Wednesday, April 13, 2005

And You Thought Han Solo Was A Swindler

Geoff Trainor

To mark the 25th anniversary of its release, The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle will be released on DVD for the first time on May 17th. "The great what?", you ask? 1977 spawned two great movies.

Malcom McLaren was the manager of the Sex Pistols, and he decided in '77 to make a major motion picture featuring the infamous punk rockers. The film started shooting in the summer of '78 after Russ Meyer dumped the project, and Julien Temple, then a student of the National Film School, took over.

Soundtrack Cover
The second best soundtrack released that year?

Featuring many of the songs that made the group popular, tracks like God Save The Queen were filmed at the Pistols' final show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. At that show, Johhny Rotten spoke the words, "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?", before quitting the band the next day.

The film, which has been out of print since the 80s, has new DVD extras including audio commentary by Julien Temple (director) and Chris Salawicz (journalist).

Oh, and the other film? Do I really need to answer that?
(Hint: See title)

Ray of Gob - What Would Happen if Madonna & Sid Vicious Got Together

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Blogger frankthebunny said ... (21/4/05 3:33 pm) : 

I was wondering why it wasn't on DVD yet, now I know. Sweet. I'll be picking that one up.'s a swindle


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