Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Award For Blog of the Year Goes To...

Geoff Trainor

Well, I think there is no doubt that we would receive such an honor, if our country were to award such things in grand televised ceremonies, with celebrities and the like.

With that said, I watched the Juno's on Sunday. I must say I was disappointed all around. First of all, Casey and I had plans to watch them together. I was gonna get drunk, and he was going to stay sober. He would have drank, but he had classes to worry about....whatever, wuss. Anyhow, I would give my drunken comments on the Juno's, while he'd give his, slightly more accurate account of the ceremony. In the end, the wuss, got wussier, and had to stay home to work on a paper. So I watched alone, mostly just to see Billy Talent play.

I watched it open with Simple Plan...and almost stopped watching at that point. The opening by that Corner Gas guy, was pretty funny. I've never watched the show, but I kinda want to check it out, he was mildly amusing the entire time. There seemed to be more performers than awards, but that was probably just me not paying attention. Billy Talent got album of year, and another, possible group of the year*.

K-Os's song was quite good. I'm not a big fan of K-Os, although I've only really heard Heaven Only Knows, and I don't like that song.

Kd Lang performed a cover of Leonard Cohen's hallelujah, which seemed to go on forever. I'm not a big Lang fan, so maybe that explains the prolonging of her performance. The Tragically Hip were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, or something of the like*. The did a great performance. Probably the best of the night. I say probably because of what happened next.

At 11ish I had to take off to pick up my girlfriend from work. When I returned, the final awards were being given out, and Sum 41 did a great acoustic piece. I must say, I've heard them acoustic before, and I was scared to see what they'd sound like, but they did a fantastic job playing Pieces, the latest single. A couple more awards were given out and then they ended it with the award show cliche. They did the all mighty mega group playing the classic BTO song, Taking Care of Business.

So why did I say probably? Why, if all these perfomances were so good was I disappointed? Well, if you return to the top of the post, you will see that I was mainly watching for one thing, to see Billy Talent. Well, while I was gone, I missed it! It's all my girlfriend's fault!

Head down in disgrace for keeping me from Billy Talent

*We here at Mocking Music strive to provide the most inaccurate information possible. That way, we can update our misinformation, and give you more to read. It all comes back to us being lazy.