Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You Like The Like Young

Casey Dorrell

Way back before we disapeared, I did a profile on the band, The Like Young. Afterward, it quickly spread through the rest of the blog world and the band became an overnight sensation, a demonstration of the populist power of the internet. Yet, it was a display of the influence of more than just the medium and our blog, Mocking Music, it also foreshadowed the success of other bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Or maybe we ellicited a collective yawn from the music blogosphere which is so oversaturated with new bands that, unless bloggers recieve notices from the bands themselves, few artists are likely to be much more than a blip on the indie kid's radar.

To recap, The Like Young are a husband-wife duo from Chicago, both of whom were members of the defunct group, Wolfie. They have two full length albums out, the first of which, Art Contest, recieved mixed reviews. Their quick follow-up in 2004 titled 'So Serious' recieved critical acclaim, even from uber music snobs, Pitchfork. Both albums were categorized by very sparse instrumentation, disjointed angry lyrics, and a hint of twee that belied the sentiment. On their debut album, Joe Ziemba (Guitar) and Amanda Ziemba (Drums, Keyboard) share vocals but on 'So Serious,' Amanda's vocals are reduced to back-up. Since everyone wants band comparisons, the closest I can think of is Elvis Costello singing for Weezer.

The Like Young released two EPs this last summer. They released the first, Timid, on Polyvinyl records (which seems to already be out of print). The second, Six at Midnight, released on Tight Ship Records, consists of six covers of mostly obscure 50s and 60s songs. What makes the EP even more interesting is the fact that the songs showcase a wide variety of instruments, which is completely at odds with The Like Young's usual minimalist aesthetic.

After completing the EPs, The Like Young went through a mid-band crisis and re-evaluated where they were. Funny, since I'm sure I read they did the same thing a year ago. Married bands for you. Anyhow, they both got jobs they really enjoy, they signed onto a new label (Polyvinyl), and they recorded their third album. It's tentatively titled Last Secrets and will be out in May.

Check out some songs from the band. More are available at their website.

The Like Young - Worry a Lot (So Serious)
The Like Young - Tighten My Tie (So Serious)
The Like Young - I Love How You Love Me (Bobby Vinton Cover) (Six at Midnight)
The Like Young - Looked Up (Art Contest)
The Like Young - Out to Get Me Video (7 MB Quicktime)

The Like Young - So Serious
The Like Young - Six at Midnight
The Like Young - Art Contest

The Like Young: A Long Profile for a Short Band

Comments on "You Like The Like Young"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17/1/06 6:33 am) : 

i think you suck!
an efectionate angry fan :)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17/1/06 12:32 pm) : 

Great band. Thanks for the tracks.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (17/1/06 6:15 pm) : 

wow, we're a hit with the anons, kinda.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20/1/06 6:22 pm) : 

you missed the point.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (20/1/06 9:21 pm) : 

anon #1? I guess so, I just assumed you were someone that's waiting for an email from me, guess not.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21/1/06 3:57 am) : 

you're an ass hole. someones going to miss someones chance.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (21/1/06 3:59 am) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21/1/06 10:51 am) : 

see it all started with me finding a great Sloan cd in the backwoods of California.... for a buck...just when i needed it the most...sorry for leaving that out....hee hee...you need to loosen up i think.:)

I'll call you on sunday?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (21/1/06 11:26 am) : 


Which CD?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21/1/06 5:09 pm) : 

"Smeared", a little something i first heard in the movie theater parking lot....


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