Monday, August 22, 2005

Picking Striped Apples

Geoff Trainor

The consolidation has been completed, but decisions have been made to change offices. Not before we bring a bit of news your way.

In April, I reported that a Seattle DJ, Andrew Harms, had released Extraordinary Machine online. Extraordinary Machine, for those of you who don't remember, was Fiona Apple's follow-up to When the Pawn, which has been shelved since 2003.

Apple's website is now reporting that she will release a re-worked version of the album on October 4th. Perfect timing for those of you looking to buy me something, as that day happens to also be my birthday. All the more reason for it to be the most important date on your calendar this year.

Check for more Apple connections...weird

Connecting two separate stories with a picture that makes little sense is how we do things here

In other news, August 17th saw White Stripes joined onstage in Los Angeles by Beck. Jack White makes an appearance on Beck's Guero, and the LA native returned the favor by picking up bass on The Denial Twist (from Get Behind Me Satan). The two also sang a duet version of Beck's Cold Brains.

Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
White Stripes - The Denial Twist
Beck - Matress

Comments on "Picking Striped Apples"


Anonymous mOe said ... (24/8/05 7:39 pm) : 

i heard the fantabulous fiona apple news over the weekend!!
been awhile, i trust the transition isn't going too badly?


Blogger mOe said ... (17/10/05 6:27 pm) : 

*knock knock*
is anyone alive here...?


Anonymous Management said ... (18/10/05 9:37 pm) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (28/10/05 1:59 pm) : 

I want my money back!


Anonymous Management said ... (28/10/05 3:59 pm) : 

Sorry, This site's entertainment value is non-refundable.


Blogger : : SEGMENTO said ... (29/10/05 3:22 pm) : 

wow! cool blog...
Best regards ;)


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