Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Believe In the Good of Rock


This is Mel's first post as a freelance mocker. She'll be joining us on an irregular basis to bestow wisdom and share diseases:

This past Saturday, April 16th, Toronto's Hidden Cameras took the stage at Barrymore's Music Hall in downtown Ottawa, and I spent ten of my last $30 to make sure I was in attendance. Once again, music rates higher than many of the other expensive bad habits in my life, like eating and taking the bus.

Tegan and Sara at Barrymore's Music Hall
Not the Hidden Cameras in drag: Tegan and Sara at Barrymore's Music Hall.

I went into the show, seeing it as a sort of consolation concert, since I couldn't afford or spare the time to go see Hot Hot Heat (a personal fav) the next week, but ended up seeing one of the best live shows of my life to date.

If you're unfamiliar with the Hidden Cameras, as many people unfortunately are, you should remedy that. I actually only heard of them recently, when several friends found out they were coming, and got very excited, so I decided to check them out as the show approached. They are often compared to the Polyphonic Spree because of their live show, composed of at least a dozen people, varying from show to show, but I think they defy comparison to anyone or anything. If I had to make a connection, their live show reminded me more of Broken Social Scene, than the robe wearing, culty-looking Spree. They had a stage presence of a bunch of friends on stage, having a crazy good time and loving every minute of it.

In between the 2nd opening act and when the headliners took the stage, my three friends and I parked ourselves directly in front of the stage in anticipation of fun. When they took the stage, Joel Gibb, the mastermind behind the Cameras, was directly in front of us, with the three piece string section just to our left. An extensive percussion section, which was manned by at least four people was to the right. Toss in a couple guitarists and bass, you've got a crowded stage creating a full energetic sound that apparently still left room for bend members to dance like mad.

Hidden Cameras in Red
We Told Them To Wear Blue - Now They Totally Clash.

Their energetic spirit was infectious in the front row of the show. I never really got a chance to look back at anyone else, because I was dancing too hard, but I can only assume everyone else was having as much fun. We found out why Gibb had a bottle of wine sitting at his mic stand when he took a drink at the beginning of In the Union of Wine, then proceeded to pass it around the audience, who eagerly chugged straight from the bottle. It was red Jackson Triggs, and I sure enjoyed my lengthy swig (Ed note: Mmm.. backwashy. Wait, didn't the majority leader of the senate "suggest" that you could contact aids from tears last year?)

In keeping with the not so subtle, but still fun symbolism, when they performed Golden Streams, the opening act returned to the stage to toss paper streamers out into the audience, which bounced around for a while, and I actually ended up wearing as a necklace for most of the remainder of the show.

From start to finish, these guys where F-U-N fun. Their energy was high, they included the audience, along with being original and talented. What more can you ask from a live show?

Hidden Cameras - Boys of Melody
Tegan & Sara - Living Room (live)
Hot Hot Heat - Aveda

When Mel's not busy Hidding Cameras she maintains her own witty blog: me, myself, and mel.

Comments on "I Believe In the Good of Rock"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22/4/05 5:30 pm) : 

Aids is my boyfriend


Anonymous mOe said ... (22/4/05 6:12 pm) : 

wooo!! wooo!!! *applauds*
nicely done mel.
hmm.. never heard of the hidden cameras, but i think i shall check them out.

(since you're of the feeemale gender, does this mean there will have to be a slight edit in one of the banners? hmm...)


Blogger mel said ... (23/4/05 4:21 pm) : 

Thanks moe. I have no control over the banners and don't really know which one you're referring to, so, meh. I highly reccommend checking out the hidden cameras though. I suggest Ban Marriage, it's one of my favourites.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (24/4/05 5:48 am) : 

Boys of Melody is also pretty good - the only I've heard.


Blogger mOe said ... (24/4/05 9:13 pm) : 

ehh.. i think i was reffering to the one that sayd "the mindless banter of two self-absorbed guys writing about music"

but i think the title "freelance mockers" effectively keeps you out of that.

the only hidden cameras track i've been able to find is "we oh we" which is remotely queued. that is, besides "boys of melody"


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