Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Arguing With Darwin

Casey Dorrell

Casey - Entertainment Associate Tag

Customer 1: Hero, that's the one you were trying to think of.

*Customer 1 points with disdain toward offending DVD*

Customer 2: You know what? I would not buy that if it were the very last movie!

*Casey wonders how much the last movie on earth would retail for*

Customer 1: I cannot believe you went to see it.

Customer 2: I can't believe it.

*A pause while they contemplate this horrible act*

Customer 2: I had to read all those subtitles.

*Shared look of disgust*

Customer 1: And that music [Hero Soundtrack].

Customer 2: God . . .

Yo Yo Ma - Bach Cello Suite no. 1
The Hero Soundtrack is actually Tan Dun, but The Crouching Tiger Soundtrack was Yo Yo Ma and if you're thinking of buying one, Crouching is better.

This is getting even less related, but c'mon.. there's a connection, yo:
Yo La Tengo
White Stripes? We'll Give You White Stripes!

Yo La Tengo - WMFU Show [
Get this, now. Every year Yo La Tengo do a fund-raising show for WFMU radio (both from New Jersey). The idea: it's an all-request show of cover songs. Very fun stuff. The whole show is one mp3 which will annoy some of you but it's worth the download. Check out the setlist:

I'm Your Captain (Grank Funk) / Gigantic (Pixies) / Barstool Blues (Neil Young) / Next Big Thing (Dictators) / Build Me Up Buttercup (Foundations) / Jesus (VU) / Surfin Bird (Trashmen) / Psychotic Reaction (Count Five) / Chicken Scratch shuffle???? / Cars (Gary Numan) / The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Tokens) / Hold On (I'm Coming) (Sam and Dave) / Tonight's The Night (Neil Young) / Tonight's The Night (Rod Stewart) / Monk Time (The Monks) / She Cracked (Jonathan Richman) / This Boy (Beatles) / Drawing to a Hole (The Clean) / White Light/White Heat (VU) / Hey Ya (Outkast) / Close to Me (The Cure) / Taxman (Beatles) / The Rain, The Park and Other Things (The Cowsills) / London Calling (Clash) / We Didn't Start The Fire (Billy Joel)

Comments on "Arguing With Darwin"


Anonymous mOe said ... (27/4/05 11:57 am) : 

i laughed so hard that if i were drinking milk it would have come out my nose.

thank you.

that set list is quite interesting... i will have to give it a listen later though. work awaits...

...sometimes just sometimes i miss overhearing conversations like that...

but only sometimes.


Blogger mel said ... (28/4/05 1:17 am) : 

Pfft, yea, subtitles suck. Everyone knows dubbing is the way to go. I mean, that's why the original Godzilla movies were of such a high quality. /sarcasm>


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