Saturday, April 02, 2005

50 Tracks Canada: Countdown 45-41

Casey Dorrell

Here's the second in the series of top 50 Canadian tracks reviews, this time with the added bonus of 50% less commentary and 87% less interesting content and links. Enjoy.

Sloan - Twice Removed45. "Coax Me" by Sloan (1994)
pitched by Liisa Ladouceur (runs :57)

Casey: Should have been underwhelmed! We was robbed. Great song anyhow. "It's not the band I hate.. It's their fans"

We came across this blog when looking for things Sloan-related. Go there and check out the site design - ugly and brilliant meet and exchange awkward glances. Also, some Sloan news for you. New DVD and Greatest Hits CD, which means they'll be putting out the better music than they have in years . . .

Parachute Club - Essential44. "Rise Up" by The Parachute Club (1983)
pitched by Denise Donlon (runs :55)

Casey: Urge to shop...

Nothing more to see here, folks.

Crew Cuts - Sh-Boom43. "Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)" by the Crew Cuts (1954)
pitched by Randy Bachman(runs :55)

Casey: Some people's children . . . Not really my thing.

Leonard Cohen - Tower of Song42. "Tower of Song" by Leonard Cohen (1988)
pitched by Michael Barclay (runs :51)

Casey: There are many other Cohen songs I'd pick first, but still great.

Hmm.. Do you want to see a list of all the Russian-made counterfiet Cohen Albums ever released. Of course you do! Or see a much younger Cohen here.

41. "Sonny's Dream" by The Wonderful Grand Band (1981)
pitched by Damnhait Doyle(runs :55)

Casey: Newfoundland's anthem apparently. I thought it was O Canada. Sounds like every eastern country/folk song ever made - "Your daddy's a sailor who never comes home... I'm not all that strong.." Next.

Google is a powerful tool but finding the right information requires an exacting level of both skill and finesse. With that in mind, we've done the search for you, should you want to find out more about this song and it's connection with Newfoundland. Begin Searching.

Next time, 5 more songs.

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