already started talks with Hollywood directors and actors for the film, and hope to have to released by year's end. It's release will help null the pain for Killers fans waiting for the follow-up to Hot Fuss. The band is set to enter the studio in November.

The Killers - Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
The Killers - Midnight Show
Fan Movie - Thriller Dance

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