Monday, April 11, 2005

Radiohead & the Finance the Fire Initiative

Casey Dorrell

Geoff of Mocking Music fame promised me he'd post something with the radiohead links I sent his way but, it seems, he lied. Two days have passed and no post has arrived. I don't think he should be able to get away with this sort of blatant dishonesty so I'm proposing we all boycott Mocking Music. Well no, that seems a little extreme and unproductive. Instead, I suggest we burn his house down. Please contact me at for his home address or send money via paypal to finance the fire (catchy no?).

Anyhow, this will be short and sweet. why?

RadioheadVarious bits of Radiohead news for you:

  • Thom Yorke is going to be part of the Trade Justice Rally taking place in Westminster on April 15th, and now it seems that all of Radiohead may be there. Says Thom, "I'm going with a sleeping bag and a paint brush and maybe even a guitar if I can get it in the suitcase." I'm not entirely (or at all) clear on why he's bringing a paint brush, but I'm sure if you're ambitious google will tell you.
  • Earlier you were told about Ether festival by Geoff. Of course, he's now come into disrepute but it seems that he was telling the truth. Johnny Greenwood was there and so was Thom Yorke although the rest of Radiohead was not. They played the same set on both days of the festival. Backed by the the London Sinfonietta they played the b-side "Where BLuebirds Fly" and the new song, "Arpeggi" which will be on the next release. Greenwood also performed his own compositions, "Piano for Children" and "Smear". The latter of which sucks. Right now the whole set is available for download, but only until April 20th.
  • Ether Festival 2005 (set as individual mp3s) Dead Link After April 20th

  • Geoff speculated on what music would be replacing Williams on "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." Still no word on that, but Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead for those with fish-like memory) will be making a cameo with Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) as the Wyrd Sisters.

  • Finally, there's also been a new Radiohead video released. The video is for the hot new single, "Creep" from their upcoming album Pablo Honey. Ok, so maybe they already have a video for that song, but it wasn't a very interesting one and Yorke looked kinda scary. Some guy who claims he quit his job because of "Creep" (not sure what that means given the lyrics) has made a new flash animation video for the song. It took him three months to finish.
  • Creep flash animation video
Ether Festival (same as above) Dead Link After April 20th
Creep flash animation video (also same as above)
Live Concert from 2001 (as individual mp3s), seemingly a few hours after the planes hit in New York on September 11th.
Assorted Radiohead B-Sides

(Damnit! It just occurred to me that a burning Geoff post should have been about the new CD from Hot Hot Heat. Oh, the comic possibilities lost... also, I guess this wasn't that short.)

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Comments on "Radiohead & the Finance the Fire Initiative"


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (11/4/05 6:09 pm) : 

Amusing, I was just coming on to do such a post. I spent last night taking the required picture. Hard to do by myself. Oh, it will get used.

And that is the greatest Flash animation I have ever seen.


Blogger mOe said ... (11/4/05 7:40 pm) : 

love the animation.
have you checked out his other websites? and ? amusing.

nice with the radiohead stuff. :) me like.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (12/4/05 12:22 am) : 

nah - I'm on dial-up. I haven't even seen that animation yet.. yep.. I get to talk about stuff I don't even get to enjoy. :(


Blogger mOe said ... (12/4/05 7:36 am) : 

oooo dial up... ouch... i feel your pain man... i really do..


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