Wednesday, March 02, 2005

WGAR - War by Generalissimo, Antimusic Revolution!

Casey Dorrell

It was a mild day in the beginning of a new year - January, 23 2003.

It was the day Shania Twain declared war on music everywhere.

In front of a select group of Shania Twain devotees and staff, Twain taped her declaration of war for broadcast later that day. Her Speech was short: "Up, Up, Up, We Will Rise Up From Here. Antimusic Revolution!" she cackled, brandishing a knife. Actions, as they say, speak louder than words and Generalissimo* Twain carried on to prove this cliche true. After finishing her brief chant, Twain removed her sweater . . . to reveal a Ramones t-shirt! She then proceeded to deftly cut up the American Outfitter's commercialization of the Ramones with her knife. Finally, she removed the shirt and defecated on it.

Shania Twain getting ready to defecate

It seems that better judgment prevailed, and the declaration was never televised. It would be better, her handler's decided, to simply continue destroying music by releasing pop and country bazardizations. Some pictures were still leaked, but the clean-up process was thorough, and the above picture is the only one still out there.

*A supreme commander of combined armed forces.

Comments on "WGAR - War by Generalissimo, Antimusic Revolution!"


Blogger mel said ... (2/3/05 7:17 pm) : 

that is the funniest thing I have ever read. nicely done.


Blogger mOe said ... (3/3/05 11:48 am) : 

hey man, thanks for the dropping in and the comment and stuff. hope all is well with you.
i'm very amused by this site (i'd say your but there's more than one of you... not sure of the proper way to say it? but you know what i mean... i hope)
anyway, very amusing. i missed listening to your discussions on music and the like.

and yes, very glad there is no more 'crushing of the soul', but i still miss some people there.

someone should defecate on shaniaoh, speaking of shitty things, any idea of when that show is at myrons with aliexisonfire? i'd look it up but myrons' site sucks ass and i can't be bothered to waste my time only to find out they haven't updated since nov. and i'm just plain lazy. take it as you wish.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (3/3/05 2:19 pm) : 

Look down


Blogger mOe said ... (5/3/05 8:31 pm) : 

sorry, my bad. I meant the time. Not the date.
I was even at Myrons last night (purely business, I assure you!) and they didn't even know what time it starts. evening show or late show?
So I guess that means no-one knows.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (6/3/05 10:00 pm) : 

hah, yeah, I kinda figured you meant what time.. I mean I assumed the reason you'd be asking would be because you'd read that post.

3/13/2005 @ Myron's in Charlottetown, PEI
Alexisonfire, Rise Against, The Fullblast
Doors @ 7PM $15 Advanced / $20 Door All Ages So we are so excited to playing with Rise Against across North America. This tour is going to slay life, lets not forget our great friends in The Fullblast.


Blogger mOe said ... (7/3/05 10:46 pm) : 

hahahaha i get in for free!
perks to being a freelance entertainment photographer.
getting in for free at myrons... i don't know if i should be proud of that or not.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/3/05 1:22 pm) : 

he he.. I only once got to be "on the list" - ah the prestige.


Anonymous Matthew said ... (21/3/05 11:34 pm) : 

Viva la Silence!

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(feat. Billy Currington)

Huh! Huh!
(Aww, Baby)

I'm having me a party
(I don't think I can come)
Uh,uh, this ain't just any kind of party
(Nah, I think I'll stay at home)
Uh, oh, no It's gonna be really, really hot
(Startin' to sound good)
I'm gonna put you on the spot
(Baby, maybe I should)
Yeah, there'll be lots of one on one
(Guess I could be there)
Come on and join the fun
(What should I wear?)
I'll tell you that it..

It doesn't matter what you wear
'Cause it's only gonna be
you and me there (Whoa!)

I'm having a party
A party for two
Invitin' nobody
Nobody but you

You'll be sexy in your socks
(We could polish the floors)
In case that anybody knocks
(Let's lock all the doors)
Yeah, all the things I'm gonna do
(I'm gonna do with you)
I wanna try something new
(I wanna try it, too)
I tell you that it...

(It doesn't matter)
uh, uh
(What I wear)
('Cause it's only gonna be)
You and me there

I'm having a party
A party for two (yeah)
Ain't invitin' nobody
Nobody but you (yeah)
Yeah, you


(I'm here) You're there
(That's all) we really need
(We're gonna) We're gonna party hearty
(Just) Just you and me
(Don't) Don't think about it now
(Don't) Don't even doubt it now
(I'm inviting you to a) party for two

shake it, shake it
(Come on baby!)

Aww, all the things I'm gonna do
(I'm gonna do with you)
I'm gonna try something new with you, boy
(I wanna try that, too)
I'll tell you that it..

It doesn't matter what you wear
('Cause it's only gonna be)
It's only gonna be you and me
(Awwwww, yeah)

[backing] I'm havin' a party
(A little bitty party baby)
[backing] A party for two
It's just me and you
(That's right)
[backing] Invitin' noboby
I ain’t inviting anybody
(Nobody baby)
[backing] nobody but you
[Chorus (alternating voices, double lyrics)]

Come on, Come on
(Come on, Come on)
Come on, Come on, Come on
(Come on, Come on, yeah)
Come on, Come on
(Come on, Come on)
Come on, Come on, Come on
(Come on, Come on, yeah)
(Just you and me there)

That was great!
(Let’s do it again!)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (22/3/05 4:17 pm) : 

definate highpoint isn't lyrical though.. there's an awesome cheese guitar riff involved.


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