Sunday, April 17, 2005

The End of Black Tuesday?

Casey Dorrell

BeckSince 1999, April 26th has been known by Beck fans everywhere as Black Tuesday. This was the date that Geffen and Bong Load filed a joint suit against Beck for breach of contract after his attempt to prematurely end his agreement with the labels. He had justified the negotiation tactic by invoking the "Seven Year Statute" of California. Which, as you might have guessed, limits personal service contracts to seven years.

Beck countersued Geffen for copy-right infringement for having released "Mutations" (the best Beck album to date) against his wishes, as it was supposed to be on an independent. He also alleged that he wasn't paid any royalties. The lawsuits were all eventually settled out of court. Beck's last two releases were with Interscope, but it's owned by Universal just like Geffen. In response, Beck fans declared that every April 26th would be mourned as "Black Tuesday" until Beck was released from the shackles of Geffen servitude.

This year, however, may put an end to the "Beck in Black rally cry." Well, I mean, I made that all up anyhow. The Beck in Black part at least - April 26th was the lawsuit date. I got a little carried away. What I was going to tell you about was the two very exciting CDs that are coming out on April 26th (Eels and Ben Folds) this year. But now I'm tired. So that will wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow: I start and finish an entire post!

Beck In BlackDownloads:
Beck - Various Live
Beck - Forcefield
Beck - Sex Lawws Remix
Beck - Deadweight
Beck - Deadweight (alternate)
Beck - Diamond in the Sleaze
ZoeTrope - Nobody's Fault
(Cover will make you appreciate the original)

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Comments on "The End of Black Tuesday?"


Blogger Irene said ... (17/4/05 2:37 pm) : 

Well, darn -- my anniversary is on "Black Tuesday." Sucks to be me :-)

But what I *really* want to hear more about is this Ben Folds CD coming out....


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (18/4/05 6:44 pm) : 

well, just for you...


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