Monday, May 02, 2005

The Heart of Confederation Was Alive Last Night

Geoff Trainor

Adam White of The ReasonLast night I had the opportunity to take in a punk show downtown at Brennan's Pub. There were six bands set to take the stage, but one, Choke could not make it. The show started a 6 but I did not make it until 8:30, which meant I missed the two local bands (Birmingham and Chara) and most of Brazil's set.

On my way down I made a stop at the bank for some much needed funds. After a quick robbery...err uh, withdrawal, I continued downtown. I thought to myself on the drive down that parking downtown sucks. Luckily my girlfriend lives 3 blocks away from Brennan's, so I walked up from there. About a block in I realized that it was Sunday, and no one would be parking downtown . . . and sure enough there were spots right outside the Confed Center (across from Brennan's). About a block away, I could hear what I found out later to be the end of Brazil's set.

Arriving at Brennan's, I paid my ten dollars and made my way in. I was spotted by a friend, and sat down with him. He told me (or yelled) that the band playing was Brazil. They sounded good, but they were playing their final song of the set so I don't know if I liked them or if they just sounded good live, as most generic punk bands would. Afterwards there was a much needed intermission, as I was beat from Brazil's set. This gave me a chance to survey my surroundings. It was definitely a younger crowd, with me being one of the oldest there (at 21). It was also a smaller crowd, which made for a more intimate feel.

Next up were Ghosts of Modern Man. They did an annoyingly long sound check, but recovered with a really cool transition into their first song from the check. I was liking their sound, but I realized two songs in that they reminded me of Cauterize. More than that, the second song of the set sounded like a more hardcore version of Something Beautiful with different lyrics. I have yet to decide whether that is a good thing. I sure enjoyed them more than Cauterize. They played their short set with little interaction with the crowd, short of complaining about the Maritime weather.

During the intermission, the group I was with moved up to the floor and took standing positions up next to the stage . . . and next to the speakers. This made for a good vantage point for taking pictures. The Reason took the stage and did a short sound check, which erupted into their first song. I immediately liked them. It was kind of like Alexisonfire meets Thrice, which might not sound great, but really worked. They had three vocalists and did some great singing/screaming harmonies.

For their second song, they made a dedication. Adam White, lead vocalist, had some great fish n' chips at a local restaurant, and dedicated the song to fish n' chips, which got a chuckle out of me and those around me. Later on, White confessed that he missed Myron's (the show was originally planned to be held there), being from Ontario and not knowing the atrocities that were held there on Saturday nights, he can be forgiven. He admitted he missed their fish n' chips.

Mmm, I dedicate a song to that too
Now I see what all the fuss was about . . . mmmm

The Reason also played a short set of about six songs, but they let the crowd in on their true intentions. They wanted to be done in time to watch Family Guy. Who can blame them for that? It was later revealed that they, along with the other mainland bands, had no place to stay. White pleaded with the crowd for a place to stay. Offers were made to clean bathrooms and kitchens, but there were no takers from the crowd. Sadly I have not a place of my own, or I may have been tempted to take them in.

When all was said and done, I got a great show from Ghosts of Modern Man and The Reason. Brazil left me wanting more, and Choke left me disappointment. I'm not sure if Choke's absence was explained before I got there, but apologies were made by White. Before leaving, I made my way to the merch table and bought The Reason's CD, Ravenna, which I'm listening to as I write this.

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Hoobastank - The Reason (Get it?)
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The Reason - Timeless Classic
Choke - Breathing Won't Come Easy
Brazil - Monolithic
Brazil - Erasure
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Chara - A Promise Once Sworn

Comments on "The Heart of Confederation Was Alive Last Night"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/5/05 10:23 pm) : 

It is surprising that nobody from PEI would take in such good guys but like you said, most of the crowd sounded young so they most likely didn't have a place for them. Oh well, sounded good.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (3/5/05 1:34 am) : 

Yeah, I imagine the main thing was the demographic.

How the change of scenery is fun, Mark. send me an email sometime.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (3/5/05 1:34 am) : 

also, click other, not anonymous. You can put your name in there.


Anonymous abigailroad said ... (14/3/06 10:02 am) : 

Since I'm from their hometown, i've seen Ghosts of Modern Man accidentally about 50 times. I'm not sure if I like them, but i'll back them, just cause they're local!
Great blog, i'll be back.


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