Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who Are You Calling A Narcissist?

Geoff Trainor

Those of you who read this and knew me in high school (Hey Casey!), might remember I spent a lot of the senior year with hot pink hair. This resulted in some of the most intelligent insults that I've heard. Yes, I am related to Pink.

It had been a while since I had dyed my hair, but recently I put expectations of a professional appearance at work aside, and said to hell with it. While my hair isn't exactly pink (more of a red), I have been inspired. I present to you, our dye-hard (Sorry...that will be the last of my lame jokes on Mocking Music, for this post at least . . . maybe) fans, the 20 best songs with the term "pink" in it.

Xiu Xiu - Pink City (MP3)
Um, well. I'm not really a big fan of Xiu Xiu, but I know a lot of you hipster kids out would miss it's inclusion. I could see this song making decent background music to some anime fight scene or something. No?

19) Ex-Models - Pink Noise (MP3)
Well, I can say there is a lot of noise going on in this song, so they definitely have it labelled correctly. With that said, it is an interesting song, and not necessarily bad. I certainly like it more than the noise that Xiu Xiu makes.

18) Nic Garcia - The Black Turn Pink (MP3)
The lo-fi sound combined with the scratchy vocals make for a great song. Sadly, I am tired and my ability to leave witty comments dried up about . . . 17 songs ago. Still, this is one of the better songs on the list. It just had the unfortunate fate to be last added.

17) Unbunny - Pink Lemonade (MP3)
This song has sort of an Oasis feeling to it - Or maybe that's just me, but it makes me want to listen to (What's The Story) Morning Glory? I suppose it isn't a good sign that it makes me want to listen to another band, but I assure you the song is good. Besides, it's not like it brought Heathen Chemistry to mind . . .

16) Caravan - In The Land of Grey & Pink (MP3)
This song has great lyrics. Still, I go back and forth as to whether or not I like the sound of the song. It does sound good, but has an almost generic indie sound to it. I do enjoy the range of instruments heard though. I'll have to think about this one further.

I must say, this is a damn pretty album cover

15) The Promise Ring - Pink Chimneys (MP3)
Here is a band that got lost in the back of my mind. It's been a couple years since I've even listened to them. This is definitely the high school era entry of the list. Which I suppose means it should be higher, given that this list is sort of dedicated to my hair in high school.

14) The Recital - Pink on Black (MP3)
This song is so simple, yet so catchy. Usually when I do these lists, I find someone that I end up looking into more, and this is that band. My only complaint is Ohh Ooh Ohhs at the end of the song. That part just doesn't do it for me.

13) Headphones - Pink & Brown (MP3)
I've always thought that the colour pink and brown go very well together. In fact I recently managed to get my girlfriend to buy a brown and pink jacket. Sadly, there were none in my size. A pink band t-shirt definitely could have made up for it though. But who do I know that has something like that?

12) Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs (MP3)
I've never been a huge fan of the Dillinger Four, but I have always enjoyed them to some degree. This is one of their better songs, so it's worth the listen. It also has one of the better song titles on the list, so that puts it up a notch or two in the ranking.

I Took A Picture Of These From Casey's Bedroom...Weirdo

11) Shooting At Unarmed Men - The Pink Ink (MP3)
Shooting at Unarmed Men bring you tunes you can whistle, dance or fight to, depending on your preference, consumption or I.Q level. Taken from the label's website, this sentence describes the song perfectly. Very fun song. I guess that's a shorter way to describe it . . .

10) The Flaming Lips - Yoshima Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1 & 2 (MP3) (MP3 #2)
This time out I will not be putting down the band at all. I have to say I really like these songs, and it actually makes me want to head out and pick up the album again. Great songs which I've put up as one entry. That way I can cheat to bring you more songs. I'm tricky like that.

9) Thunderbirds Are Now! - Pink Motorcycle Helmet (MP3)
I've liked this band since before I'd ever heard them. The name is just too cool, luckily the music is great too. This song is no exception.

8) Kathleen Edwards - Pink Emerson Radio (MP3)
Almost any female artists doing lo-fi songs are instantly compared to Fiona Apple in my lists, but I won't make such a comparison this time. Definitely more of a Sarah Harmer sound to this one. In fact, she does Harmer better than Harmer, at least in this one song.

7) Johnny Headband - Pink Clouds In The Sky (MP3)
The song opens with a great beat that you can't help but tap your feet or nod your head to...and then the vocals starts. The song is then instantly transformed from good to great. You know, I don't know why I pretended to sound negative when I have a big number next to the song ranking it anyhow.

6) Blood Brothers - Pink Tarantulas (MP3)
How could you go wrong with the Blood Brothers? Like the Hives, I have yet to be disappointed by them. Although the same could be said for Weezer at one time, so only time will tell. This is probably the fastest-paced song on the list, which makes for some great contrast.

5) Nick Drake - Pink Moon (MP3)
I almost didn't include this song based entirely on the fact that it had already been on the site earlier, and there was a lot of great songs I had found for the list. But I figured that it deserved to take its rightful place on this list.

4) Stephen Malkmus - Pink India (MP3)
Ahh, I listened to this song directly after Xiu Xiu's, and it's quite refreshing. I'm not sure if I like it this much, or if it as just the contrast that got it so high on the list. Either way, it is a great song that deserves to be in the top ten.

Look Out Chief!

3) The Shins - Pink Bullets (MP3)
You know I've always liked The Shins, and it had nothing to do with Garden State. Actually, I only just saw the movie for the first time a month or so ago. In the Supergirl comics pink kryptonite turned straight kyrptonians into homosexual kryptonians. Do pink bullets have a similar effect on humans? Oh yeah, and this song is real good too.

2) Mike Doughty - The Pink Life (MP3)
I really love acoustic songs, so anyone that picks up an acoustic guitar already earns some point in my book. Speaking of which, I was at a pawn shop of sorts today, and a pink acoustic guitar caught my eye. I could definitely see myself playing a pink guitar.

1) Weezer - Pink Triangle (MP3)
What's this? Weezer used to make good music? I'd almost forgotten with all the air play their latest album's been receiving. Pink Triangle comes from Pinkerton which is,without a doubt Weezer's finest, which used to be saying something. I think I will need to open Pinkerton up, it's been a while.

Alex F. - pinkFerdinand (MP3)
I've always had the opportunity to put mash-ups in my lists, but kept them off because the just didn't stand up against the other songs. This time, I am offering this mash-up of Pink Floyd's Another Brick In the Wall, and Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out as a bonus mp3.

Well, there ends the tribute to my hair. Still, I wish a certain someone would have hooked Casey and I up with some sweet pink t-shirts last February. Next time I see that someone, I may have to show him the awesome power of my pink lightsabers (as seen in my picture above).

Xiu Xiu - Pink City
Ex-Models - Pink Noise
Nic Garcia - The Black Turn Pink
Unbunny - Pink Lemonade
Caravan - In The Land of Grey & Pink
The Promise Ring - Pink Chimneys
The Recital - Pink on Black
Headphones - Pink & Brown
Dillinger Four - Fuzzy Pink Hand-Cuffs
Shooting At Unarmed Men - The Pink Ink
The Flaming Lips - Yoshima Battles The Pink Robots Pt. I
The Flaming Lips - Yoshima Battles The Pink Robots Pt. II
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Pink Motorcycle Helmet
Kathleen Edwards - Pink Emerson Radio
Johnny Headband - Pink Clouds In The Sky
Blood Brothers - Pink Tarantulas
Nick Drake - Pink Moon
Stephen Malkmus - Pink India
The Shins - Pink Bullets
Mike Doughty - The Pink Life
Weezer - Pink Triangle
Alex F. - pinkFerdinand

Weezer - Pinkerton
Mike Doughty - Haughty Melodic
Blood Brothers - Crimes
Thunderbirds Are Now! - Necks EP
Dillinger Four - Versus God
Caravan - In The Land of Grey & Pink

Jesus, Mocking Music Loves You Too
The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
No Pan Troglodyte Business Here
Everything Is Automatic

Comments on "Who Are You Calling A Narcissist?"


Anonymous moe said ... (15/4/06 12:45 am) : 

ha. i understand completely.
when i had purple hair: "oh, did you fall into a vat of purple head first?"

when i wore my purple sweater: "hey the dye from your sweater got onto your hair!" or "hey your shirt matches your hair!"


now that my hair is poppy red, and will be fading to pink, i am NOT looking forward to "pink" references. at least it's not the orangy red, where ann(e?) of green gables would be referenced several times a day, which would then lead to having far too many bodies to hide.

ps. to hell with proper spelling/grammar!


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (15/4/06 1:38 am) : 

. . . worst mocking list, Ever.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (15/4/06 1:39 am) : 

You're just mad I found your handcuffs.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (15/4/06 1:56 am) : 

Wait, what's the Hives-Blood Brothers connection?


Anonymous Johnny said ... (15/4/06 3:06 am) : 

Oh, I'll hook you up with some CG tees as soon as I make them. Which could be forever and a day.

- Johnny!


Blogger Tim Footman said ... (15/4/06 10:11 am) : 

Nothing by Flux Of Pink Indians? Or Kissing The Pink? And surely 'My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe' by the Bonzo Dog band deserves a nod?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15/4/06 11:36 am) : 

"Pink Frost" by the Chills?


Anonymous wendy said ... (15/4/06 2:42 pm) : 

You should try to find a copy of "Happy Birthday" by Pinky Blue (from the 82 or 83 I think). I haven't been able to find it, though I haven't looked in a while. Not the actual Happy Birthday tune, her own version. It is awesome.


Anonymous wendy said ... (15/4/06 2:43 pm) : 

Also, Andy Partridge has a song with XTC from Oranges and Lemons called Pink Thing...whether he is singing about his brand new baby or his cock is the question ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15/4/06 3:04 pm) : 

this list is lame


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (15/4/06 3:32 pm) : 

Hey, I already said that.

Confusing one's cock with one's baby can't be a good thing.


Blogger Dance Hall Hips said ... (15/4/06 4:48 pm) : 

i love your themes. when i saw "pink" i thought...they better have the Headphones...and bam! there it was.
thanks! I don't think I had this Blood Bros track.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (15/4/06 8:58 pm) : 

The Hives connection is that I said the same thing about them in an earlier theme.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16/4/06 10:58 am) : 

If you like pink and brown you should check out the band Pink and Brown, because, uh, pink and brown!


Blogger Carolyn said ... (16/4/06 11:15 pm) : 

i love you because you posted dillinger four. and i havent listened to them in years.


Anonymous moe said ... (17/4/06 1:06 pm) : 

i'll are-you-related-to-pink you! *shakes fist of rage*


Blogger Joseph said ... (18/4/06 12:26 am) : 

I have to echo an earlier comment.... how could you leave off "Pink Frost" by The Chills? I would have put it at #1.


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