Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Green Wheeze

Casey Dorrell

Here's a group, or at least a song worth knowing about. They're called Gamits. The song is Last of the Mullets.

The Album this song comes from, Endorsed by You, is nothing too special. Most of it would fit in with any of the Fat Wreck Chords comps along side bands like Lagwagon or No Use For a Name. The main difference being the production value, which is a little less polished than the super-sheen put out by the Fat label. The song, though, is near brilliant. Sure, it's completely deriviative, but if other bands could mimick like this, I'd stop bitching about generic music.

One part Greenday, One part Weezer
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Comments on "Green Wheeze"


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (9/3/05 3:37 am) : 

Yeah, I do quite enjoy that song. If I didn't know better, I'd definately think it was Weezer from the intro.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (9/3/05 1:26 pm) : 

post damnit. :P


Blogger George said ... (9/3/05 6:22 pm) : 

Here... You want love... This is your love...... You can't complain no more now .. Or can you???.....There is always a need for more.
See You Shit Head. haha


Blogger Lucas Brachish said ... (24/3/05 1:06 pm) : 

Arrgh.... I can't find the Gamits on Pure Volume. The link doesn't work, even after signing up to/logging in to PureVolume.com... and a search for the Gamits spits up nothin'. What am I doin' wrong?

But you've got a good site here. I'll be sure to link you in my ever-expanding music post:

Cheap Music for the Masses



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