Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Darwin was a Fraud

Casey Dorrell

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Customer: Hi, could you tell me if this is the right price?

*Customer makes skeptical face and hands Casey "Cake - Fashion Nugget"

Casey: Well, it's likely the price marked on it (21.99), but I'll double check.

*Casey scans CD in system - it's, unsurprisingly, 21.99*

Casey: Yep, that's the price

*Hands customer the CD*

Customer: Woah, pretty expensive huh? I mean it's so old. It doesn't really make much sense, the CD is from like 1996. It should be cheap.

Casey: Yeah, well, newer albums are more popular which means we can get more in and sell way more. So we can sell them for cheaper. Older albums don't sell as well so we only get a couple of copies. They raise the price to make it profitable.

Customer: oh, ok.

Casey: But, yeah, it is pretty expensive.

Customer: Especially for a 1996 CD.

Casey: . . .

Cake - I Will Survive (Track 7 from "Fashion Nugget")

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Comments on "Darwin was a Fraud"


Blogger mOe said ... (3/5/05 9:48 pm) : 

*insert laugh tack here*

it's senseless to ask "why", so lets just enjoy.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (3/5/05 9:57 pm) : 

what makes it even better is that it's from the same day as my last darwin post (there's two more from that day too)


Blogger mOe said ... (3/5/05 11:31 pm) : 

oh post them post them!!!

ahhh... nostalgia...


Blogger Jay said ... (3/5/05 11:40 pm) : 

Luckily, some of us are so OLD that we bought those CDs the first time around, when they were cheap.


Blogger Geoff Trainor said ... (4/5/05 2:07 am) : 

Isn't that cd often an endcap cd too?


Anonymous katie said ... (4/5/05 6:52 am) : 

hey there.... thx for the blogmark on BE... I've blogrolled you back... *winks* ...


Blogger Katie said ... (4/5/05 2:03 pm) : 

ahem.... apparently theres another person named Katie commenting on here... weird....

As for the post.... Ah... I remember the lovely days of customer service...
Gosh... I really miss those....*insert sarcastic tone here*


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (4/5/05 11:46 pm) : 

ha ha, even after reading that, I thought it was the same Katie commenting (the second time) about you. *head spinning*


Blogger warrenzone said ... (7/5/05 5:46 am) : 

I understand this, I work in a big chain record store too.



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