Tuesday, April 19, 2005

4 Punks + 3 Politicians = 7 Bush Protesters

Geoff Trainor

March 17th saw the Pittsburgh quartet, Anti-Flag joining forcings with three Congressment to form....THE JUSTICE LEAGUE. Okay, well maybe not. No super powers, but they did make a stand at the steps of the (American) capitol building.

The Justice League fighting to protect the rights of America's youth
The Justice League: protecting the rights of youth in America

What was all the fuss about? Well, they were there in opposition of Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act. Said provision makes it manditory for schools to provide contact information, including names, addresses and phone numbers, of students to military recruiters.

Jim McDermott (D-WA), Pete Stark (D-CA) and Lynn Woolsey, (D-CA), along with Anti-Flag are concerned about the privacy of young people, and the influence miltary will have on schools. Stark is converned that the miltary will entice students away from furthering their education.

"We should be encouraging our children to continue their education".

McDermott hopes to keep schools military free,

"High schools across America are drug-free, alcohol-free and weapons-free; they should also be military-free. Every branch of the military has a multi-million dollar advertising budget; that's more than enough in the way of resources to reach young people"

Justine Sane (Anti-Flag) is more concerned about the privacy of youth in America, describing the government as to, "strip young people of their privacy".

However, the parents do have the right to "opt-out" by informing the school they do not want their child's information released. Schools are responsible for notifying parents of this policy. McDermott, Stark, Woolsey and Sane would have the policy changed so that parents must opt-in. Having parents formally consent to having their child's records released.

According to Jim Bradshaw, a spokesperson for the Department of Education, standard practice at the Department of Education calls for an "opt-out" policy.

McDermott hopes that Anti-Flag will help bring this message to young people so that they may let the government know that they would like their rights protected. Saying,

"The future belongs to them, and not a moment too soon". Then added jokingly, "I own styling gel. I once had a Mohawk in the Fifties".

McDermott helping Anti-Flag style their hair
Anti-Flag after taking styling tips from congressman McDermott

Anti-Flag has set up a website to help reach young people. More information as well as a petition can be found.

Anti-Flag - Protest Song [Disclaimer]

Comments on "4 Punks + 3 Politicians = 7 Bush Protesters"


Blogger Roman said ... (20/4/05 3:09 am) : 

i support bush for the most part, but I do think that it would be wrong to expose students like that. When i was in High School, the recruiters bugged you enough anyway, but to hand over a list of names and contact information? That isn't right


Blogger lori said ... (20/4/05 4:49 am) : 

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Anonymous Yud said ... (20/4/05 8:24 pm) : 

I'm not hatin' on the US military, but I got to say that I'm not digging their system either. Did you know that you are required to register for the Selective Service as part of the Financial Aid program? Unless if you're part of a rich family that can pay w/o student loans, it seems that there's no way to avoid handing over info to the military anyway.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (20/4/05 8:40 pm) : 

Not surprising I guess, yud. But disturbing all the same.


Blogger Ali said ... (22/4/05 10:44 am) : 

Ah yes, hi. I blogmarked you because of this post on Anti-Flag, which I wanted to show my boyfriend (they're one of his favorite bands, and from what I've heard of them, I like their political take, too). I'll definitely have to look into the rest of your site, tho, once I have a bit more time. Always up for some atheistic agnostic fun. ;)


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