Friday, March 18, 2005

Introducing Beck

Casey Dorrell

Just a quick post to remind you all to buy the Beck CD (should be out one week from Tuesday)

A lot of the songs off the new album, Guero, premiered on the O.C. a few weeks ago and there sounded to me a lot like another Sea Change, meaning stripped down sound, vocals, and lyrics with disturbingly little irony or humour. I loved Sea Change, but it was no Mutations, and what really makes Beck great is his ability to sound completely different on each successive album, so the O.C. preview was a bit disappointing.

As per usual, though, I was completely off on this one - the entire album is available for streaming on and it sounds like Sea Change set to Midnite Vultures (meaning big beats and lots of fuzz, yet Beck sounds like he's falling asleep). Excited? Probably.

Midnite Vultures + Sea Change = Guero ?

Album will come out in regular format with 13 tracks and, as is the trend of late, in a special DVD limited edition. Breaking with the trend, this special edition is actually special - a real attempt to get people away from limewire and into the stores, instead of another money-grab. The special edition CD will have a full seven extra tracks (3 bonus, 4 remixes), while the DVD portion has all 13 tracks in 5.1 surround and all 13 tracks again, remixed with video. The limited edition will also include a 52 book and the requisite spiffy packaging.

Check it out here:

Update: The entire CD is also available here at the blog, Take Your Medecine. (note: I don't know whether this is the mixed version or the earlier leaked version because I'm on dial up right now and can't verify)