Sunday, January 08, 2006

Week End MP3 Blog Wrap Up

Casey Dorrell

As a part of my ongoing cumpulsion to categorize everything, I'm making Sunday the day where I post links to anything interesting that's gone on in the music blog world during the last week:

Mocking Music Week End MP3 Blog Wrap Up

1. Dodge (My Old Kentucky Blog) and Chris (Gorilla vs. Bear) discussed whether We are Scientists or Morningwood will break through into the mainstream and dominate 2006. I'd say odds are that We are Scientists, being the slightly more cerebral of the two, will remain more obscure. Still, I'm pretty sure WOS are better known than Morningwood as the year begins. Either way, Voxtrot could destroy either of them in mainstream fringe appeal if they'd just get enough money to produce a full-length. [Link] [2]

2. Michael (Dreams of Horses) got excited over the similarly named band, "They Shoot Horses Don't They." Excitement's probably warranted. [Link]

3. Moka (Motel de Moka) offered up a pretty random selection of Beatles covers from a bunch of past tributes. Beatles covers are more often miss than hit. Everything Ted Leo does is great, though, and so is the most of the latest Beatles Tribute, This Bird Has Flown, which features Ted Leo's version of "Looking Through You" and, of course, Sufjan Stevens. [Link]

4. Joe (3hive) of one of the one of the biggest, and probably the best, American music blogs discovered Mocking Music favourite, CBC Radio 3 (First C stands for Canadian, kids). Hooraw! Oh, and he finds out about Immaculate Machine, though I'd swear that I read about them on 3hive months ago. [Link]

5. Lobstar (Copy, Right?) returned from a hiatus and found something better left undiscovered, a cover of Radiohead's 'The Bends' by Anthrax. Yeah, I know. He also has a Xiu Xiu cover of Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) for all the hip indie kids. Although I'm not a Xiu Xiu fan, I think I'm being fair when I say it's actually more painful than the Anthrax song. Belaire's cover of Kayne West, on the other hand, is kind of awesome. [Link]

6. Kyle (Information Leaf Blower) tipped me off to the new surround sound mp3. One small step for technology, one giant leap for the death of tangible audio media. Wasn't there hype over some mp4 (not m4a) format a few years ago? "I really like CDs!" Casey cried, desperately clinging onto the past. [Link]

7. Not a blog, but the pixel craze has hit the music world. Pixels that Rock started up yesterday. If you've never heard of this, here's what it is: a webpage with a ton of blocks that advertisers can buy space on for a certain amount per pixel. Surprisingly the original pixel site was huge with advertisers buying spots for a lark and actually getting tons of good (i.e. buying customers) hits. Yep, a page full of ads. But now we'll soon have a page full of music ads. Hooraw? [Link]

8. Alan (Sixeyes) linked up to a new David Fridlund track available on Fridlund's site. It's a cover of the Nick Cave song, "Into My Arms". The cover is good, as is everything I've heard by Fridlund. His 2004 album was on of my Christmas gifts this year. [Link]

9. M. (Perm and the Skullet) has uploaded the live Neil Young album, 'Time Fades' as part of his ongoing vinyl upload series. The album has long been out of print, but take heart, now there's an online petition to rerelease it. Score! Har har. I think I should make a petition to ban online petitions for being useless. Of course, it's probably more effective for me to not petition. [Link]

10. Bruce (Some Velvet Blog) beat Stereogum to getting some choice Kidz Bop tracks up. The Weezer song 'Beverly Hills' doesn't get any better with kids singing along, while Coldplay's 'Speed of Sound' proves that while Chris Martin might be boring, at least he's talented. The adult singer for this one is pretty atrocious. 'Feel Good Inc.' (Gorillaz) actually sounds ok with the kids. Bit of a Pink Floyd Wall-era sound. [Link]

11. Matt (Slowlist) almost discovered the biggest music story of 2006 thus far . . . but it turns out that, although both Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) and Jay Farrar (Son Volt) will be playing the Gary Schepers Benefit, they will be playing separately. Thus, no Uncle Tupelo reunion. In other news, run-on sentences are going to be big again in 2006. [Link]

We Are the Scientists - Bomb Inside the Bomb
Morningwood - Take Off Your Clothes
They Shoot Horses Don't They - Empty Head
Ted Leo - I'm Looking Through You
Immaculate Machine - Phone No.
Belaire - Through the Wire (Kayne West Cover)
David Fridlund - Into My Arms
Neil Young - Time Fades Away
Kidz Bop - Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz Cover)

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Blogger No Frontin' said ... (8/1/06 7:38 pm) : 

I will venutre that there is a 100% chance that neither of those bands will "will break through into the mainstream and dominate 2006" unless your idea of dominate is to possibly get a song on the next OC soundtrack.


Blogger said ... (9/1/06 12:15 pm) : 

I think he means: Which will be the Franz Ferdinand of 2006?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (9/1/06 1:30 pm) : 

Yeah, I meant to link to brooklyn vegan too, which is where the debate began.


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