Monday, February 06, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #4

Casey Dorrell

Shorter commentary and potentially less interesting links this week reflect my current temperament. Enjoy.

1. Robert (Trees Lounge) offered up three new songs from the upcoming Grandaddy release. Of course, this means you'll be three songs closer to hearing the last new material you'll get from the band. Robert remains either confused or blindly optimistic though, citing the band's end as a "hiatus". [Link]

2. Lobstar (Copy, Right?), who's appearance on this list seems now a given, introduced me (and no doubt many others) to the bizarre cover songs of Popchor Berlin (including The Smiths and Missy Elliot) . I've yet to decide whether the sometimes-orchestral choir is awful or brilliant. Lobstar decided the latter. [Link]

3. Taylor (Music for Kids Who Can't Read Good) has a few string versions of Cure songs up. Kind of amusing for few minutes at which point you'll likely begin feeling a queer sensation: bleeding ears. Chalk up Taylor's insistence that this music is "required listening for any Cure fan" to typical mp3 blog over-enthusiasm or sarcasm. [Link]

4. Mike (The Camera as Pen) put up three tracks from the band, His Name is Alive, of whom I've somehow never heard. Mike's usual brief commentary is absent the post. Regardless, the post is worth checking out, if only to check out the band. Sufjan backing-band meets lounge meets lofi-pop. [Link]

5. Captain Oats (Silly Pipe Dreams) has a regular feature in which the horse blogger collects songs from the most recent episodes of hip television shows (e.g. The O.C., Veronica Mars, etc.). Interesting, if for no other reason than to hone your ability to guess kid's iPod tracks based on their footwear. [Link]

6. Craig (Songs: Illinois) said what everyone already knew but were pretending not to: whether they're listening to Bryan Adams, or Art Brut, most people don't like new music. [Link]

7. Brian (Fun Time OK) made DFA cheerleader, Calum, a very happy man earlier this week; he divided up DFA's recent radio mix, which was originally released for free by the label as one behemoth mp3 rather than several individual tracks. [Link]

8. Sven's (Um, Sven) latest post is something I haven't read, nor have I ever read anything on the site having just been there for the first time. Frankly, the last post came off as rather whiney so I started scrolling. Why am I linking to it then? Because the pictures amused me and I likes me my pictures (click on "Sven" and scroll down for more . . . pictures) [Link]

9. Matt (You Ain't No Picasso) has made some new songs from the highly anticipated The Raconteurs release. The Raconteurs, of course, are a group which include both Jack White and Brendan Benson . . . hence the anticipation. Also of note is the band's website which may be the best band site I've ever seen, if not the most functional. [Link] [Link 2]

10. Tescosuicide (100 Records) reminded mp3 blog readers that, yes, music did exist before two years ago. Despite some nice songs by 70's punk band, Stiff Little Fingers, we remain skeptical. [Link]

11. Mike (Take Your Medicine) has his very first podcast up. It includes Voxtrot, so I like it. Someday, I might finally follow suit and do our own, but no time for that at the moment. [Link]

Grandaddy - Summer . . . It's Gone
Popchor Berlin - 4 My People (Missy Elliot Cover)
Popchor Berlin - How Soon is Now (Smiths Cover)
Generic String Quartet - Boys Don't Cry (Cure Cover)
His Name is Alive - The Darkess Night
Rock Kills Kid - Hide Away
James Blunt - Fall at Your Feet
Martin Rev - Mari
LCD Soundsystem - Too Much Love (Rub n' Tug Edit)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
The Raconteurs - Store Bought Bones
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero

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Comments on "Week End Blog Wrap Up #4"


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (6/2/06 4:26 pm) : 

DFA Cheerleader? I won't deny it. But we all have things that we can't stop praising (cough cough, The Like Young)


Anonymous Casey said ... (6/2/06 6:00 pm) : 

Lies, all lies!


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (6/2/06 6:44 pm) : 

Every time you close your eyes...

We're commenting on our own blog. Whoo-hoo.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (6/2/06 8:02 pm) : 

I guess since we've only had 1,500 people so far today, we shouldn't expect them to comment. Really, they wouldn't be able to compete with our witty repartee.


Anonymous Sven said ... (6/2/06 8:22 pm) : 

Complimented and insulted simultaneously! Merci beaucoup.

Nice blog you've got goin on here. *LINK'D*


Blogger Calum Marsh said ... (6/2/06 10:59 pm) : 

Is *LINK'D* the new PWNED? I can never keep up with this shizz.


Anonymous Sven said ... (7/2/06 1:56 am) : 

Absolutely not... It just means I linked you because I'm fond of your webpage.

*High Five*


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (7/2/06 1:59 am) : 

Appreciated, especially after my snark, though if you browse the rest of my links this week, you'll note that there's plenty of subtle angst to go around. Showing my embarrasing emo roots.


Blogger kalliope said ... (8/2/06 11:27 am) : 

you posted up "fall at your feet"... woooooooo :)

but i already bought it..


Anonymous Chris said ... (14/2/06 11:56 pm) : 

James Blunt destroyed Fall at Your Feet. Poor Neil, one of his most fantastic songs will be remembered by an entire generation as a song that James Blunt (talentless hack) put on the B-Side of his shallow and infinitely pointless single.

James Blunt has destroyed the best bridge in music in his rendition of this Neil Finn classic.


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