Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If you add a Buck Fifteen, He Sounds OK

Casey Dorrell

50 CentNow maybe this was an just accident - a bit of lazy reporting. Maybe. It's pretty funny either way. CBC radio aired a short story today about 50 Cent's Canadian tour. Earlier Liberal MP Dan McTeague asked the immigration board to ban 50 Cent from entry into the country because his music "glorifies violence". Barricade the border! Anyhow, the more recent story was pretty much a non-story - simply that police were worried about the safety of concert goers. Someone was shot during the last tour outside a Toronto show and another person was shot outside a screening of "Get Rich or Die Trying" in the States. The newscaster emphasized the danger by noting the new tour was what "50 Cent calls his Massacre tour" (emphasis sadly not added). Of course, that the tour was simply named after the album and not a description of what to expect at a show.

Read the full story at the Toronto Star

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