Monday, April 11, 2005

Kurt Cobain Gets Locked in Vault With Jesus

Geoff Trainor

The album which brought Nirvana into the mainstream, and started the grunge movement in the early 90s has been chosen to be preserved for future generations.

Recordings deemed culturally, historically or aethestically significant are being stored in the US Library of Congress vault in a special archive to be preserved. To be considered, the recordings must be at least 10 years old, and with Nevermind being released in 1991, it makes it the most recent recording to be selected.

Works selected range from Nirvana, to the Star Wars soundtrack, to the lord almighty himself, as the first full reading of the Bible will also join the archive.

Kurt (L) and Jesus (R)

Kurt Jesus
Was Kurt Chosen Due to Startling Similarities to Jesus?

James H Billington, the Librarian of Congress has this to say,

"Once again, we have the opportunity to celebrate the rich variety of music recorded in the United States and the importance of sound recording on our lives."

Nirvana - You know You're Right (The posthumous evidence of Cobain Infallibility?)

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Comments on "Kurt Cobain Gets Locked in Vault With Jesus"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (11/4/05 6:56 pm) : 

wait, Jesus on the left or right?


Blogger Johnny said ... (11/4/05 10:52 pm) : 

Isn't that Chad Kroger on the left?


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (11/4/05 11:04 pm) : 

Too much expression in his face for Kroeger.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/4/05 11:32 pm) : 

doesn't look enough like a monkey to be Kroeger


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