Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Swim the Great Lakes

Casey Dorrell

Great Lake Swimmers
Say "Vacant Stare!"

More folk than anti-folk, The Great Lake Swimmers may not be the trendiest band to emerge in the last few years. Still, the band's mixture of alt-country and old school folk puts them in the same rough musical arena as Low. They describe themselves as "Mark Kozelek playing Neil Young" which is apt, but there's definately no Crazy Horse presence here.

The band's first album was recorded in an empty silo, while their second one was done in a lakeside church. More a vehicle for singer/songwriter Tony Dekker than a full-fledged band, the band is the epitome of low-key. Sometimes this comes off as boring, but more often than not, it's haunting. It's understated, but it's not background music.

Who cares what Pitchfork thinks, my mom likes them.

Great Lake Swimmers - Various Stages
Great Lake Swimmers - Bodies and Minds
Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Pictures Silent Films
Great Lake Swimmers - I Will Never See the Sun
Great Lake Swimmers - Moving Shaking
Great Lake Swimmers - Three Days at Sea


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Anonymous Casey said ... (11/1/06 9:09 pm) : 

why not to write after 3am.

All sentences: A, but B.


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Great "Great Lake Swimmers"!!! Great blog too. Thanks for visit "Oaluado".
Great 2006!


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