Monday, January 30, 2006

Week End Blog Wrap Up #3

Casey Dorrell

Week End Blog Wrap Up

1. Bruce (Some Velvet Blog) put up an mp3, Garden Ruin, from the upcoming Calexico album. As I'm currently on my now audioless computer, I can't tell you much more than that. [Link]

2. Taylor (Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good) wrote a small blurb about the Trash Can Sinatras. I'd somehow forgotten about the band. Looking at the band picture, I'm also convinced that Bob McDonald (CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks) is a member. [Link]

3. The Mash-up Guy (Mashuptown) is offering a pretty cool mash-up of Kelly Clarkson and Frank Black. I'm not usually a big mash-up fan (too dancey and entirely unnecessary) but this one's kind of fun. And, yes, it is "Since U Been Gone". [Link]

4. Lobstar (Copy, Right?) has, surprise, some new cover songs up. Most of the latest aren't that great, but sandwiched between Richard Anthony doing a Beatles cover and Kelly Deal doing her best Pantera impersonation is an Elliot Smith Cover. And, for a change, it's someone covering Smith instead of Smith covering someone else. Even better? It's the Thermals. [Link]

5. Jesus (What Would Jesus Blog?) collected all the bad amazon reviews of almost universally well-reviewed albums. Sure, this is a pretty great idea, but Jesus stole it from me. Sure, I haven't thought of it yet, but I know I was going to. Damn God and His thieving Omniscience! And yes, this was more than a week ago but, hell, Jesus was screwing around with time. [Link]

6. Dodge (My Old Kentucky Blog) got his hands on a few mp3s from the newest Gorillaz iTunes-only ep. In blatant misuse of artistic lincence, the new song "Bill Murray" isn't as good as the old song "Clint Eastwood". [Link]

7. Cindy Hotpoint (The Girls are Weeping) has one of Colin Meloy's (Decemberists) new Shirly Collins covers up for download. She also has the original song up. [Link]

8. Michael (For the Records) mentioned that he'd gone to the movie "Underworld: Evolution" yet he doesn't mention that it's an unbelievably awful film. I shake my head at thee, sir. We will forgive him since his blog regularly entertains, but he's on very thing ice . . . [Link]

9. Bootlogger (B(oo)tlog) has the best new music blog right now. It's not so hot for literary content but it's awesome for it's live mp3s. One of the latest is Rogue Wave live on Gideon Coe, BBC. Someone get that man some file hosting. [Link]

10. Garrison Reid (Indie Interviews) talks with Ramesh Scrivastava of the better-than-they-have-any-right-to-be-new-band Voxtrot about the band, their new EP, and the festival which we'll not name in the presence of Calum (who has a new profile to the right). [Link]

11. Satisfied '75 (An Aquirium Drunkard) is offering an entire Kathleen Edwards EP, guilt free. From 1999, it predates her break-through debut album, Failer, and is no longer commercially available. Get it while it's available. [Link]


Trash Can Sinatras - Welcome Back
Trash Can Sinatras - Claw (Live Acoustic)
Trash Can Sinatras - Got Carried Away (Live Acoustic)
Thermals - Ballad of Big Nothing (Elliot Smith Cover)
Voxtrot - Start of Something
Rogue Wave - Publish My Love (Live on Gideon Coe, BBC)
Kathleen Edwards - 5 Years

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Comments on "Week End Blog Wrap Up #3"


Anonymous rgsc said ... (30/1/06 9:29 am) : 

Wow. thanks guys. I'm working on the hosting issue and hopefully I can bid a fond farewell to rapidshare very, very soon.
keep on mockin'


Anonymous mligon said ... (31/1/06 9:57 pm) : 

Well, I also didn't say I liked "Underworld: Evolution"'s not the most bloody awful film I've ever seen, but the first one was much better.

Normally, I wouldn't complain about seeing the nude torso of Kate Beckinsale but that scene actually sunk the film into cheesy territory.


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