Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Reason To Visit Brennan's

Geoff Trainor

Tonight I will be venturing out into the cold, dark city to see a couple bands I've never heard. I figured this experiment would benefit all, and allow me use of my digital camera.

What show am I talking about? Why, that would be an all ages show at Brennan's Pub. For all those interested the line-up includes:

The Reason
Ghosts of Modern Man
and Chara

The cost is 10 dollars at the door and the show kicks off at 6 PM. I know what you're thinking, "Geoff, it is past 7". True, I will be missing some of it, but that's the life of a working man I guess. Reviews when I get back.

I stole this picture from
Birmingham at a show last month

The Reason - Reclaiming the Throne
Choke - Every Word [Video]
Brazil - Monolithic

Comments on "A Reason To Visit Brennan's"


Anonymous mOe said ... (1/5/05 8:15 pm) : 

damn. if i hadda known sooner i woulda went.
ah well.. t'is the life of a girl out of the loop.

looking forward to the review (and pics?).


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (1/5/05 11:09 pm) : 

Geoff, it is past 7


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