Friday, December 23, 2005

Searching for 'Da Wayne (Darwin #6)

Casey Dorrell

Casey - Entertainment Associate Tag

Just a few of the requests I remembered to jot down during this Christmas shopping season:

Customer: I'm looking for a CD

Casey: Sure.

Customer: Here you go.

*Customer hands Casey an piece of paper which has the name, "Glenn Starfonie" scribbled on it.*

Casey: Um . . . yep, I think it's probably Gwen Stefani you're looking for.

If you think about it, even the fictional name is mispelled - it'd probably be Starphonie.


Customer: Do you have Lesserthans?

Casey: Nope . . . but we do have the Weakerthans.


Customer: I'm looking for the new Hillary Simpson CD

Casey: Uh, OK.

Customer: I think it's called something like "I am Beautiful" or "I am Special"

*Casey gets the customer the CD "I am me" by Ashlee Simpson*


See, the last one I really like because it serves as a nice commentary on the generic sameness of a lot of mainstream pop music. Hillary being Hillary Duff, and "I am Beautiful" being Christina Aguilera, with the actual intended purchase being Jessica Simpson's younger sister, Ashlee.

Clem Snide - Beautiful (Christina Aguilera cover)
Weakerthans - Plea From a Cat Named Virtue
Weakerthans - Psalm for Elks Lodge Last Call

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Comments on "Searching for 'Da Wayne (Darwin #6)"


Blogger robynhood said ... (23/12/05 10:52 am) : 


Ahh its prob not gonna be online but I can sent it to your email or something once we are finished. Its basically just a cd for my family and friends but if other people wanna hear me sing, then thats awesome too. Add me to messenger or something or email me ur email:)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24/12/05 10:26 am) : 

These are funny stories...I can remember on xmas my mother told me she went into a store to buy me an Ani DiFranco CD and asked the dude working there for "Juanita Franco"

I laughed my ass off.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (24/12/05 5:08 pm) : 

Glenn Starfonie? that's priceless..


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