Thursday, April 14, 2005

Been a While Since I've Ventured to the Drive-In

Geoff Trainor

What do you get when you combine members or Sparta with members of Mars Volta? Mars Sparta? No silly, you get At The Drive-In, the band whose split spawned two great, but not as great bands.

At The Drive-In at...the drive-in?
Now Playing at the drive-in: At The Drive-In

For those of you waiting to get enough money to buy that new Mars Volta cd, save it. This summer a compilation cd will be released that spans all four At The Drive-In studio released albums. The complilation entitled This Station Is Non-Operational (named after a lyric from One Armed Scissor), due June 6th, will also include several covers (Smiths, Pink Floyd) performed by the band.

As seems to be the trend, a bonus DVD will be included. On the DVD will be the videos from One Armed Scissor, Invalid Litter Dept, and Metronome Arthritis, as well as wallpaper, discography and buddy icons.

There you have it. Now leave me alone, I'm gonna listen to Wiretap Scars.

Chanbara - At The Drive-In
The Widow - Mars Volta
Breaking the Broken - Sparta (Stream only)

Comments on "Been a While Since I've Ventured to the Drive-In"


Anonymous Not Casey said ... (14/4/05 3:51 pm) : 

Wow, that sure is a cool picture, where'd you get it?


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (14/4/05 3:52 pm) : 

Well, I came up with the idea and original two pictures, and Geoff combined them to make the clever picture you now see.


Anonymous Not Casey said ... (14/4/05 3:52 pm) : 

Good work guys, it's pretty keen!


Anonymous blueskelton said ... (14/4/05 11:13 pm) : 

loved that photo


Blogger John said ... (15/4/05 1:19 pm) : 

thanks for commenting on my site casey. and it doesn't get any cooler than CSI. unless maybe it were a 24 shirt


Blogger Alice: In Wonderland or Not said ... (15/4/05 1:41 pm) : 

Nice site.
Good Choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15/4/05 11:18 pm) : 

Goddammit man, good show. ATDI are, in my opinion, far superior than their offspring are as of right now. The Mars Volta are heading in good directions, anyways. We'll see what happens, but I still think they're number one.



Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (16/4/05 12:55 am) : 

Yeah, Sparta's last CD was pretty terrible, but Mars Volta are still pretty good.


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