Monday, May 01, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #9

Casey Dorrell

Maybe I'm a bit late getting this up. Maybe you're a bit early.

I have a load of clothes in the dryer, mostly work clothes. I wonder, what's the ettiquette for public dyers and washers? People in this apartment have the habit of leaving their quarters loaded in the dryer, with wet clothes inside, as though to reserve it. Then they go to sleep. I'm left waiting when I get home, not knowing whether their cycle just ended and they intend on starting a new one. I ought to start swiping their change and peeing on their clothes.

Mocking Music Kittens Clean

1. Eugene (Big Static) joined a growing number of mp3 bloggers with podcasts. I haven't had the chance to listen to the podcast yet, as it just went up earlier today, but I imagine if it's as engaging as the rest of his blog, it's worth checking out. [Link]

2. Ron (B(oot)log), has a blog called B(oot)log. This makes a lot more sense than what I'd been calling it in previous round ups, with only the o's in brackets. Yeah, Btlog! I'm a bit dim sometimes. Anyhow, he uploaded a recent concert featuring Sarah Harmer and the Weakerthans. I find this irritating, since I recorded the same concert off CBC. Boo . . . tlog. Not satisfied to simply marginally outdo us, he also has a Final Fantasy concert up. Prick. [1] [2]

3. Michael (Dreams of Horses) has a live version of the new Xiu Xiu song, 'Boy Soprano', from earlier this month. I'm in the "respecting but not particularly enjoying" camp with Xiu Xiu, but this song is actually pretty catchy. He also has a picture of the upcoming album, The Air Force. It looks, well, like a Xiu Xiu album. What was the theme of that list Calum has up? [Link]

4. Eddie (Another Form of Relief) is a Weezer fan. Most of us are, though we now have to add the requisite withstanding clause: "... but I don't like Make Believe and their last exceptional album was their second." Eddie feels your pain, collecting some of the best Weezer demos and B-Sides as an argument (or codemnation?) that Weezer could continue to be great if they stopped chasing radio air play. [Link]

5. Taylor (Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good) offered up a small themed list up in celebration of his new camera (which I'm sure he intends on sending to me). Includes the second best Spoon song, ever. Taylor, our mailing address in in the "contact us" area. Missed my birthday by over a month, but I'm big enough to forgive you. [Link]

6. Ryan (Muzzle of Bees) has a new contest. Tell him where you'd most like to travel for a chance to win an autographed Gomez poster, a limited edition Gomez 7'', and the new Gomez album, "How We Operate". But I'd rather you didn't. It makes my odds better. [Link]

7. Jeff (DIY Rockstar) finishes off the second week of his lovable label feature with Team Love and Saddle Creek. [Link] [2]

8. Um, Guy (Bricolage Fantasy) quotes postmodernists on his mp3 blog. Baudrillard and Lyotard are casually referenced as though typical blog fare. I'm sure Foucault, Derrida, and the other usual suspects are lurking about too. Odd, but regardless he has a nice set of ambient post-rock tunes that are somehow tied to Wittgenstein (not my favourite philosopher, but maybe I just never had the proper soundtrack?). [Link]

9. Garrison (Indie Interviews) did an interview with current (deserving) indie-darlings, Voxtrot, back in January. Now he's gotten the lead singer to perform a cover of Blondies' 'Shayla'. Awesome? [Link]

10. Brian (Bows + Arrows) and Scott (Stereogum) are two of many bloggers who put up new Sufjan tracks off his soon to be released Illinoise B-Side album, Avalance. Granted, Brian's track appeared via Pitchfork before being disseminated to countless sites, but his blog is probably better than yours so we're giving him the credit. [Link] [2]

11. Sean (A Reminder) is your new best friend. Right now on his site you can download a really great acoustic Radiohead set. Includes 'Karma Police,' 'Follow Me Around," and "Bullet Proof". [Link]

New Blog Alert:

All Things Feist is the biggest thing to hit music blogs lately. It's a fan-run blog that (read on to have me insult your intelligence) features only Feist. If it's played by her, it's probably on the blog in some form. It's surprising there hasn't been more one-artist fan blogs given how many fan sites there are on the net. I expect to see more.

Arm Rest is one of the best new blogs since, well, since Mocking Music (which is a hot blog from early 2005 you should check out). It's got the awesome slogan, "Knows who did the heavy-lifting before they were heavily lifted" which cleverly summarizes the site. Each post has two streaming songs: The original, and the song that ripped it off. It's not the first time I've heard Beck accused of stealing from Faust on Broken Drums. Maybe, but I prefer 'Broken Drums' to 'Jennifer'.

The Weakerthans (w. Sarah Harmer) - Swinging Party (Replacements)
Sarah Harmer (w. The Weakerthans) - Islands in the Stream (Bee Gees)
Sarah Harmer (w. The Weakerthans) - Gone for Good (Shins)
Final Fantasy - The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead (Live)
Eagle*Seagull - Photograph
Jens Lekman - You Are the Light
Bright Eyes - Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
Weezer - Lullaby
Gomez - How We Operate
Feist - Inside and Out (Mocky Remix)
Beck - Broken Drum (Boards of Canada Remix)
Faust - Jennifer

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Comments on "Week End Blog Wrap Up #9"


Anonymous Sean said ... (1/5/06 4:58 am) : 

All Things Feist is such a great site. And you're right about more blogs devoted to single's odd there aren't more.

I think mine will be pretty Radiohead-heavy over the coming weeks though.


Blogger mel said ... (1/5/06 5:27 am) : 

Sarah Harmer and John Samson taking the place of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers? It's a hickster's dream!

Sidenote: I thought that I'd just made that word up now (hickster), but after hitting up google, and according to urban dictionary, it's already a combination of gangster and hick. I like the meaning I was going for better though.


Anonymous brian said ... (1/5/06 8:11 am) : 

Agreed re: All Things Feist. Maybe the best blog since EVER. Have you seen some of those pics??


Anonymous rgsc said ... (1/5/06 10:23 am) : 

I actually beat someone to the punch on something? Hah - take that Mockers!

You didn't happen to record the Sarah Harmer/Weakerthans show the first time it was aired, did you? I really would like to get my hands on the Weakerthans covering Judy G and Sarah's rendition of Left & Leaving, not to mention the other songs they edited out on DNTO. I blame Sook-Yin. Damn her! Oh, and if the quality of your recording is better than mine I will take mine down instantly and sing the praises of MM.

In all fairness, it is only the first half of the final fantasy concert...but it is still pretty awesome if i do say so myself. I am a prick.



Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/5/06 12:33 pm) : 

He he.

I think it may have been the first time actually. It was on some program that normally plays classical music a few weeks ago. I'll check the recording - it's all just sitting in one large wav file.

Any chance you caught Great Lake Swimmers or Death Cab on DNTO this week? I had 'em both then the computer crashed before I saved - and it was the Vancouver stream so . . .


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/5/06 12:36 pm) : 

Also, I think I prefer the gangster hick.

Amusing mental images abound.


Anonymous rgsc said ... (1/5/06 1:17 pm) : 

oooooh. it sounds like you might have the full show - 4 songs and the banter were left off the rebroadcast that I recorded. I missed DNTO this week, sorry. I really should pay more attention to what they are playing. I find the show rather irritating but they do play some great stuff.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/5/06 3:13 pm) : 

Yeah, DNTO was much better several years ago with its original host (Norah Young?) - I'll check that wav when I'm home tomorrow and let you know.


Blogger Squashed said ... (1/5/06 9:27 pm) : 

ganster hick? (*clears trhoats....* Ya'll get off my lawn.*)

"Baudrillard and Lyotard are casually referenced as though typical blog fare."

Yes they are... along with french fries, hip-hop and bad html code. I insist.

But give me some slack. I did declare the post is a bit self indulgence...

oh yeah..

Hi all. first time poster. .. :D
nice crib you got here. It could use a disco ball tho'


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/5/06 3:23 am) : 

I would definately swipe the change and pee on the clothes, but hey, that is me and I have been known to 'not be quite the model citizen'!


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