Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Radiohead Going To War

Geoff Trainor

RadioheadRadiohead up until this point has been wary of releasing songs online due to losses suffered from songs hitting the internet, before store shelves. But their attitude has changed. Now, they're bringing their sound online for the sake of the children. Isn't it always for the children?

Radiohead are a recent addition to a group of artists that range from Bjork to Iggy Pop that are lending their support to War Child Music. They are releasing their back catalogue, including mp3s from every album, single and and live performance, through War Child's website. The proceeds are going to children affected by war, so it's a great cause.

Showing Greenwood How It's Done
Showing Greenwood how to play the solo of the song I wrote for him

War Child Music *In the spirit of this post

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Comments on "Radiohead Going To War"


Anonymous Stranger said ... (29/4/05 5:52 pm) : 

Hey! A Jay Turser guitar!

Sorry, the logo caught my eye. I'm a Turser fan - I got four of them.

The Radiohead post is a good one. Love those guys.


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