Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest (Pt. 3)

Calum Marsh

Look at you, sitting at your computer, waiting anxiously for this week's (late) Guess That Art contest. "Oh Mocking Music", you'd say, if you thought we could hear you, "the contest picture from last week (and from two weeks ago, too, in fact) was far too easy! Since the contest has been easy in the past, I can only assume it will be easy today, too!"

Ah, but that's where you're mistaken, dear reader: there is a serious fallacy in your arguement! Logically speaking, the events of the past are not conclusively indicative of the events of the future! Consider the rooster: he has seen the sun rise every morning, and so concludes that the sun will continue to - actually, forget the rooster. My point - and honestly, I do have one - is that this week's contest is slightly more challenging than you've been getting used to. I've merely been preparing you, dear readers, for the challenges which are to come. Things are about to get a whole heck of a lot harder. Sorry.

Rest assured, this isn't bad news: for, as competition tradition dictates, when the challenge increases, so too does the reward. And as such, this week's lucky winner will receive a most glorious prize (concert tickets? Casey, what the hell are we giving them?), but that lucky winner will have to work for it.

Good question. I feel like the corporate sponsor. Alright, first, appologies everyone for the lack of updates lately, but we've been making secret plans behind closed doors, and starting Sunday, we'll have regular, set posts for every day. And then, if it's possible, we'll be even more awesome than presently.

This week's prize will be two mix albums, one made by myself and one made by Calum, both full of new song goodness. In addition to that, we plan to offer the winner a choice between free tickets to a People in Planes show (dates here) and a copy of the new album. I stress plan because we haven't yet confirmed whether we'll be able to get that to you. Assume that's our awesome prize. If it falls through, we'll hook you up with something equally exciting.

Who are People in Planes? Well, a band with a really great PR machine to start. They've just released their first album and have been compared (sonically, that is) to everyone from Radiohead to Kings of Leon. I'd say more the latter, vocally, the former (circa first two albums) instrumentally. The band hasn't really grabbed my attention, honestly, but I did play it for my test audience (a hundred people or so in the store where I work) and it appeared to induce a lot of toe-tapping.

Original (1) and Mockery (2)
1. 2.

Finally, last week's winner is . . . Kirsten Rutherford, who correctly recognized our mockery of Sonic Youth's brilliant album Goo. Congratulations Kirsten, you as well as the previous week's winner's prizes will be in the mail shortly. Didn't win? Try again this week.

Like last week, we ask that you don't ruin the fun for others by giving the answer away in the comment box. Email your answers to us (either or, and we'll randomly select one person to be our winner. We won't announce - or even select - a winner until next wednesday, meaning you have an entire week to send in your answers. Sending in more than one email won't increase your odds of being selected, so don't bother spamming our inboxes.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this week's
artwork is that I didn't add myself into it.

Also like last week, I've included, for your listening pleasure, a special Death Cab B-Side. Will we share a new Death Cab B-Side every week? Let's put it this way: We have the tracks and we're voting yes - ho ho.

People in Planes - If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)
People in Planes - Dead Vine (Acoustic B-Side)
Death Cab For Cutie - Gridlock Caravans (Rare B-Side)
The Arcade Fire - In The Back Seat (Alternate)

People in Planes - As Far as the Eye Can See
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
The Arcade Fire - Funeral

Comments on "Guess That Art: A Mocking Music Contest (Pt. 3)"


Blogger mel said ... (20/4/06 12:51 am) : 

You know, you never actually said what the cover was from last week. Maybe you're assuming it was too easy and everyone knows, but it's just something I noticed.


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (20/4/06 1:08 am) : 

Ooh, good point.


Blogger mel said ... (20/4/06 1:38 am) : 

wow, reading that now, it sounds about 1000 times snottier than I intended. It was meant to sound quizzical, not so bitchy. eeshk. sorry.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (20/4/06 1:53 am) : 

Ha ha, knowing you, I didn't read it that way, but rereading that, I can see it too.

You bitch!

I added some pretty comparison shots.


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