Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Satan Comes In Fifth Place

Geoff Trainor

The word is out! Get Behind Me Satan (not to be confused with Stan) will be the name of the fifth album by the The White Stripes due out June 6th. Music and Satan...reminds me of that Kids In the Hall skit.

Jack vs The Devil?
Are We Witnessing Jack vs. Satan?

The first single from the album, Blue Orchid, will be released May 30th and there are plans for live shows to mark the release. Jack White has said that he is planning "events" instead of traditional concerts to launch Get Behind Me Satan. Mr. White also had this to say,

"First we're going to play where we are not well known. Then if we have time, we will play New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Frankly, we are waiting for technology to advance in the United States before we attempt to perform this record live there."

They will play Glastonbury in June.

Proof that Jack stole Seven Nation Army from me!

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