Thursday, December 22, 2005

Top 25 of 2005 (Take that Sufjan!)


Ed Note: Sometime in the next couple of days, I'll be posting the inevitable and (within the music blog community) already redundant "Top Albums of the Year List". But today, we have the top 25 list of long-time silent member, Andrew Rollins.

His taste often differs from mine, but he's a musical encyclopedia (he also hosts music trivia at a local bar every week) and owns far more CDs than anyone probably should, and I own well over a thousand. While the two of us do actually agree on a lot of music, we spend most of our time making fun of each other's taste. With that said, I actually like about half of the albums on this list, though I'm declining comment on number two. It's fun to see some different music grace our page and hopefully we'll see Rollins occasionally in the new year.


So, here it goes. I tried to put them in order, but it's way too hard. It's pretty safe to say that the top 5 are accurate, but anything after that was way too hard to put in any kind of coherent order. First the 20 unordered Best of 2005:

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie
Their last album was decent, but this one blows it away. Who knew Jared Leto
(Fight Club, Alexander, etc.) had such a great voice?
30 Seconds to Mars - Attack

System Of A Down - Mezmerize/Hypnotize
Quite a departure from their previous albums - I love how these albums made it into the mainstream. I still think that there's a whole lot of confused people who bought these.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Lullabies To Paralyze
Queens of the Stone Age minus Nick? The result: a way more focused band and album. Very impressive.

Life Of Agony - Broken Valley
Easily one of the best comeback albums of all time. Period.
Life of Agony - River Runs Red

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
Not the best Nine Inch Nails album, but it's still way better than most of the shit that's around these days.
(Ed Note: that's hardly an endorsement)

Kanye West - Late Registration
Do i need to explain this one?
Legendary K.O. - George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People (Golddigger Remix)

Broken Social Scene - Self-Titled
I'm not a fan of indie music, really, but for some reason i really like Broken Social Scene, maybe it's cause they're awesome?
(Ed. note: probably)
Broken Social Scene - Superconnected

Coheed And Cambria -
Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One
Love them or hate them, these guys are really good at what they do.

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
Such an awesome voice, and an even better album - well worth the wait.
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine

God Forbid - IV:Constitution Of Treason
The soundtrack to the apocalypse . . .
God Forbid - Broken Promise (From Determination album)

Danger Doom - The Mouse And The Mask
I bet you can't sit still while listening to this album. MF Doom has one of the best voices in rap.

The Remains Of Brian Borcherdt - Vol.2
Brian Borcherdt's voice and music is so underrated and deserves to be heard by everyone, even though i prefer vol.1 over vol.2 this is an essential part of the set.

Brian Borcherdt - Moments of Protest

Matthew Barber - Sweet Nothing
Jill Barber's older brother and it's pretty easy to tell that musical talent runs in the family. Watch for this album to blow up in 2006. For fans of Matt Mays.

Audioslave - Out Of Exile
A much more solid album than their first the whole way through.

Boys Night Out - Trainwreck
What do you do when the genre of music you helped create becomes monotonous? Make an incredibly awesome concept album and completely re-invent yourselves.
Boys Night Out - Medicating

Avenged Sevenfold - City OF Evil
The return of metal, cheezy solos and all, but it couldn't sound better. There are a few moments where the singer gets on my nerves but the musicianship is so good I forgive them.

Holy Fuck - Self-Titled
Brian Borcherdt's evil supergroup. Electronic music . . . minus computers. Everything is live and organic, and in one listen and you'll understand the name of the band. check them out next month at (local bar) Baba's.
Holy Fuck - Tone Bank Jungle

Protest The Hero - Kezia
At first i missed out on this album, shame on me. These guys are fresh outta high school and they've created a near flawless album.
Protest the Hero - Nautical

Buck 65 - Secret House Against The World
This guy really is the hip-hop Johnny Cash. Too bad I missed out on the Shoreline Festival.
(Ed note: Sucker)

And now for the Top Five Count-down of 2005's Best:

5. Clutch - Robot Hive/Exodus
This band is the epitome of rock. Take one listen to this album and tell me otherwise!
Clutch - Pulaski Skyway

4. Contrived - Dead Air Verbatim
Amazing live band and they've finally captured that on record.

3. BucketTruck - Favour The Bull
This album is incredible, I had high expectations but who would've thought it would be this good?

2. Korn - See You On The Other Side
Say what you want, but I think this is an awesome album. I'll always be a fan.

1. Wintersleep - Untitled
Not just the best album of the year but one of my all time favorites.

30 Seconds to Mars - Attack
Life of Agony - River Runs Red
Legendary K.O. - George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People (Golddigger Remix)
Broken Social Scene - Superconnected
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
God Forbid - Broken Promise (From Determination album)
Brian Borcherdt - Moments of Protest
Boys Night Out - Medicating
Holy Fuck - Tone Bank Jungle
Protest the Hero - Nautical
Clutch - Pulaski Skyway

When he's not hosting music trivia or calling Casey emo, Rollins can be found over at the peilocal's message board.

Comments on "Top 25 of 2005 (Take that Sufjan!)"


Blogger michele said ... (22/12/05 1:15 pm) : 

Try blog explosion to drive traffic to your site..and by the way i have never heard of any of the artist you listed in your top 25.


Blogger Casey Dorrell said ... (22/12/05 2:12 pm) : 

Um . . . Nine Inch Nails, Korn, Kanye West?

We get far more traffic than we could generate with blogexplosion, but thanks.


Anonymous uao said ... (23/12/05 1:01 am) : 

I've been suspect of Sufjan, myself. Can't make up my mind...

Nice to see you guys back again.



Blogger michele said ... (23/12/05 3:38 pm) : 

Hey casey, the only one on your list i would give a listen to is
fiona apple....but i don't think
she could ever top her first hit


Anonymous xthree said ... (23/12/05 5:20 pm) : 

Wintersleep :) very nice.


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