Monday, March 21, 2005

Dear Firefox User (PT. II),

Casey Dorrell

We are sorry. Again. Yesterday we posted a set of pictures with which we hoped to properly convey, in the innocent simplicity of a heartbroken stickman, the depths of our sorrow which, we felt, could not be adequately expressed within the constraints of the English language. Or at least those artificial constraints created by our ineptitude with the language. Our incompetence, though, was not limited to our grasp of English.

We are sorry, like the board game.

It seemed we also couldn't properly align two pictures with text below them. Internet Explorer users know of what we speak. You may not. Look back at those images. Focus. Now close your eyes. See the images in your mind. See the text above the image (no, not the title, the "this image is funny" text). Relax, release your tension. Let your body fall - let eveything fall. Let the text fall. Let it fall until it is below the images - now you see what the Internet Explorer users saw. Again. We are sorry. It won't happen again, no really. This time we mean it . . .
-Mocking Music

P.S. Don't leave us. We still love you. We can change.
(Update: We changed. For you. The text should show up properly in previous post now.)

Also, is it just me or does The Music sound like Rush?
Rush is not good. The Music is like Rush. Therefore The Music is like not good (don't blame the language, blame the mathematics).

Comments on "Dear Firefox User (PT. II),"


Blogger Rene said ... (25/3/05 1:50 am) : 

You are sadly mistaken. The Music are grossly under-rated. True, their albums may not be all hits, but when they hit, boy do they hit. As for Rush, you're right, they're crap, but The Music are awesome.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (25/3/05 2:12 am) : 

Always good to see a new person at this point in our webpage (early).

At least we agree on Rush. I'm not even sure why The Music remind me of Rush (I've had to listen to the newer The Music CD many times at work). Either way, I don't think they're "grossly under-rated" even if they're the best thing since swiss cheese, as they seem to be a pretty huge band right now. Lots of critical props for their debut and sophmore.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (25/3/05 2:29 am) : 

Ha, I thought of you when Casey wrote that.


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