Thursday, January 05, 2006

Holy 2006 Marathon Batman!

Geoff Trainor

Last May, Mocking Music & Friends (Friends being Andrew) brought you the 2005 Star Wars Marathon. It was a day long marathon filled with drinking (or so was the plan), sleeping (mostly by me), and blue skinned alien women.

Well, we are now bringing you the second in what we hope to be a series of marathons.

The 2006 Batman Marathon marks the first marathon to be held in the new consolidated offices of Mocking Music. As before, we will be logging our viewing through a new spiffy looking blog made specially for the occasion. The marathon has officially started, check it out here to keep up to date.

Casey: I've never seen Batman and Robin, I probably never would have either. You should visit our marathon blog whenever possible today though. It's got the same kind of appeal as Fear Factor . . .

Yes, the marathon is in the Batcave

Snoop Dogg - Batman & Robin
The Jam - 60s Batman Theme
Wesley Willis - I Whupped Batman's Ass
Skavoovie & The Epitones - Batman Movie Theme

2005 Star Wars Marathon

Comments on "Holy 2006 Marathon Batman!"


Anonymous mfd said ... (5/1/06 10:54 pm) : 

A month or two back I had a call at work from a woman from Bat Cave, North Carolina. I was pretty sure she was crazy and had her repeat that to me a few times, before I charged her credit card, and whaddaya know, she really was from Bat Cave.

The guy who called today from Charleston, on the other hand, who was sure he had just been talking to either Tim or Chuck, neither of whom work for us, was crazy.

Happy Batman.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (6/1/06 10:35 pm) : 


Bit curious about the genesis of Bat Cave . . .


Anonymous mfd said ... (8/1/06 4:50 pm) : 

"Bat Cave, NC - Named, as you might suspect, for a nearby cave inhabited by bats and other mammals."

As to the naming of Fruitland, which is directly adjacent to Bat Cave, I cannot say.


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