Friday, April 08, 2005

System of a Down Wants To Go Double Platinum

Geoff Trainor

Our favourite political metal band is releasing a new album this May, with a follow-up album to be released 6 months later. Similar to Guns N' Roses' Use Your Illusion, System of a Down will be releasing a double cd as two seperate albums.

Titled Mezmerize and Hypnotize, the double album was not what they had originally planned. Daron Malkian explains,

"When we started recording, we were focussed on making every song the best it could be, to really give a thousand percent to every single track. Doing a two-album set never entered into our thought process. But when we looked at all the songs we had and arbitrarily tried to choose 'the best' 14 for one album, we realised that they all connected with each other. We didn't chase this idea, it chased us"

Look into my eyes

Malkian demonstrating his "Mezmerize" look

Mezmerize, the first half, will be released May 16th.

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Comments on "System of a Down Wants To Go Double Platinum"


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (8/4/05 2:12 pm) : 

"favorite political metal band"
he he he, when you specify so much, everything becomes a favorite.

Any band that identifies itself as political usually ends up sucking -music lends itself to sloganeering and propaganda not intelligent discourse - This band is a good example of that. That said, I really like the almost speed-metal quirkiness to this group.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (8/4/05 2:14 pm) : 

That was the point :P


Blogger mfd said ... (9/4/05 3:56 am) : 

When I lived in Vancouver "Aerials" by SoaD was the only decent song on the radio for about a year. It was the year of *&^@ing Nickelback. A waitress at Blunt Brothers downtown met the band and confided in Kent and I that the (former?) lead singer is even uglier(!) in real life. She also had some satifyingly scathing things to say about theri groupies as well.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (11/4/05 3:12 pm) : 

ha ha


Anonymous Lindsay Rocks-A-Lot said ... (13/4/05 2:27 pm) : 

Wow! this is the best site in the whole world of internet delight! Never again shall i wander aimlessly looking for that perfect webpage, for here it sits!


Blogger mfd said ... (13/4/05 4:15 pm) : 

I'm not _quite_ as enthusiastic as Lindsay--that is generally ad well as in regard to this site--I must a fine job is being done of photo choice and caption writing. Kudos.


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