Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Season I'd Like To Sleep Through

Geoff Trainor

Usually I would give serious consideration to the possibility of sleeping through such a cold, and well, boring season. Really, what does winter have anyway? Snow? That's more of an annoyance at 1 am, after a 10 hour shift.

So...That's What Indie Kids From Halifax Look Like

Wintersleep however, I will be happy to stay wide awake for. At least until the liquor starts making me drowsy. These four Canadian indie kids are putting a show tonight, at the now re-opened Myron's cabaret.

Casey, and I will be in attendance. As will my digital camera, sadly forgotten fully-charged, here at the office when we saw Joel Plaskett last month.

While Casey and I are out, check back at the newly updated Batman Marathon site for some behind the scenes videos.

Wintersleep - Jaws Of Life

Wintersleep @ Maple Music

Comments on "A Season I'd Like To Sleep Through"


Anonymous Johnny said ... (20/1/06 11:24 am) : 

Packman lives with one of those Wintersleep guys now. He's really nice.


Blogger wwjblog said ... (20/1/06 1:28 pm) : 

wintersleep, none too shabby. thanks mr. mock!


Blogger michele said ... (20/1/06 3:44 pm) : 

Are they up for a grammy?
American music award?
Wake up and smell the jazz coffee!


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