Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bluesfest: Day 4

Calum Marsh

See what happens when Jon can't make it to a show? I apologize for the absolutely awful photographs. For the record: my camera was like thirty dollars. Ah, what the hell - it's my fault.

I know I recommended a night off in the Bluesfest guide, but I felt bad not taking advantage of my pass. I hadn't really tested out the power of my fancy 'Media Pass' yet, so I thought it might fun to see what it would get me. I strolled over to the grounds at around ten to nine, with little concern about having just missed The Stills. I made my way to the 'Black Sheep Stage' - they seem to be consistently hosting the most interesting shows at the festival - and watched a few minutes of Los De Abajo's set.

The crowd was small and nobody seemed into it, so I decided to check out the obnoxiously large Main Stage: Sam Roberts was cruising through a tepid 'Brother Down' when I found my way there. The Press Pass got me to the "Backstage" area, where I was allowed to sit in the small space between the fenced-off audience and the stupidly large stage. Here I snapped a couple of God-awful photos:

It occurred to me at this point that I was the only person in the vicinity without a 2000 dollar camera: it was painfully obvious that these were professionals covering the event for major news outlets - I think I may have been slightly out of place. I took the heavy rain that spontaneously broke out as my cue to leave. What a strange night...

Some unrelated items:

- You should all head to i (heart) music for your chance to win the debut album from Shapes And Sizes, the first Canadian group on Asthmatic Kitty's thoroughly awesome roster.

- Mocking Music worked with Punk Ottawa and Revolution Rock in order to bring Sunset Rubdown to Ottawa. They'll be playing at Zaphod's on July 26th - this is not to be missed under any circumstances. Tickets are on sale now at End Hits. In the near future RevRock will be bringing Ottawa Beirut, Bell Orchestre, Akron/Family, Junior Boys, and Islands. More info on those to come.

- I still expect to see you all at my show on the 19th. Tickets are still available at End Hits.

Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums And Shrines II
Beirut - Postcards From Italy

Bluesfest Tickets

Comments on "Bluesfest: Day 4"


Anonymous matthew said ... (12/7/06 12:09 pm) : 

You got a press pass for Bluesfest? I knew I should've requested one. Ah well...next year...


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (12/7/06 1:37 pm) : 

From the Bluesfest press release:

"Due to the overwhelming abundance of websites that cover music, unsolicited requests to cover the event for reviews on various websites will NOT be considered."



Anonymous matthew said ... (12/7/06 4:51 pm) : 

So they just gave you one? Wow. I feel unloved. :(


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (12/7/06 5:21 pm) : 

I think it must have been my dashing good looks and undeniable charm.


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