Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Satan Exacts Revenge, Rips Jack's Throat

Casey Dorrell

Some sad news for White Stripes fans just in:

Jack White has been diagnosed with some vague affliction which causes an "acute vocal cord problem". Because of this, the White Stripes have cancelled the Japanese portion of their current tour. Really, where's the dedication? Ashlee Simpson kept on performing when her throat was sore! Pansy. She couldn't even sing, but she kept on going! White could at least give his Japanese fans impromtu jigs while Meg sings "In The Cold, Cold Night."

Mr. White has been "instructed not to speak or sing for the next 2 weeks" in order to clear up the problem. As such, the next shows they play will be in Australia for the Big Day Out festival shows (which presumably commerate Australia Day, January 26th).

White Stripes - Jack the Ripper (Live)

White Stripes - Walking With a Ghost

Satan Comes in Fifth Place
Jack and Johnny Tell All

Comments on "Satan Exacts Revenge, Rips Jack's Throat"


Blogger michele said ... (10/1/06 4:53 pm) : 

Sorry about the cancellation of the white stripes tour.I don't know how i can go on living.
By the way congrats in botb.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (11/1/06 3:52 am) : 

Thanks, we might as well flip coins - I think I've won 4 and lost 4 against you now.


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