Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Seattle DJ Releases Apple's Album

Geoff Trainor

Since 2003, when Apple finished her latest album, Extraordinary Machine, it has been sitting on a shelf, because reportedly, the label's execs claim there is no obvious single, and refuse to release it.

Well, recently a Seattle DJ has gotten a copy of the album and has been playing it on 1077 The End. It is available on peer-to-peer file sharing programs. It has been reported by BigChampagne that at any given time, 38000 people are downloading songs from Extraordinary Machine, with the most popular download being "Please Please Please", with 20000 simultaneous downloads.

Andrew Harms of 1077 The End says,

"It's great music. I think as many people as possible should hear it -- whether it's Sony releasing the album or people getting it on the internet, I don't care. It wasn't made to sit on a shelf, that's for sure."

Harms did not disclose how he got the album. He says he got it from neither the label, or the internet and denies rumors that he is part of some marketing plan to create buzz over the album.

A representative from Epic had this to say about the situation,

"We are extremely proud of our long association with Fiona Apple. She is a uniquely talented and much-loved artist, with dedicated fans across this country and around the world. Fiona has not yet delivered her next album to Epic, but we join music lovers everywhere in eagerly anticipating her next release."

So for those of you waiting for Extraordinary Machine, you may want to check out other ways of enjoying it, as it seems Epic and Sony may be holding back. I just wish they'd release it, so Casey'd stop whining. If you'd like to check out the album which his caused much controversy with Apple fans, download it here.

Update: RIAA have shut down yet another site, or their threats have anyhow.... the url changes about every 6-12 hours at this point, so this one may not be accurate for that long, but go here to get the album plus some old b-side things. (thanks moe)

Comments on "Seattle DJ Releases Apple's Album"


Blogger mOe said ... (5/4/05 5:16 pm) : 

you just made my fucking day man. i tried not too long ago to get some of her songs and none could be found so i stopped looking out of sheer frustration.

it's good that finally there's some buzz. maybe it'll shove a boot up someones ass to get the cd in stores.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (5/4/05 11:44 pm) : 

I'm not sure how much of a difference it will make, considering Apple fans actually protested outside the Sony building. It is good the music is being heard now though.


Blogger mOe said ... (6/4/05 12:42 am) : 

that link no longer has the mp3's. but i found this one:

tested a couple of songs, seems to work fine.


Anonymous Jim said ... (7/4/05 12:03 pm) : 

Hey, Eskimo. Uh, long time no see. I possibly should get MSN or something, yes? It's good to see you're giving something back to the community, anyway. It almost shames me into updating my website. (Almost.)


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