Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Casey is bored of school . . .

Casey Dorrell

This site is, and will remain devoted to music (in fact, once I get some mp3 hosting, I'll actually start talking about music.. working on it), but we here at mocking music feel that it is our responsibility as an educational service to not artificially limit the breadth of that education. It is with that in mind that we introduce to you Dr. Logic.

Dr. Logic is here today to explain a fundamental misconception about the rights enshrined for all Canadians in the Canadian Charter. This misreading of our fundamental rights is of utmost importance to the music community whose fictional stereotypes are often heard declaring, "It's freedom of expression, man!" Sorry kids, that freedom is subject to limitations! Confused? Maybe this will help:

The Queen v. Oakes for Kids
Grant E. Smith Allegory

Grant E. Smith is witnessed eating an apple walking through an apple orchard. While the basic fact of Smith's activities would "rationally tend to prove the presumed fact" of Smith's apple's origin, namely that the apple in question came from the orchard, it would not prove that fact beyond a reasonable doubt (apples being plentiful and available elsewhere).

The Enticing Frobidden FruitSection one of the Charter, though, states that the Charter guarantees are "subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society."

This means that, in such a case where the origin of Smith's apple is in question, but the orchard contains only poisonous and contagious apples, we may impair Smith's right to a possible non-orchard apple in order to achieve the "pressing and substantial" objective of removing the awful apple from the food chain, thus ensuring the safety of Smith as well as the community at large. This objective of ensuring the community’s safety outweighs the detrimental cost of Smith's impaired right and unfulfilled hunger for apple consumption.

Comments on "Casey is bored of school . . ."


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (8/3/05 5:28 pm) : 

The picture reminds me of Eels - I Like Birds.


Anonymous Stephen said ... (10/3/05 12:39 am) : 

im inclined to be confused by the sheer verbosity of these statesment and my ignorance towards the charter. Thankfully, I understand the limitations to this particular right already.


On a side note, hello Geoff.

On a further aside note, I applaud your (both) taste in movies, but you'll have to convince me about the bands. (see each of your bio's for ref)


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (10/3/05 5:55 pm) : 

hmmm... well, I don't think you know the limitation I'm talking about - it has nothing to do with free speech and hate. I just used free speech as an intro to pretend it was related to music.

And I don't think my statements were all that wordy . . . I think it reads at about a grade 7 level.

Finally, it seems a bit odd to refer us to our own bio profiles, no?

All that said, I guess a pretentious post deserves a pretentious comment...


Anonymous Stephen said ... (13/3/05 3:31 pm) : 

This is why I like writing to you Casey. Always makes me feel great.

Maybe when I was in grade seven I could read that. But have you seen what/how people in grade seven write nowadays?
lol omg bbq.

Jackass. ;-p


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (15/3/05 9:54 pm) : 

There really aren't any big words or anything.

Besides...how do you know how people in grade 7 write these days?


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