Monday, February 28, 2005

The Ascent Of Geoff

Casey Dorrell

You will note that there are now two esteemed writers who will dole out musical musings for your entertainment. One with great taste in music and the other, well, he's a spiffy dresser.

Will the spiffy dresser ever actually post? Casey says... probably not.

Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) Says:

Casey Dorrell

The ultimate goal is to exploit youth culture and make lots of money doing it . . . that's why I love you kids.

Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

Casey Dorrell

Sadly, those pretty little birds can't be heard over the sickeningly sweet sound of the Be Good Tanyas whose songs might be pretty, but they sure as hell aren't good. I really don't get the popularity of this group.

Ben Folds - Rise of Satan

Casey Dorrell

I finally picked up a copy of the "first" Ben Folds without the five, Rocking the Suburbs while in Halifax a week ago. Why the quotations, Casey? Good question. See, the CD doesn't really deviate from the path of the Ben Folds Five CDs. Like Reinhold Messner, it's mostly serious with the redundant "look at me! I'm in a rock band but I play piano!" title track. Yeah, yeah, you swear and you play piano - hardcore ironic. The main difference on this CD from the last "Five" CD is the tempo - it's almost all upbeat.

Anyhow, back to the song. So the song isn't actually called the rise of satan which is a bit disapointing. As I was sitting in the Halifax hotel and reading the CD booklet, I was drawn to the satan song. Folds is best at narrative songs (think "brick") so I thought a song about satan's return could be great but, alas, the song is actually called "The Rise of Stan". It ends up being one of his best songs despite the absense of el diablo. It actually has a pretty simple piano structure, but it sounds amazing. The lyrics, which are about a hippy-turned-taxman are pretty banal upon reflection, but are somehow relatable and moving.

If I had high-speed and wasn't as lazy - I'd link an mp3 - that will come at some point.

Update: Ahem... "Ascent of Stan" - I guess I was carried away on the B-movie, glam-rock image of rise of SATAN! - that and cough medicin and lack of sleep. Thanks Mel.

Much Ado About Music

Casey Dorrell

Well, this is my new blog. The tenative plan is to stay on the topic of music.

I don't really get why people post diary entry-style stuff online. For one, everyone sounds like 15 year-old kid when they're depressed and, let's face it, most of us are depressed a lot. Whining and bitching, even the sort that sounds really fucking cool in your head, usually just sounds whiny and bitchy when you write it out. Think of a time that you were really upset about something (barring deaths and the like) that's at least one year ago - if you wrote about it, go back and read it. Embarrased? probably. Beyond that, does anyone really care that much about all the banal details of your life? The only reason most people read and comment on your page is because they want you to do the same on theirs. It's all an elaborate exercise of insular self-congralulatory narcissisism.

Anyhow, time will tell how this develops - whether it stays on music, dies out, or becomes an exercise in self-love like most people's blogs. For now, I've disabled the comments ability so you (and I) can pretend lots of people are reading it. I'll enable it sometime soon.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Are You Excited? Are you totally excited?

Casey Dorrell

I bet you are.