Saturday, April 16, 2005

Mocking Music? Bemoaning Blogger.

Casey Dorrell

Things were said here, some of them funny.
Blogger and Firefox both disaproved.
Thus, you have no post.

We will return on Sunday (barring any further blogger disagreements).

In our stead, I give you a picture of a Spork:


Radiohead - Live Coachella set
Pixies - Live Coachella set
(found via Take Your Medicine)

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Comments on "Mocking Music? Bemoaning Blogger."


Blogger Laura said ... (16/4/05 7:40 pm) : 

Coachella sounds like so much fun...but is this sets from last year's Coachella? I didn't think the Pixies were playing this year.

Yeah, YouShareIt is just like YouSendIt, except with a bigger file size limit, but it's 100 downloads or 7 days instead of 25.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (16/4/05 9:59 pm) : 

Yeah, these are from last may, I believe.

I wonder if you can get around the download limit, like with yousendit..


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18/4/05 12:41 am) : 

I love the Pixies. When I was three, I tried selling my baby sister, not once, but TWICE to pay for the subway ride to Jamaica Plain to see them, and I wouldn't talk for two months after they broke up.

Also, I plan on naming my son "Crackity Jack."


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