Monday, February 13, 2006

The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Geoff Trainor

Today Mocking Music is proud to present to you its third in a growing series of marathons, the 2006 Superman Marathon. Good things come in threes. To mark the occasion I present to our loyal readers my third themed list. Here are the top 20 Superman themed songs...and don't worry, I won't touch Five for Fighting.

I had the entire Mocking Music research department working overtime to find these songs. Some are obvious choices, the others are ones we had never previously heard, or had since forgotten about.

20) Killing Heidi - Superman - Supergirl (MP3)
This band came up in Mocking Music's Superman research. I decided to check it out because it's name reminds me of Kill Hannah. Unfortunately, their name is where the similarities stop. This song is indie pop. It is actually good when she calms down, but the chorus is kinda painful. Secretly I had a second reason to use this song; an excuse to post a supergirl picture.

This Was The Least Explicit Photo I Could Find

19) Ingram Hill - Superman (MP3)
I haven't really decided if I really like this song. It reminds me of old Barenaked Ladies, you know, from when the were a good band. Actually, it also puts Tenacious D in my head. Hmm, Tenacious D should have a new cd come out, that would be nice.

18) Blindside - Superman (MP3)
This band is kinda new to me. I've heard of them but it sounds like what you would get if you fused Red Hot Chili Peppers with Incubus, which are both bands I enjoy (the former more than the latter). The song comes off being a tad generic, but I admit it catchy enough that I still appreciate it.

17) Throw Rag - Superman (MP3)
Throw Rag are new to me, but definitely are worth looking into further.. This song has a sound similar to that of Motorhead. This punk is fast, no it's faster than a speeding bullet (oh Canadian Heritage moments).

16) David Bowie - The Superman (MP3)
I'm not a huge David Bowie fan, but this song is pretty fun. It gets 1 extra point for having The in front of the name. Kind of sounds like a cut Riff Raff song from Rocky Horror Picture Show. I never noticed how freakishly similar his singing is to Richard O'Brien's. Maybe it's just this song... I have to take a break to listen to some Bowie and find out.

15) Lazlo Bane - Superman (MP3)
I only recognize this song from watching Scrubs (it being the theme song), which is (was?) such a great show. Very catchy, but most of the time when I listen to this song I just feel like watching Scrubs. Check out the website though, very Superman.

Good Grief, It's Superman!

14) The Matches - Superman (MP3)
These guys can't fool me, I already heard Goldfinger on this list. I don't know, this song is good, but it's not great. Kind of generic pop punk, but good pop punk at least. It's nothing painful like Good Charlotte or Simple Plan. I suppose if I heard more of these guys I might come to like them more as they definitely have potential.

13) Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman (MP3)
This song proves how bad I am with song titles. I own Purple, the album which this song comes from, and I still never knew that STP had a Superman related song. I suppose the name Superman in the lyrics could have helped too, but in my defense, Core is the only outstanding STP album anyhow.

12) Down by Law - Superman (MP3)
Fast paced punk rock. I mean who doesn't like Down by Law? Surely not this kid. I mean, it's not Bad Religion or anything, but it will have to do. The only disappointing thing is that the song doesn't have a fun title. The Vandals would never let that happen.

11) Robert Pollard - Red Ink Superman (MP3)
I could do without the first 105 seconds of this song. It seems that after that nonsense a really great song starts up. I would likely rank this song higher if not for the fact that I sat through the intro more then once. I suppose I can't blame Pollard for that, it was by my own accord.

10) R.E.M. - Superman (MP3)
This time I didn't have to cheat to include them. Nothing spectacular from R.E.M.'s cover of The Clique. Originally a song that you sounds like it's straight from the 70s, R.E.M. do a great job of making it their own. I would never guess this wasn't an R.E.M. original.

9) The Flaming Lips - Waitin' For a Superman (MP3) (Live MP3)
I've always wanted to get into this band, but could never quite do it. I've almost bought one of their albums several times, but usually end up not going through with the purchase (mostly because Casey will quite often convince me otherwise). Their website is quite pretty though and this song is very enjoyable. Because I'm feeling generous, I will also provide the live version with Beck.

8) The Kinks - (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman (MP3)
The Kinks are one of those bands from yesteryear that I really love, but always forget about. Despite the fact that it starts out with a (Michael) Jacksonesque drum beat, this is a great Kinks song that I had never heard before.

7) Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song (MP3)
You know, I kind of forgot about the Crash Test Dummies, which is a real shame. I dug this CD out of my collection to bring this mp3 to your attention. This song actually got me listening to them again. I'd recommended the same to anyone who has since forgotten about The Ghost That Haunts Me (or any other CTD albums for that matter).

6) Goldfinger - Superman (MP3)
There is a strong punk presence in this week's list, but at least this particular Goldfinger song shakes it up a little. More ska then punk, this song still makes me tap my feet and nod my head everytime I hear it. I'm not normally a fan of ska, but bands like Goldfinger and Less Than Jake do a great job of using just enough of it to make a song catchy.

5) Firewater - So Long, Superman (MP3)
This was a late, but very welcome addition to the list. I was starting to get worried, getting close to deadline and not yet 20 (worthy) Superman songs. Not only odes this song fit the bill, but it does it with style. I ended up finding a live version of the track as well, but clocks in at just under 10 minutes.

Krypto (Left) & Superdog (Right)

Even Superman's Dog Krypto Has A Mild Mannered Alter Ego
4) Atmosphere - Superman (MP3)
Ahh, finally a good Superman narrative. It has some pretty amusing lyrics. I haven't heard a lot of Atmosphere/Slug, but I think will be taking care of that unfortunate circumstance. This is likely one of the songs I will be listening to more after this list is published.

3) 13 & God - Superman On Ice (MP3)
This song is one that moved up a couple spots just in the time it took me to sit down and write this comment. Great mixture of strings and drum & bass beats. They are a great counter to each other, with the strings creating a mood of deep sadness and the drum & bass adding a more uplifting feel to it.

2) Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead (MP3)
This is a song that can stay in your head for a while, but not in an annoying way like say, The Twelve Days Of Christmas (Ha! Take that Casey!). This song comes from Clumsy, and like I said before it is one of my top ten albums. Take note, it is also one of the few songs not to be titled "Superman".

1) Stereophonics - Superman (MP3)
This song made it to number one because despite the fact that I am more familiar with a lot of the other songs (the only thing I knew about this song was that it plays in an episode of Smallville), it is quite catchy. It also has more actual Superman comic references than the rest, so it seemed fitting.

Well, our research is pretty conclusive. Musicians who double as Superman fans are not very original with 10 songs being simply titled: Superman (11 if you count Bowie's The Superman). Please, make sure you check out the official Superman Marathon website and follow our exploits throughout the day. In between commenting you may also want to check out Calum's profile, which is making me question my sexual orientation.

Superman Racing Towards The 2006 Superman Marathon

Killing Heidi - Superman - Supergirl
Ingram Hill - Superman
Blindside - Superman
Throw Rag - Superman
David Bowie - The Superman
Lazlo Bane - Superman
The Matches - Superman
Stone Temple Pilots - Silvergun Superman
Down by Law - Superman
Robert Pollard - Red Ink Superman
R.E.M. - Superman
The Flaming Lips - Waitin' For A Superman (Live w/Beck)
The Kinks - (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song
Goldfinger - Superman
Firewater - So Long, Superman
Atmosphere - Superman
13 & God - Superman on Ice
Our Lady Peace - Superman's Dead
Stereophonics - Superman

Stereophonics - Language. Sex. Violence. Other?
Our Lady Peace - Clumsy
Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly
13 & God - 13 & God
Down by Law - All Scratched Up

No Pan Troglodyte Business Here
Everything Is Automatic

Comments on "The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts"


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (13/2/06 1:15 pm) : 

What's the deal with all the Flaming Lips knocking? Not cool! Also, what?


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (13/2/06 1:37 pm) : 

I'm not saying I dislike them, just that I could never really get into them. I'm sure I would if I put more effort into it...but I'm incredibly lazy.


Anonymous Thermidor said ... (13/2/06 1:58 pm) : 

Shocked, utterly shocked, that you neglected "Superman, You're Crying," by SJD. I am sobbing right now. Thanks for trying, I guess, but I can't uncry these tears.

Nice site, by the way.


Blogger Nick said ... (13/2/06 2:25 pm) : 

The Flaming Lips - In a Priest Driven Ambulance

I took acid this one time and listened to this album on repeat for a while and now I want to marry Wayne Coyne. I think that was his plan all along... nevertheless, a great place to start a beautiful relationship.


Anonymous rollins said ... (13/2/06 2:35 pm) : 

not even an honoroable mention to 3 doors down? For shame.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13/2/06 3:16 pm) : 

Very sad that there's no "Bye Bye Superman" by Geyster on that list. Definitely more catchy than some of that other dreck...


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (13/2/06 3:31 pm) : 

Yeah...the Kryptonsite song was the first one that came to mind strangely. I don't like 3 Doors Down enough to make any sort of honourable mention for them.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (13/2/06 4:24 pm) : 

Geyster was on the short list at one point - I love these lists cause they get so many comments.

We love to complain.


Blogger Bobby Love said ... (13/2/06 4:59 pm) : 

No Laurie Anderson???? Something's rotten in the state of this Metropolis.


Blogger Styeiles said ... (13/2/06 5:47 pm) : 

Good post concidering a majorty of popular Superman songs are sung by crap artists (3 doors down, OLP)....I was surprised you didn`t mention the Crash Test Dummies...CN


Anonymous Daniel Valentine said ... (13/2/06 6:10 pm) : 

Not to pile on with the inevitable "why didn't you include xxxx" posts, but --- Could I please make a case for "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" by The Spin Doctors, a.k.a. "Pocketful of Kryptonite"? Consider:

1) Yes, they were a crap band, even in 1992. But 13 years adds the flavor of nostalgia! .... 2) "Two Princes" is one of the catchiest. songs. ever. .... 3) Specifically names Lois Lane. 4) Includes the line "Drives me up the wall and through the roof / when I see Clark and Lane in a telephone booth."

Any thought? -Daniel Valentine


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (13/2/06 6:10 pm) : 

Hey Dan, it's fun to have a more thoughtful post along that nature.

The main reason that song isn't there is because the list wasn't a superman themed list so much as a superman titled list - and that song doesn't have superman in the title.

To the comic book forum posters that keep complaining about the lack of Donovan. That's an overplayed, bad song, and I like Donovan.


Blogger michele said ... (13/2/06 8:07 pm) : 

I was wondering what happen to sunshine superman..anywho.casey what would you do to stop the race riots..if you can think beyond your mighty mocking music site.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (13/2/06 8:29 pm) : 

My life isn't mocking music, I am a philosophy undergrad and do have ba in political studies. As to what I'd do - I don't know, it's a complex situation.

The mere fact that I don't know the answer doesn't validate yours.


Blogger michele said ... (13/2/06 8:59 pm) : 

Yes it does validate me..if you don't have the solution you are part of the problem....ever heard
that casey?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (13/2/06 9:19 pm) : 

No, I haven't. I believe what you're trying to quote is if you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Literacy isn't your thing, I know. Part of the solution is identify what solutions don't work.

Besides, do we know how to cure aids? no? Then by your logic anything I suggest is a good idea, unless someone else can come up with a cure. I say we all count backwards from ten at noon tomorrow. There's no disagreeing with me unless you cure aids first. Set your watch.


Blogger michele said ... (13/2/06 9:27 pm) : 

There is a cure for aids...don't have unprotected sex.There's a cure for everything when you choose to live right.There's a cure for your ego,storms will come casey.There are things out there that will bring you to your knees.


Blogger michele said ... (13/2/06 9:37 pm) : 

How about the song superman...
i'm not your superman oh no i'm not the kind of man that you can let down and think that everything is okay babe i am only human.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13/2/06 10:07 pm) : 

Nice selection! However, one of my favourite 'Superman' songs is "Superman" by Robyn Hitchcock (from the out of print "Queen Elvis" CD).

superman, superman, crunchy little superman.....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13/2/06 10:54 pm) : 


The beauty of blogging is that any idiot can say whatever he or she choses to, regardless of its validity - you've obviously chosen to take advantage of these circumstances by creating what is perhaps the most closed-minded rambling I've ever come across. You're perfectly welcome to hold shallow views about the human condition, but I insist that you keep them on your own blog and avoid posting on ours. You'll quickly find that Casey has much more insight about these matters than you (and he is considerably more literate), so I'd highly recommend that you avoid confronting him about such things.



Anonymous mfd said ... (13/2/06 11:56 pm) : 

Why is it that your comments so often have prepubescent philosophers in mid-midless rant? Where are these arguments coming from. Could they stay there?

Unrelated: Still addicted to that Belaire cover of Kanye West's Through the Wire!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14/2/06 12:47 am) : 

The mention of Throw Rag brings back some errr... interesting... memories. I saw them open for Flogging Molly last year. Their overweight washboard (yes... a washboard!) player played in his underwear making sexually "suggestive" moves the whole set. He then proceeded to jump into the crowd crushing some unsuspecting teenagers benath his girth. It was quite the sight to behold...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17/2/06 7:18 am) : 

Thanks for putting 'Superman' by the Matches on the list. I've been tracking down their B-Sides since buying their album (E.Von Dahl Killed the Locals). The song is good (perhaps abit more poppy than some stuff they've done.) I also own the Sterephonics album (Language.Sex.Violence.Other?) and that's one of their best songs.

Nice site, cool list.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17/2/06 7:20 am) : 

Yeah, I found December is For Cynics by The Matches and Shoot Me in the Smile is on Punk-O-Rama Vol. 10. (Which is a pretty good compilation).

The Kinks and Bowie tracks on there both rock!


Anonymous noelle said ... (17/2/06 8:24 pm) : 

the opening of "Superman's Dead" sounds like wonderwall

p.s. i really like your themed lists


Anonymous Hannah said ... (18/2/06 2:42 am) : 

When did Barenaked Ladies stop being good? No one informed me of this.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (18/2/06 10:25 am) : 

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

And most damning,

Exhibit C:


Anonymous Hannah said ... (18/2/06 3:07 pm) : 

okay, E2E is not my favourite album by them, and the beginning of Stunt gets caught up in lush poppiness, but Maroon? Come on, it's the album of Tonight Is the Night I Fell Asleep At the Wheel, Light Up My Room, Sell Sell Sell, etc. it's a great album!


Blogger supergurg said ... (20/2/06 9:07 pm) : 

hehe you're right about that Killing Heidi track being a bit dodgy - the band was originally the darlings of the Aussie indie/alternative music scene in the late 90s with hit songs like "Weir" and "Mascara", but soon they became very mainstream/teeny and lost a fair chunk of their listeners.

Nowadays, they are pretty B grade/average, still gigging around though


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